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Are beatemups a genre for brainlets?

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I wouldn't recommend them to you if that's what you're asking

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theres a lot of "mash attack to win" ones
theres also quite a few that have some much more complicated mechanics that border almost on fighting games in terms of style of inputs needed to play

id say most of them are pretty mindless tho

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I was told that guys who can't make it in competitive multiplayer games settle for beat em ups, shmups, or other single player copes like speedrunning

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Depends on the difficulty level being played and how many lives are being used, etc

SoR2 can be a pretty easy game if you want it to be but if you bump it up to hardest or mania no brainlet is gonna make it past stage 3 or 4.

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only if you credit feed

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If you credit feed, yes.

If not, no. Also recommended to play console strike n' hikes on a hard difficulty setting unless you're just getting into it.

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>I was told

think for yourself, anon

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Video games are a medium for brainlets. Read a book.

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Speedrunning is about beating other people's times, though.

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books are too easy

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There is nothing smart about reading books, tard.

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good beat em ups are designed with the ol "easy to learn, hard to master" philosophy. IN SoR2, getting through normal mode is totally doable for everyone given enough time. but on hardest, or god forbid, mania, good fucking luck. you need to be intimately aware of each enemy type, their habits/moves, and more importantly, how they interact together when working in tandem.

note that i said "good beat em ups"
theres definitely some trash ones that are as mindless as can be yes, im looking at you TMNT for SNES

and while were on the topic, shill me some beat em ups that have fighting-style inputs/commands and multiple special moves for each character
some of my favorite console beat em ups are SoR3 and final fight 3 for this very reason. theres just a lot more outside of just mashing attack that you can, and on harder difficulties, NEED to execute, in order to make it through well maybe not on FF3 as its too fucking ez, but i still argue that its excellent combat mechanics let it hold up regardless

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Books at least require a basic amount of concentration, reading comprehension and memory without any dopamine reward, so there actually is, especially compared to games.

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Sure, because video games are way more mentally stimulating than reading Kant :^)

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The appropriate tags go into all fields

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/thread x2

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t. brainlet on welfare

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multiplayer is for faggots

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>tfw brainlet on welfare but love reading

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I'm comfortable with that

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filtered by skill

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glad youre enjoying fortnite with your friends anon enjoy youth while it lasts

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that's really it isn't it
boomers retreat to robotic memorizers once their brain and motor reflexes shrivel up

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not them but it takes a hell of a lot of skill to 1cc most arcade beat em ups, a different kind of skill than fighting games that some people are better at

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funny is seeing their dead leaderboards and replays with 10 views they shill

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Yeah haha, i have fun though

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nice samefagging, I'm sure with the simple monkey nature of these games and your incredible skill you can whip up a quick final fight 1cc for us

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>it takes a hell of a lot of skill to 1cc most arcade beat em ups
>10-16 hours of playing
>a lot of skill

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>FF hard

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they're hard in the sense that they're boring to grind so you need a lot of patience to play boring games just like shoot em ups

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Feel free to post your original 1ccs at any time

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no that one's too hard for me

for me grinding training mode in fighters is too boring especially since most games die in two years anyway, but I can play Captain Commando whenever and not get hate mail for doing too many throws

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Multiplayer is for high-intensity
Single-player is for comfy
Simple as

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>Multiplayer is for high-intensity
mtga is high intensity? cope

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>Sword'em ups
>Doesn't mention Knights of the Round OR Shadow over Mystara
I honestly haven't even played King of Dragons o r Warriors of Fate, how are they? I know KotR and SoM are better in many ways than much of the Golden Axe series.

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>mtga multiplayer intensity is comparable to a fighting games

You are absolutely retarded

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Don't know about you, but literally any competitive multiplayer gets high-intensity for me, even puzzle games. I like it, but It feels like so much more is at stake when facing an actual human opponent, whereas I couldn't really give a shit whether I win or lose against A.I.
I like both, but I like each one for different reasons, and when I'm in different moods.

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King of Dragons is like Magic Sword as a belt scroller. You only get one attack but it works, it doesn't feel incomplete. Warriors of Fate is more like a normal Capcom game, but you get to ride a horse sometimes. They both have a bow-and-arrow character, coincidentally.

I don't know what that is and I don't want to know, perhaps you can continue this debate on /v/ where all the hottest new fighters and zoomer loot games are well-appreciated

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can't see your replay

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yes single player games are not exciting because you have infinite redos, infinite retries, nothing matters, you don't lose rank or points or clout, no one knows you lost, nothing happens, boring as fuck aka comfy for sure because they're dead games with no excitement

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both need skills, difference is multiplayer is just for lonelyautists that need muh social aspects

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sounds like you are double digit iq and adhd

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you're forgetting that most are just memorizers, super predictable, that makes them even worse and less exciting the more you practice the more boring they get

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>playing like a clueless retard is fun
yeah multiplayer is more of your thing

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single player are naturally casual games, anyone who is a tryhard at them is just compensating for somet

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>all this pathetic attention whore samefagging
fgc fag sure is lonely

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>anyone who is a tryhard at them is just compensating for somet
Really makes you think

Have you met many serious fighting game players? I have. You can put together the whole picture within seconds.

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single player games are naturally casual games for shitters, anyone who is a tryhard at them is just compensating for something and filtered by skill based games

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so true so true

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You will never be a woman

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i quit real games and just grind 1 route in a dead game no one plays and i'm making a leaderboard, im the only one on it.

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I ruined my life

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nice thing about single player games is how easy it is to cheat at them and get away with it or just LIE about what you can do, like I lied about 2-alling the strikers trilogy and people believed me

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Absolute fiction from a dumb cunt i promise hasn't 1cced a single fucking one.

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imagine speedrunning a beat em up lmfao

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>things no one said

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then this post doesn't matter >>7251396

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>without any dopamine reward

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The older I get the more I have gained an appreciation for them. The more I think there should have been more of these types of games and better made to. Some of the modern ones have incorporated great ideas that would have made retro beat em ups even better like RPG mechanics. In fact one of my dream games I'd love to create would look like a classic beat 'em up to a large extent.

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The older I get the less appreciation I have for very predictable single-shitter games where skill boils doing to memorizing spawns and abusing dumb AI

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100% same with Shootemups and fighting games

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Speedrunning is insanely competitive though...? It's all about beating other people's time

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I fucking hate this site anymore. 90% of threads are just speds trying to bait other retards.

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