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Is this or any of the older Animal Crossing games worth it?

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i played that one and the gamecube i thought they were good

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inb4 the tranimal crossing webm

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Possibly the most casual you can get. Made for women and children

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They're all worth it imo, originals for atmosphere, new ones for obsessive collecting and micromanagement.

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$40 for GCN sounds fair enough

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Really? I paid $0 for the iso. $40 sounds like a rip off.

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gc and wild world are good, after that it goes to shit

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Just wait for the English translation of Animal Forest E+ for the ultimate /vr/ AC experience

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I'm in disbelief that nobody has said "not retro" yet

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this. GC is amazing, and WW improves on it in most ways, with two major drawbacks: worse graphics and no real holidays. Villagers are soulless after WW.

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Yeah, I still play new leaf. I'm not buying another Nintendo console until I see what the successor to the switch is.

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The what?

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why do tr*nnys like shit like animal crossing?

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It's a time-consuming life simulator set in a magical pretend land where nobody will hurt your feelings, what would you expect tr*nnys to like

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>why do people who live out their deluded escapist fantasy like deluded escapist fantasies?

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>why do tr*nnys like shit

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Who cares

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It’s a modern day freak show, we’re here to laugh at the freaks.

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Any good clone for newer consoles? I have the disney one for 3ds only

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Not retro retard tranny /v/edditors

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gc and ds is retro retard CHUD

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gc is allowed and ds is not retro retard

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stops crying and delet the thread...
oh, you can't, so fuck off.

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kys retard

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about 20 years already and you still can't do anything other than talking or playing a some low effort minigames with your villagers

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Your parents drop you on your head as a baby or what?

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Fuck off. This is /v/ 2 now

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Only the original is worth wasting time on. A lot of the animal villagers mock and belittle you at any chance they get, as they see the player as a sad loner desperate for interaction.

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is cunny worth it?

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Except its not. New Leaf has you setup as the Mayor.

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Harvest Moon > Animal Crossing
Latter is only better if you're a furry and in that case you should just grab the furry mood for Stardew and play that instead anyways,

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>the original is better because you get mocked and belittle for being pathetic
Stop trying to force your fetishes on people, anon.

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Rune Factory > Harvest Moon

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I hate the graphics desu

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I'll just give you the gist of each one, and you can figure it out for yourself:

>Animal Forest

Get this for the comfy atmosphere and to just chill without having to worry about owning towns or anything like that.

>Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Get this for a comfy experience with good atmosphere. You get to own a town and live a comfy Mayor pipe dream. It's the most based and redpilled game in the series. PLUS you become schizophrenic by getting a secretary who feels a little too real. If you're not a retard like me though you'll be fine.

>Animal Crossing: New Horizons

More like Tranimal Crossing: NTR Jewrizons, get this one if you're a tranny or just a flat out fucking KEK. This game is so fucking cucked. It's all about materialistic micro managment, literally a KEK simulator with yardwork simulation. You own no town and you're in debt to some JEW who fucks the girl who alternatively would be YOUR secretary.
Not only that but Joe Biden's campaign paid Nintendo to remove ALL soul from this game and endorse him. Trivial Politics in video games is always fucking cringe and blue pilled.
TL;DR don't buy this fucking game unless you're
a tranny cucklord

That's all

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Honestly, no. They're cute af but it's a repetitive grind game with a community comparable to League.

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The redditor that posted it lied about being trans for karma.

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I can see how it's a repetitive grind game for sure. I think it's more about the escapist pipe dream of owning your own town and being around comfy people.
The community is shit though, stay away from that. Staying away from the community of it makes for a much comfier experience.

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