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Is anyone up for some bro-op? Maybe we can get some 4-player games going over Kaillera.

I have emulators for most anything and if not, I can always grab something. Picture just might be related.

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what game did you have in mind?

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Depends on how many people show up. If we got 3 or more, maybe we could do a 4 player beat-em-up like Vendetta or D&D

If it's just two people, we could play something like Final Fight 3.

I am also up for 4 player Bomberman.

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Seiken Densetsu 3 is excellent with the multi-player patch.

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Good luck finding three players willing to stick with you for that long.

Actually, scratch that. Start a /vr/ marathon for charity (they did the same thing with FF games like two months ago) and gather a team willing to play with you over the web for a whole weekend. Now THAT would be a thing.

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That's a long game to try to play over the internet. I know. I've tried to play Secret of Mana and SD3 over netplay multiple times. Never finished.

Also, bump for interest.

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They do the FF marathon once a year. It's great.

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One of the Mario Party ames is everyone's usual go-to for Kaillera.

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I'd be interested in this, but I can never get Netplay to work.

Just tell me the game/emulator/plugin and I'll try It again, though.

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I might get a large ping (btw i'm from Europe), but i would like to try.

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Don't we already hate each other enough?

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It would be fun if /vr/ could have its first "public" event that could be for-all-ages

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Anyone know of a good Kaillera server? My list refresh isn't working

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I'm in for multiplayer bomberman. The more players the better of course.

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I'm up for it, OP
What game and emulator are we using?

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So... have any of you decided what you'd like to play yet? I'll host whatever.

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Let's play Super Bomberman 5

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I'd be down for some mario party. havent played that in coons age and I love that shit.

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Speaking of netplay, is zbattle.net still around?

I remember good times playing laggy tetris attack and sf2 on there.

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Excellent choice, sir.

You'll need the follwing in pic related. 4chan thinks any and all links are spam for some reason.

After you unpack SNES9k, replace .dll inside the emulator's folder with the one you just downloaded. Load any ROM to establish a default ROM directory and restart the emulator. Finally, configure your controller and then click File, Play Kaillera Games... and look for "The Galaxy Black Hole Backup" server on the Master List.


It's been dead for a while. The guy running it got tired of hosting a matchmaking service for nothing but BRs.

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What kind of loser plays video games with people on 4chan? Don't you have friends?

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On a different, related note: would you people mind adding "/vr/" (minus quotes) at the beginning of your nickname? Just so I know you're from the thread, and not some random guy.

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Come here and play vidya with us, /vr/
All my friends play shitty Xbox 360 games

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We've got room for 2 more.

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We still have room for 1 more.

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We lost one, then I remembered you can actually play this game with 5 people.

So...yeah. We got room for 2 more.

Make sure to use the client posted in this >>726329 picture right here.

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i have a mac, what do?

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>what is snesbox?

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A Java emulator with even laggier netplay.

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post IP pls

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We're doing this through Kaillera. You need to look for the server I posted there on the Master Server List.

Can't post any IPs on 4chan at all because they're "spam".

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We're still 2 people short.

Come on, /vr/. Don't you love Bomberman anymore?

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does that work on windows xp?

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Indeed it does. I'm using Win XP Pro SP3 right now.

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You guys still playing? Is there room?

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Yeah, we are. We have one spot open.

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Better hurry up. You got 5 minutes before we start without you. Add a "/vr/" tag to your name to know it's you.

If we do start, just idle on the lobby until we finish a match.

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I'm downloading the shit now

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We're playing 4 player Bomberman right now. We still have room for one more player.

Join up! Instructions here >>726329

Wear a /vr/ tag so we know you're from the thread.

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can anyone stream this shit?

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Show Hudson you care, /vr/.

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livestream com somethingbad

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i fucking lose

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>tfw live really far from all of you guys and my internet is shit

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i was on my mac all the time, running a virtual machine

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Godspeed, Macfag. 'Twas an honor.

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Is Fungus here by any chance? It was last weekend when I played Super Bomberman 5 with some guys from /vr/

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Yeah I'm here

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still able to play?

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We're about to play VENDETTA. There's room for one more as it's 4 players.

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Get MAME32 with Kaillera here. The first one under Older Downloads

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Well that was a fun night. I'll try to keep this thread bumped for newcomers. We have many more games to try!

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Alright, gentlemen. That was an interesting game. Let's hope we do this again sometime.

Have a good night.

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Not exactly net-play, but I'm up for playing Socom 2 (I have both the NTSC and PAL versions) over X-Link anytime

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We've got to play some Kunio games.

Nekketsu Kakutō Densetsu and Nekketsu Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk Heroes are both amazing games that support four (!!) players.

Also, I found that multiplayer board game RPG. It's Hyaku no Sekai no Monogatari: The Tales on a Watery Wilderness

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bump for monday interest

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Does anyone want to play some games now?

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I could go for 30 minutes. What do you have in mind?

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30 minutes? Want to try contra or Jackal for the NES?

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Sure what emulator and ROM are we using?

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NEStopia 1.40


Server of choice is The Galaxy Black Hole Backup

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Good evening, gentlemen. Anyone up for some netplay action? I'm up for suggestions.

On a side note: is anyone here with a dedicated server that would be interested in hosting a /vr/-only Kaillera server?

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Just got done playing some contra online myself. That went smoothly.

Also, I hope that one Anon who had a Kaillera server comes back sometime soon. He was one of the heroes /vr/ deserves.

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Anything particular in mind? Or would you rather play anything?

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Depends on how many people drift in. If it's just us, we can play Jackal or something. Or maybe that board game RPG I mentioned above. >>727715

Wonder if you can get 4 players for that. Game has the option for it.

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If you're patient enough, I can host a room and we can wait for 2 other people.

>> No.730996


Okay. I'm just playing games over here anyway. I can just do that as I wait. Also, I guess I can upload that ROM since I had to patch it.

>> No.731004


Sure thing. I'll whip up a post with instructions.

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Annnd done


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Taking the time to upload other ROMs I was talking about. Yes, most of this stuff you can get yourself, but it's nice to have a centralized location, seeing as netplay requires everyone use the same ROM.

Nekketsu Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk Heroes:

Nekketsu Kakutō Densetsu

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File: 202 KB, 1024x768, 55799-Hyaku_no_Sekai_no_Monogatari_-_The_Tales_on_a_Watery_Wilderness_(Japan)_[En_by_AlanMidas_v20070425]_(~100_World_Story,_The)-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good evening, /vr/

So we're about to play Hyaku no Sekai no Monogatari: The Tales on a Watery Wilderness. It's apparently an NES Mario Party-RPG kind of game. Never played it before, but it looks like fun. The game supports up to 4 players, and I guess there's already 2 of us in, so we just need 2 more to play. You'll need the following:

>Nestopia 1.40

>Hyaku no Sekai no Monogatari: The Tales on a Watery Wilderness

>New Kaillera Client

After you're done unpacking the emulator, replace the stock kaillera client with the one posted here inside the emulator's folder. Take this moment to configure your controls, then click Netplay, Connect... Click Add, and pick the ROM you just downloaded. Then join us at "The Galaxy Black Hole Backup" server on the Master List.

Remember to use a "/vr/" tag in your name to know you're from the thread!

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Could someone try connecting to, just want to see if I set it up correctly

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Don't be scared by the generic google image result. It's actually in english.

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File: 254 KB, 1024x768, 55799-Hyaku_no_Sekai_no_Monogatari_-_The_Tales_on_a_Watery_Wilderness_(Japan)_[En_by_AlanMidas_v20070425]_(~100_World_Story,_The)-4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You should state what emulator and what game are you hosting.

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I'm just hosting a kaillera server to see if it works, bring your own games

>> No.731173

anyway, I'm off to work now if it works it works, feel free to use it. It's named /vr/, ip >>731127

>> No.731178


Gimme a sec.


>> No.731180


Are you using emulinker?

Did you remember to open extra ports?

>> No.731185

I apparently borked something, I'll get it done when I'm back from work

>> No.731194


You need to open a port range that's equal to the number of players you want on your server.

If it's 40 players, you need to open 27888-27928 (or was it 27929?).

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File: 43 KB, 620x427, hyaku-no-sekai-no-monogatari-the-tales-on-a-watery-wilderness-009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Okay did that, really need to leave now. You should be able to connect now

>> No.731206


It worked for me this time, but my ping is like 145 (!!) in there.

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We still have 2 spots open.

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File: 3 KB, 256x224, Hyaku no Sekai no Monogatari english translation_Jul23 7_35_48.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


We'll be starting with 2 players now. If you're still interested or want to play something else, feel free to drop by the server and idle in the lobby.

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bump before bedtime

>> No.732424

Bump to keep this alive.

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We should make a /vr/ netplay Steam group or something. Then we can have a group chat, announcements, etc. which really help coordinate online multiplayer.

>> No.732913


That's probably a good idea. I was also thinking about an IRC channel or something.

>> No.734362

evening bump

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I made a Steam group for a previous project of mine that also involved multiplayer, way back when /vr/ was still new.

During the course of a week spent advertising for people to join the group, Mediafire reported that at least 71 people downloaded the compilation I made available that included both emulator and ROMs. Out of those 71 people, only 12 joined the group. Of the 12 that joined, none of them participated or did anything. At all.

I had also proposed to use Comodo VPN, a free alternative to Hamachi, which included unlimited global chat right off the bat and alot more slots (and was going to be necessary anyways because the emulator only supported LAN netplay). Roughly the same ammount of people who joined the Steam group joined the network. And just as they did before, none participated.

And those who didn't were either bitching because they didn't have Steam and they weren't about to join because they weren't interested in any of the games they had to offer, or wearing tinfoil hats because they feared about getting hacked by joining a VPN.

Some other anon kindly set up a TeamSpeak server for people to talk on and actually use during netplay. Nobody ever showed up.

The last thing I did to setup an external meeting place was an IRC chat, where at least one other person joined. But alas, my internet went out briefly while I was AFK, and when I came back, the room was just as empty as it was before.

The only solution that I've found to be quite effective would be a /vr/ Kaillera server. It doesn't require people opening ports on their router (despite how horribly easy it is to do so), while offering basic chat and matchmaking service.

This anon here >>731127 made one for us. But it appears to be a European server, which is awesome for all our eurobros, but doesn't cut it for people in America, since the server handles all traffic. I would insist it stayed up for them.

We still need an american Kaillera server, though.

>> No.735014

So is anyone up for anything?

>> No.735209

I have no problem keeping it up for eurobros, about to buy a new computer as well so this one will most likely be setup as a server for various things.

>> No.735261


I could do a game. You still around?

>> No.735279


Alright. I'll make a note of it and include it in future pastas. Do you have a Steam account or something to keep in touch?


Sure. I just got around to making my Classic Controller working with those pesky emulators that rejected it. Turns out, it was both joysticks that were conflicting somehow. Not like I used them for anything other than N64 games anyways.

>> No.735302


Same server as always? Maybe we can do some Final Fight 3 or something.

Or wait for two other people to show up in the thread and try to get a 3-4 player game going.

>> No.735306


Well, we can play Final Fight 3 (what emulator?) WHILE we wait for more people to show up for a 4 player game.

What other game did you have in mind?

>> No.735317


I dunno. I was thinking about some obscure 4 player games on the SNES/Genesis

I was thinking about trying to get some Micro Machines going sometime.

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I'm not very knowledgeable with mutliplayer Genesis games. The only one that comes to mind is that one 4-player Yu Yu Hakusho fighter.

Other than that, SNES there's a cool little jap racer on the SNES called Battle Cross. It supports 6 players, and it plays something like Mario Kart in that you throw items at each other. Pic related.

>> No.735367

>The only one that comes to mind is that one 4-player Yu Yu Hakusho fighter.

That's a pretty good game.

Is the Black Hole server up right now? I can't find it.

>> No.735381


I can ping the server, but it doesn't appear on the Master Server List. It's probably down.

We could always just go to the parent server "The Galaxy". What do you say?

>> No.735390



>> No.735405

Alright. We'll be playing something else in the meantime. If any of you have a 3-4 (or more) player suggestion that we can netplay together, feel free to post.

>> No.735410

is N64 multiplayer an option? if so Bomberman 64, Mario Kart, Mario Party.

>> No.735418

I'm sorry, I just saw the thread and and saw this. Where can I find the 4 player secret of mana 2 patch? I don't think I would want to play it though if the difficulty wasn't changed.

>> No.735430




Project 64k has online.

>> No.735576

Hey anon, what's the name of the Steam group?
I'd be down for some multiplayer, just need to get the stuff together.

>> No.736132

early morning bump

>> No.738790

evening bump

>> No.739756

I'm at work with nothing to do

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Hey /vr/,

I've never tested PlayStation netplay before... or played that many games beyond Chrono Cross, for that matter. I've always wanted to give Crash Team Racing a try, seeing as there's many people out there who think it's better than Mario Kart 64. Wanna give it a try? You'll need the following:

>ePSXe 1.8.0


>CyberPad 1.4

>n02+ Ownasaurus' Kaillera client (Jul 20 2011)

>Your choice of video plugin

>Eternal SPU 1.50b2

>Crash Team Racing

Instructions in the next post.

>> No.740375


1.- Firstly, extract the emulator.
2.- Extract SCPH1001.BIN inside a folder called "BIOS" within the emulators directory.
3.- Extract the Kaillera Client inside the root directory of the emulator.
4.- Extract Cyberpad, your Video Plugin and Eternal SPU inside the "Plugins" folder.

Once that is done, launch the emulator and configure your sound plugin as follows:

- Audio Device: DirectSound
- Buffer Size: 64
- Audio Out Method: SPUasync
- Async Mode: Simple
- Reverb: Neill's

Everything else should be disabled.

You may now continue to configure the rest of your emulator at your leisure. Just make sure NOT to have Multitap enabled, only pick either Digital or Analog controller types, disable rumble, and keep all Controller Profiles beside Controller 1 blank.

Once you're done, launch the game, find on the Master Server List the one called "The Galaxy" and join. Remember to wear a "/vr/" tag so I know you're from the thread.

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I'm just gonna bump for a little while. Half hour, tops. If I get no takers or a response, I'll drop it.

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>> No.740448 [DELETED] 

I got it up and running and load the game and log in... no game. damn

>> No.740456

There's 2 of us on right now. Anyone else want to join?

>> No.740556

Well, thanks for humoring me with at least one race, kind anon. Take care, and have a nice evening.

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