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What are the best games for the sega saturn? Where can I find translated games? Please no console wars in this thread.

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Strikers 1944

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Most of the Street Fighters are good.

Sonic Jam is fun, albeit the games are ported a little unoptimized (seems to be the worst with Sonic 2).

Should check out the racing games for sure (Sega Rally, Daytona), although they are somewhat light on content.

And I like Sega's light gun games personally (even HotD).

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OutRun, GnG collection, Street Fighter 2 collection, Panzer Dragoon 1 and 2, Sega Rally, Daytona, Layer Section, Virtua Fighter 2, Radiant Silvergun, and Grandia

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>What are the best games for the sega saturn?
Should we tell him, bros?

There are no good games for the Sega fuckin' Shiturn.

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stop sucking so much cock

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Fighters Megamix, Fighting Vipers, Virtua Cop, Daytona USA, Virtua Fighter 2, Virtual-On, Panzer Dragoon, Last Bronx, Burning Rangers.

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Shining Force 3 Parts 1-3, Dragon Force, Enemy Zero, Guardian Heroes, Dark Saviour, Burning Rangers, Panzer Dragoon (All games), Radiant Silvergun are all definitely worth a play.

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castlevania, it's the best version of the game

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panzer dragon

nothing else matters

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Please be respectful to other users contributing to this thread, you FUCKING CUNT.

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Hate to break your little faggot circle jerk, panzer dragoon isn't even very good outside of the art direction.

The sequels are better

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stop posting this stupid kike you dumb nigger

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I was telling him to stop being an asshole, faggot.

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Out the way.

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Which model did you get? Don't buy physical Saturn games, the market is too bloated and you'll be stuck paying $50 a piece or more for good games. Take the ODE pill and your life will be so much better. Alternately, get a Pseudosaturn cart and then you can play burned games, but compatibility isn't 100%, and you don't want to be the guy burning CDRs in 2021.

Also, how the fuck are we supposed to recommend you good games if we don't know what genres you like?

This meme isn't funny, no matter how hard you desperately try and force it.

It's not the best, but it has enough new content that it's definitely worth checking out (especially now that the English translation is finished).

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>Take the ODE pill and your life will be so much better. Alternately, get a Pseudosaturn cart and then you can play burned games, but compatibility isn't 100%, and you don't want to be the guy burning CDRs in 2021.

this is good advice. I'm still burning CDs but will eventually get a MODE.

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>Alternately, get a Pseudosaturn cart and then you can play burned games, but compatibility isn't 100%
ODE's don't have 100% compatibility either. Mod Chips are the only thing with 100% compatibility at this point.

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MODE has 100% compatibility, I'm pretty sure Deunan's do as well. I know that the Satiator has issues with a few games but I think Fenrir is 100% as well except for Bug! if I remember right.

The new Lunar fan translation is not working on all ODEs, but that's because the author didn't build it right, and they're currently fixing the problem.

The only real issue ODEs have is it makes it more difficult to play Croc, but that's due to a software issue in the game itself (which occurs on all Saturn systems in all media formats).

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I got this one. My only concern is it's 100v but I'm in the usa so it'll get 120v. I'm hoping the extra voltage won't make it heat up or damage it. Planning to get MODE and I love every genre. Especially fighters and shmups.

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Oops wrong image

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>The new Lunar fan translation is not working on all ODEs, but that's because the author didn't build it right, and they're currently fixing the problem.

The author built it just fine. It runs on a modded Saturn with a CD-R. The ODE is not 100% compatible.

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Oh quit being a dick

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If it works on a real Saturn with a $20 mod chip on a CD-R, but doesn't work on your expensive ODE, then your ODE is not 100% compatible and is doing something wrong.

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I'm not him. I'm just pointing out that you are specifically choosing a tone and syntax to be as confrontational as possible yet not being outright aggressive so that if someone points it out you can shrug and pretend to be innocent rather than the manipulative asshole you are.

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Saturn games I like.
- Baku Baku
- Brain Dead 13
- Detana Twinbee Yahoo! Deluxe Pack
- Die Hard Arcade
- Keio Flying Squadron 2
- Last Bronx
- Mr Bones
- Sonic 3D
- SteamGear Mash
- The Story of Thor 2
- Time Gal & Ninja Hayate
- Uno DX

Saturn games that probably aren't very good but I like them anyway and Sega fans will get upset if you don't mention them:
- Clockwork Knight
- NiGHTS into Dreams

Saturn games that are overrated (like their developer):
- Guardian Heroes

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Jap Saturn chads RISE UP

You're fine, Japanese Saturns can run on 120v without issue (both regions share power supplies). You can also grab a mobius replacement PSU for like $80 if you ever run into trouble with your power supply and aren't capable of recapping it.

MODE is civilization. My advice to you is to only use redump images (they are an example of what can happen when the power of intense autism is harnessed for good), and only put games on your SD card/hard drive/USB stick that you know you will play, or know you will want to play. If you just throw the entire US/PAL/JAP catalogue onto your storage device you're gonna be hit with decision paralysis hard every time you boot it up, and it'll also take fucking forever to scroll through the menu.

Also, MODE can backup the Saturn's internal memory to an SD card now, so make sure to back up your saves every once in a while in case your battery dies (or you need to do a swap).

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Why is saturn stuff so expensive

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I'm sorry you can't handle the fact that your $200 ODE is less compatible than a $20 mod chip.

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> It doesn't work on a poorly built fan hack, therefor it's not 100% compatible

You are stupid. Probably autistic, but definitely stupid. Also, the community is fixing the translation, so if it isn't compatible now it will be in a few days.

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> It doesn't work on a poorly built fan hack
The fan hack was built properly using Sega's official build tools. Try again.

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If it was built to the same standard as official Saturn games than it would work on ODEs. Use your head.

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Learn Japanese.

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magic knight rayearth if youre looking for a fun zelda clone

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If the ODEs implemented their security check the same way mod chips have for the past 20+ years it would work fine too. Mod chips send the spoofed ring at boot during the security check and only then like they should. Pseudo Saturn does this as well. And the System Disc disables the security check entirely.

Instead the ODEs appear to be doing something dumb and sending the spoofed security ring every time a call to an address at or above that region of the disc is issued, which is not accurate to how a real Saturn behaves. After passing the security check, a real Saturn will read whatever data is on the disc at that sector, whether it's a security ring, CD Audio, or game data. Sega's standard for size is simply to allow enough space for a security ring. But since at this point we're talking about playing a fan patch that's on either a burned disc or an ODE, the security ring becomes meaningless. So there's no reason a patch, hack, or homebrew game shouldn't be able to use that extra space for things like improved FMV quality and what not. But to work on an ODE, the patch creators now have to lower FMV quality and start ripping out files they hope aren't used and hope the game will still run, even though it works just fine on a Saturn running off a CD.

In short, the patch works on the following:
A Stock Saturn using a Pseudo Saturn Cart.
A Stock Saturn using a System Disc.
A Saturn with a Mod Chip.
A Stock Saturn using a Satiator.

So is the patch built wrong? Or is the ODE not accurately emulating how a real Saturn with a real disc drive behaves?

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The doom port could have been good. But they decided to put god awful music in it.

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And another fun fact. The patch will work on your ODE if you load up a System Disc image first to properly disable the security check, the way the ODE should have done it in the first place.

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The Lunar fan translation has already been fixed, and works with ODEs now, so we can drop the autism already anon.

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The patch has been "fixed" by having FMV quality lowered and files ripped out. And until the ODEs fix the way they handle their security checks, it's just a matter of time until the the next patch doesn't work.

The point is, the ODE is not 100% compatible with how a real Saturn with a real disc drive behaves.

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No it hasn't, you don't know what you are talking about. The FMVs for Lunar were all reincoded to remove the borders and are higher quality now.

I know this is 4chan and all, but really dude, I don't ask much, all I want is for people to actually know what the hell they are talking about before they post. That's it. I don't think that's too much to ask.

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Some of the bigger FMVs had their frame rates reduced from 24fps to 15fps and the data rates lowered to shave down the data. PCM files that are thought to be unneeded were also removed.

Why don't you actually take a look at the CPK files between the broken and fixed versions?

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Are you talking about US Saturn games? If so, it's because they didn't sell well in the first place, the unusual box size caused a lot of copies to be damaged or tossed, and for English speakers those are the only copies available. Supply, demand, and e-celebs causing a dip in the former and rise in the latter all contribute to the fucked prices. Most Japanese stuff is relatively cheap or at the very least haven't jumped in price much in the last twenty years. I got a mint, 100% complete copy of Puyo Puyo Sun for like $20 from a US seller. I think the best version of Daytona USA tops out at $40 if it's totally complete. Satakore has a VERY detailed listing of what every game included in the case. If you're not a fullblown collectorfag like me things get cheaper unless you go chasing Taromaru or some of the other weird collector's edition box sets.
You're very right as the Japanese library is phenomenal.
As for recommendations, Vampire Savior is a pretty solid port though fighting game purists will complain that it has some vague inaccuracies and some resolution compromises. Groove On Fight is another stylish fighting game that differs a bit more from its arcade release but it's still fun and has tag mechanics. The Saturn version of Dead or Alive is solid too. Fighters Megamix is basically a Sega 3D fighting game on drugs.
If you learn moon you can play Devil Summoner and Soul Hackers. If you hate yourself you can play Ronde, which is comically dog shit.
Dragon Force is a great strategy RPG, even with Working Designs fucking with it.
IIRC the Konami arcade ports are typically better on the PS1. Additionally, a lot of games abuse composite video to achieve transparency effects.

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Not that guy. Just wanted to say fuck your sensitivity, eat shit and grow a spine.

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Thank you for saying it.

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based bernie bro

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Fighters Megamix is the best exclusive I've played but I mostly play Sonic Jam or Vampire Savior on mine.

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Magic Knight Rayearth, Battle Garegga, DonPachi and DoDonPachi, all the Panzer Dragoon games, Bulk Slash, Knights into Dreams, House of the Dead, Virtua Cop and Area 51, Strikers 1945, Gunbird, Sengoku Blade, Steam Hearts, the best version of Policenauts, Resident Evil has an extra mode but doesn't have auto-aim.

As a kid I had a lot of fun with Mega Man 8, Tomb Raider, Sonic R, Clockwork Knight and Braindead 13.

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What games, if any, have worse Japanese versions than US versions?
I've only played Japanese versions of games so far as they're often identical or superior to other regions.

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Eat shit troll.

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You can find patched games at cdromance.com, you fat gay retard from Hell. Now stop touching kids.

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Has anyone seen a pal copy of this lately?

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>no waku waku 7
sort your life out m8

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I heard load times on the saturn make it unplayable

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Fenrir cannot do disc swapping mid-game as of yet and Bug! is the only game that Fenrir outright fails on (you can't load the first level).

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I have a MODE so I don't have to worry about compatibility issues, but in terms of the Fenrir and compatibility/disc swapping it's really overblown.

If someone says "Give me $113 and I'll give you a device that will let you play literally every US Saturn game except a mediocre platformer and a terrible FMV game" than you're still getting a pretty damned good deal.

When it comes to Saturn games, an ODE will pay for itself extremely quickly.

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As stated earlier in this thread, MODE has compatibility issues too.

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Is English Sakura wars working on ode and if so may I be linked to a patched rom?

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I'm not a big fighting game fan myself but I can appreciate the appeal. The Saturn has a great selection of them.

Bernieposters on suicide watch

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>you don't want to be the guy burning CDRs in 2021.

Suck my cock, elitist faggot. I'm going copy an .avi of your mom getting piped by a jew onto 1500 floppy discs and sell it on BBS. Then I'm going to fax your grandma a xeroxed copy of my ballsack.
You CD's nuts I'm gonna burn all over your face.

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It literally doesn't

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