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Not a single person on this board likes this console. Nintendo boomers overwhelmingly prefer the SNES and would even rather play the PS1 over it. It goes without saying that zoomers despise the N64 more than anyone. Nobody would complain if it was banned from all discussions.

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I hate the overhype this console receives the most
>"omgomg best console ever"
>plays it
>its shit

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loading screen:
>imma finna boutta end this man's whole career

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The higher quality music, full-motion video capability, and longer games spanning multiple discs is worth the wait, dumb impatient zoomlet.

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>Not a single person on this board likes this console
Go fuck yourself zoom zoom.
>Mario 64
>both Zeldas
>Pokemon Stadium
>Pokemon Snap
>Star Wars Episode I Racer
>Rogue Squadron
The N64 was flawed but there were a crapton of classics for it.

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>no hopers

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Based. I'm tossing in Paper Mario, F-Zero X and the Banjos to that list.

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All good choices.
I'd also add Star Fox 64 and, dare I say it, Mischief Makers.

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I like N64. People hating it is a meme and your typical contrarianism found across the site.

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I don’t like Nintendo because it’s implicitly right-wing.

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Are Yakuza apolitical?

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But all they do now is cater to liberal trannies.

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Not enough quirky Japanese hidden gems for my liking. It was basically a proto-Xbox in terms of library.

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Last of Us 2 was a Nintendo game?

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i like it cos it has GE. you don't need other games

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PC >> PS1 > Saturn > N64

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PC >>> PS1 >> Saturn > N64

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>Rocket Robot on Wheels
>Space Station Silicon Valley
>Kirby 64

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Most of these games don't hold up very well unless you were a child at the time

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Why Nintendo is the North Korea of Gaming

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Eh, I prefer N64 and Saturn over the moviestation, but yeah 5th gen and later gens aren't really retro.

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Better graphics over cinematic cutscenes is good. But is a shame that N64 could not have a extended library to play. Rareware was the only company making games for N64

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Blah, you won't.convince me sony shill. Still, don't really give too much shits for post-4th gen games but I'll always prefer saturn and 64 over your movie trash

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>Mario 64
Melee is better
>both Zeldas
Who plays Zelda?
Better with MnK
>Pokemon Stadium
No story, just shitty minigames
>Pokemon Snap
No story, no catching Pokemon, just an on rails shooter without shooting
>Star Wars Episode I Racer
Great game, better in the arcade
>Rogue Squadron

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My first option was N64 too and after having to playing their same superior games again and again I had to turn to PS1 bad graphics to play all games. A better hardware is shit if there's no much games for it

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It’s really not. Music is eh. FMV is a gimmick that aged poorly. Games are long but shallow.

N64 has a few excellent games that play to the system’s strengths perfectly. It’s an obvious choice.

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This game alone shits all over anything for the N64 or Saturn.
>b-but it has cutscenes! le movieshit!

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Cope about what? That it's a moviegame?

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Can we get Diddy Kong Racing, Perfecg Dark and DK64 on the list? The classics keep piling up...


I gotta second these. Love me some Rocket.


The foolishstation and it’s fanbase are o match for the Elite 64 Library

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Yes. Kojima makes moviegames. And he makes good enough to make /v/ nintendies seethe

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If you say so. I still don't care about post-4th gen much, and I still don't care about movie games at all

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Actually I went from MegaDrive to Dreamcast, N64 wasn't even a blip on my radar

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I've spent more time playing Perfect Dark alone than the PS1. Load times are fucking cancer, couldn't stand them as a kid can't stand them now.

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>liking overrated movies is based

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Do pushups while games load you fatty.

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I have a very high metabolism, I've never in my life watched what I eat and the heaviest I have ever been is around 135 pounds. I think fatties are pathetic, being skinny is easy. hell back in high school when I worked out being at least mildly cut was easy too. Fat people are losers.

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Movie and game seems like a good mix to me. But if you prefer them separately that's your opnion. Goldeneye 64 would have been a much better movie related game if it had better cutscenes and dialogues as the movie

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If you emulated like a real man, you’d not need to experience load times, homo.

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n64 is worse than cancer

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ITT: Gaystation cope

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based N64chads blowing Snoys the fuck out

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Based frogposter bringing some quality to an another shitty console war thread

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The n64 is a good console I just like the snes better because I am not a fan of early 3d mario and zelda not that I don't like sm64 and oot smw,sm3 and alttp are just better.
The sm64 is better for party games like mario kart and mario party.

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He said person, you inhuman, non-binary scumsuckers.

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>>hmm I hate android and love small computers
>>should I get x handheld device that is NOT android?
>doesn't play n64?
>>no thanks!

t. 31 year old that frequents /vr/ more often than jewtube

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It is common knowledge that N64 was a piece of shit with ten good games tops. Fuck off with your kiddy bullshit IPs.

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>responding to a bait thread
The absolute state of nu/vr/

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imagine defending a console that requires dev to make their own microcode just to use ram properly lol, SAD

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I was sucking on my mothers tit when the challenger blew up and I dont like the snes. I would take the n64 or a sega genesis over it any day.

also snes doesnt have this song on any game in its library.

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>llikes n64 and sega genesis
>but no snes
ur weird

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N64 is a great console. Sooners hate it because the only experience they have I've the system is via inaccurate emulation using a PS4 controller. The fact that the biggest complaint seems to be that they actually think that you need three hands to use the original controller tells you all you need to know about these people.

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>based N64chads blowing Snoys
The only thing N64cucks are blowing here are flaccid cocks

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N64 is smooth gameplay all the way up in this bitch. If anyone thinks PS1 is a better system then he's probably one of the fags that thinks Consoles are somehow better or ok than PC's nowadays. Now as for the library then its a completely different matter.

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Based but accurate

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>Sooners hate it because the only experience they have I've the system is via inaccurate emulation
>buys the console
>library is still one of the worst

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Seems like flaccid cocks cross your mind very often

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And seems like it passes in your mouth very often

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any faggot who cant figure out how to use the N64 controller is literally retarded and needs to be sent to a internment camp

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>It goes without saying that zoomers despise the N64 more than anyone.

What? For many adult zoomers who had millennial siblings, this was their first console ever. Seriously, ask zoomers born between 1997 and 1999 if they like the N64, and many will say yes.

t. 1997 zoomer

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Best-selling non-Nintendo franchises on the SNES:
-Street Fighter
-Final Fantasy
-Dragon Quest
-Dragon Ball Z

lol fuk em

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Seriously? Star Wars, Turok, WCW vs NWO, Cruisn' USA
Also Final Fantasy and DQ were only best sellers in Japan, not in the west for SNES. DQ wasn't even released outside of Japan in SNES.
If we're including japanese games, then we'd have to include stuff like Shiren 2 for N64.

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>console wars

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You skipped the Saturn? All those shmups...

Sonyseethers and the Foolishstation will never be able to defend their irredeemable, objectively inferior console. Very sad to watch.

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>Implying every single kid didn't mash skip every single time a FMV ever appeared during playing a ps1

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ever notice how N64 cope is always about how if you played the games in hyper specific situations they're somehow better than they are? Bro Goldeneye totally holds up if you play it back in September, 1998 with Tony and mom gets you the stuffed crust from pizza hut

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This post reads like a sad childhood cope.
Also the same argument could be made for most 5th gen games, "you had to be there" to appreciate the jump from 2D to 3D, something kids nowadays won't ever understand because they take 3D for granted.

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I don’t own a “foolishstation” whatever the fuck that is supposed to be. I emulate, like a person with an IQ over 140 should. Loading problem solved.

>> No.7233435

i liek it c:

>> No.7233440

How did I miss that? I don’t even know why I responded to you in the first place. Why do you like anger inducing gameplay?

>> No.7233449

Loading problem might be solved, but all the inaccuracies and lag is not.

>> No.7233452

>mentioning Dragon Quest and SNES together
Sorry guy, those games were never released for Super Nintendo. You aren’t Japanese, please fuck off and have a nice day!

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>controller with pointless d-pad good

>> No.7233470

that's the purpose of a programmable microprocessor
obviously not all developers were up to the task

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Play more N64 games before hating it so much, anon.

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Shut up and die.

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No and no.

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I’ve played this chink shit. It sucks.

>> No.7233484

2021 and this console keeps creating seethings the likes of which we have never seen in this side of the astral plane
you were poor and had a ps1, ok, we understand that, is not a crime, let it go

>> No.7233485

Sure you have, anon. Sure you have.
Really, I'll never understand console warriors, you are a weird lot.

>> No.7233486

Yeah it's kind of weird, like they can't let go something from 24 years ago.
N64 was a more expensive console back then. Not the system itself, but the games were expensive.
There was a clear social division between N64 kids and PlayStation kids. Over time, the PS kids developed resentful feelings toward N64 users, and in turn, projected said feelings toward the system itself and its games.
They're also probably angry about the fact that, despite N64 having a smaller library, people talk more about N64 games compared to PS games. Or at least the discussion is pretty even. In their minds, they can't comprehend that a system that sold much less and has so much less titles is basically on par (if not more) in terms of popularity.
As someone who isn't a big fan of 5th gen in general, I can say that you can be cruel about any of the 3 system's graphics, if you want to, but all 3 systems got some really good games. I just think the notion of PS being "the winner" and having a seemingly unlimited library damaged the Sony fan's perception, because on one hand they think that they are immune to criticism due to PS being the "winner" of the generation, so there's a sort of short circuit going on in their heads when that narratives isn't reflected in reality (people actually having as much love for the N64 as for the PS)
Anyway Sony fans are known for being like this, they also shitpost against the Saturn, and more recently, against the Xbox. Sony fans just loathe competition.

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Now that the dust has settled anyone can see it's got one of the worst libraries ever, You'll learn eventually.

>> No.7233512

holy cope

>> No.7233516

Ok, console warrior.

>> No.7233523

>same argument could be made for most 5th gen games
Most Saturn arcade ports hold up today. Metal Slug, Hyper Fighting, Virtua Cop 2.

>> No.7233526

I liked N64 for GE, PD, OoT, MM, SF64, SM64, MK, etc. I preferred PS1 though. I had both.

>> No.7233538

I bought my N64 before PSX or Saturn and I still have it. I tried to believe it was good but its hard to deny reality for that long.

>> No.7233547

The blue haired nigger is called Gayman and theres a part where u commandeer a giant mecha Gayman and theres a Japanese song and it sucks big penises. Am I confirmed?

>> No.7233565

>you had to be there or else its total shit
this is only true for the n64

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>nearly 2021 and Playstation fanboys are still round the clock seething over its existence

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same assmad fag

>> No.7233704

That retard. Here underneath the truth: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_5xHQZ3b70M

>> No.7233713

Metal Gear Solid two disc can active run on N64 system though compression 64MB cartridge.

>> No.7233753

Ok, useless clown.

>> No.7233771

This but the entire 5th gen. /vr/ should be a board for discussing 4th gen and 6th gen.
Doesn't the emulator emulate the load times too though?

>> No.7233789

So 1th & 3th gen discussion comes?

>> No.7233874

The Foolishstation still loads slowly on emulators. This man is a liar.

Shmups aren’t frustrating if you are good at video games.

This is where I stand. PS1 games don’t usually play to the system’s strengths very well, they mostly are designed to try and hide it’s weaknesses.

Crash’s fixed cameras or the way FF7 has you move slowly across big planes to space out loading times are examples of this. Even the best PS1 games are still held back by the system’s limitations.

>> No.7233875

You play Chinese’s made PC? Zoom zoom

>> No.7233882

Sony fandom still keep winning.

>> No.7233885

At what? getting censored shit and getting voted worst fanbase every time?

>> No.7233891

>Space Station Silicon Valley
This was on ps1 too

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>Cry murr

>> No.7234048

You can toggle frameskipping on/off to speed past the loading times, is probably what he meant.

>> No.7234061

It's always the same with you predictable N64fags. Goemon, Treasure stuff, Bombermans, Shiren, that 2D pedo simulator, and that's it. The Japanese selection is very thin with the N64, making it one of the most boring retro systems.

>> No.7234076

Almost as predictable as Saturnfags with Bulk Slash, Psychic Killer Taromaru, Treasure stuff and Powerslave.

>> No.7234091

>it's always ht same why must they list the good games when I ask for the good games?

>> No.7234105

Not as bad as PS1drones with their LSD, Germs, and Artdnik games they post only because the covers are "aesthetic" but never play.

>> No.7234168

Those are really good games few people have played. If you're disaffected by them after hearing about them for a few months but are still enthusiastic about talking about ocarina of time you've got a bit of consolr warrior brand loyalty infecting your brain.

>> No.7234172

I think you're missing the point. Every console has lesser known games that are good that will always be brought up.

>> No.7234183

I know you're missing the point. The n64 doesn't really have any of those games, while other platforms are almost entirely obscured.

>> No.7234187

>The n64 doesn't really have any of those games, while other platforms are almost entirely obscured
It's just sad that you actually think this.

>> No.7234196

Not the other anon but you just seem to have an irrational bias against the 64. Like you're stuck in your position of "nooooo stop mentioning n64 games! none of them is good noooo!", it's hard to take people like you seriously.

>> No.7234202

The difference is, Saturn and PS1 have more than a half dozen weeb games to choose from. The Japs more or less didn't give a shit about the N64, 90% of its library is western kusoges.

>> No.7234203

I'm on this board. I like this console.

>> No.7234205

>Saturn and PS1 have more than a half dozen weeb games to choose from
Bulk Slash, Psychic Killer Taromaru, the list goes on...

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File: 3.84 MB, 1920x5000, saturn-games2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being this ignorant
Play more Sega Saturn.

>> No.7234217

Arcade ports, Nights, the list goes on...

>> No.7234223

Don't join the anti-Saturn shitposting, it's also orchestrated by Sonyggers.
Remember, Saturn + N64 is the alliance that can defeat the SoullessStation. Best 3D and best 2D of the generation, combined they blow away the sony shit.

>> No.7234227

Could you imagine unironically console waring over consoles that are almost 30 years old by this point

>> No.7234228

I'm just messing around. I've actually been playing my Saturn nonstop for the past several days since my MODE came in the mail. I agree that it's definitely better than the Playstation.

>> No.7234230

I don't need to imagine when I can see it 24/7 by browsing /v/ or /v/2 (/vr/)

>> No.7234232

Agreed except for the N64 part, it can fuck off for ushering in modern cancerous 3D gaming and killing off glorious, soulful sprite-based vidya.

>> No.7234236

It's OK. Has a lot of good games on it but unsurprisingly they're mostly Nintendo games.

>> No.7234284

Everyone has heard of wonder project j2 at this point anon

>> No.7234301

I suppose, but doesn’t that screw up the emulation? I know some of the megaman games get fucked up if you skip the load times.

>> No.7234575

It's my only retro console.

>> No.7235064

It's seen as a patriotic act to piss on the n64 here. Its an immediate antithesis to the whole overwhelming community of soys reminiscing about the console being great, and talk down the best two games the system had to offer (Tetrisphere and Star Wars: Episode I Racer)

>> No.7235070

>Tetrisphere and Star Wars: Episode I Racer
Based, but Rogue Squadron and Wetrix were better.

>> No.7235223


>> No.7235240

>Based, but Rogue Squadron
Better on PC.
>and Wetrix
Better on Dreamcast.

>> No.7235283


>> No.7235289

>Better on PC.
Actually more glitchy.

>> No.7235316

They don't buy the console though, that's the point retard. Zoomers play one or two games through inaccurate emulation with a PS4 controller and then claim that the games are bad or the games controls or/,and the N64 controller sucks. They literally have no idea.

>> No.7236484

I just wish the filtering wasn't mandatory. It made 2D games look weirdly blurry.

>> No.7236528
File: 76 KB, 640x611, booing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will never understand why people like wobbly vertices and UV maps over slightly blurry textures.

Even the "crisp pixels" look like deep fried memes most of the time, and some PSX games fucking KNEW this looked awful and actively avoided it. For example, pretty much every environment being 2d in FFVII.

>> No.7236548

I think that OP that should be banned, what a absolute basedny faggot.

>> No.7236646

People defend it because it's what they grew up with.

>> No.7236719
File: 152 KB, 564x1166, 5th gen texture mapping.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The wobbly vertices were bad but not the main most noticable problem, it was this. The lack of ability to have or efficiently perform float math basically caused both issues, and it applied to both the Saturn and PSX. I'm kinda shocked they decided to do a 3D console with no float math, that sounds crazy to have done even then.

Anyway I was talking about the N64's texture filtering in my post if you're referring to that. Wholly 2D games where 3D capability didn't matter did look kinda bad with it as a result, which is an unfortunate weakness for a stronger system to have.

>> No.7236732

I just think it's too complicated on a system level to get rid of.

>> No.7236738

It was a reasonable compromise at the time. Only doing fixed point math meant keeping the costs for DSPs and chips bearable. PS1 would've been no success with a $700+ pricetag.

>> No.7236742

I like this system so your whole proposition falls apart.

>> No.7236748

LITERALLY built around analogue control and your going to sit on a keyboard and mouse? Fuck you nigger. No you don't have a flightstick bitch.

>> No.7236752
File: 13 KB, 360x450, Chad_Warden.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

N64 ain't got games

>> No.7236754

Most games don't have significant issues with wobbly textures, it's a bit of a meme. Shit I just played through both Duke Nukem PS1 exclusives and didn't see texture's wobble once. They basically solved this problem shortly after the N64 came out.

>> No.7236807

You(the develper) need to subdivide large polygons into smaller ones, that solves 90% of the issue. Problem is that you are now have to push more polygons, which in turn affects performance negatively.

>> No.7236823

1. Not as much subdivision as you think
2. this was done algorithmically by 1997 with no loss in performance (or negligible loss)
3. ps1 has enough power to just spit polygons without a care
4. the ps1 wasn't the platform with framerate problems

>> No.7236848

I personally prefer N64, but the PS1 just feels more retro

>> No.7236914

I like the N64, but I hate the controller.
I like the PS1, but I prefer the Sega Saturn.

>> No.7236925

We got too cocky, Sega System bros. The Sega kids are retaliating.

>> No.7236930

Oh my god ... shut up

>> No.7236943

Why did all 5th gen consoles come with severe downsides to their use?

>> No.7237005

There was a pretty big leap from the 4th to the 5th generation in terms of both the technology and the design philosophy.

>> No.7237026


>> No.7237581

Even within games I've noticed it can change. The fights in FFVII are pretty bad with it, but the motorcycle chase out of Midgar was really smooth.

>> No.7237738

Lmao, you sound like a contrarian bitch. Ps1 had a lot ot shovelwave, faggy turn based rpg with microsoft excel battles, ugly graphics and clunky controls, Saturn had downgraded arcade ports and japanese novels that felt even more empiter than shovelware and 3 or 5 good games. But you don't talk about that, do you? N64 is amazing.

They rage because people love the system more trough the years and gave them more beautiful memories. Also Ocarina and Super Mario 64 were milestones for that generation, it really showed what videogames could be.
Contrarian edgelords just hate people enjoying things, don't reply their autism.

>> No.7237758

>Clunky controls


>> No.7237772
File: 256 KB, 1600x900, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and thats literally the whole library right there

also, if you werent playing rogue squadron and podracer on PC with one of these puppies picrel you were an actual fucking nigger

>> No.7237785

>owning a console during the golden years of PC gaming
You all lost

>> No.7237829

Not all of us had rich parents.

I got a computer when I was 18 because this dude I knew went back to Palestine.

>> No.7237834

Every year is the cumulative golden year of PC gaming and every console purchase incentivizes developers to create more console games, which become additional free PC games. PC chads actually lose more from PC games being developed because sometimes their DRM just isn't cracked and sometimes the newest PCs stop being able to play them over time, whereas console games have minimal DRM and will be preserved forever to an exact specification. At which point they are emulatable and enhancable.

>> No.7237837

>any time people say what games are great for the system or that the system itself was good Snoys just spam TRANNY TRANNY TRANNY DILATE SEETHE
honestly pathetic

>> No.7237843

I don't know why you guys blame Sonyggers for trashing the console more than anyone when it's mostly Nintentranny zoomers and SNES boomers who shit on it.

>> No.7237895

>it's mostly Nintentranny zoomers and SNES boomers who shit on it.
latter here
it truly was an awful fucking console
theres maybe 6 games in the whole library that have anything redeemable, in terms of going back to them now

ngl, i have a lot of fond memories of the system, but that was due almost solely to the ONE thing the N64 got right:
4-player split-screen multiplayer
so in retrospect, a good 90% of the fun i had with the system was due to the fact that i was hanging out with my buddies while playing it
if i didnt have any friends at that time, i almost certainly wouldve sold it, and all of my games and controllers, to go buy like 2 more PC games, because there MUCH better games coming out for it at the time.

it was a fun little party machine for its time, and i still have mine for that reason alone, but its likely the weakest major retro console in terms of its mostly dreadful library, and how little even the good games were able to hold up in the modern lens

as for
>I don't know why you guys blame Sonyggers
theyve been trained to do so because they spent too long consorting with /v/irgins

>> No.7237897

This describes the Dreamcast for me.

>> No.7237915

N64 was basically trash outside of Mario 64. OoT, and the wrestling games. It was the only console I ever traded in. PSX is arguably the greatest console in ever and fundamentally defined gaming for the following 2 decades.

>> No.7237921

hey say what you will about the dreamcast, but that shit came all over the N64s used-up whore face, and it just sat there and took it like the useless fucking slut it was
that was the first console i remember seeing, as a PC gaymer at the time, where i felt a little jelly

>> No.7238026

So that's why gaming is so shit recently.

>> No.7238259

>worst console ever.
Gets daily hate threads by retards who can't even figure out how to use the controller. N64 was obviously a troll on people with a lower IQ than 64.

>> No.7238316

Dreamcast was 100x better than the Shit 64. So many awesome arcade-style games to play.

>> No.7238708

>downgrade from super mario world
>party game for trannies, pedos and autists
>downgrade from lttp/link's awakening
>10fps slideshow
>also on pc
damn, the n64 really was shit. it has no fucking games.

>> No.7238720
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>> No.7238729

Go back to /v/.

>> No.7238781

DBZ? You mean Chrono Trigger or Castlevania

>> No.7238789

Deadcast not worth playing.

Play them on Wii U

>> No.7238796

>100x better than
Not realizing N64 strongly influenced Dreamcast

>> No.7238802
File: 152 KB, 605x335, zelda if he female.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nintrando... was a mistake...

>> No.7238805

t. Fag Seethe

>> No.7238841

N64 influenced jack shit. Dreamcast was half arcade machine, half PC.

>> No.7238852

The four controller ports is unmistakeably an N64 influence.

>> No.7238878

They should have made their controller ports more reliable instead of adding 4. It was a hassle getting a control to even work in that thing.

>> No.7238896

You're talking about the Dreamcast right? That and my model 1 Genesis are the only consoles I've ever owned that had controller port issues.

>> No.7238906

>Go back to [HEADCANON]
i cacchinate.

>> No.7238924

Yes. Genesis never gave me troubles but every Dreamcast has been a piece of shit when it came to disconnecting controllers and not reading discs.

>> No.7238939

I found that resting a book or something else similarly weighted on top of the connector prevents it from disconnecting somewhat. Really ghetto solution but it's worked for me before.

>> No.7238954

>jack shit
Gosh, you are imbecile

>> No.7238996

Which Nintendo ripped off from the Atari 5200.

>> No.7239110

N64 popularized the Analogue stick. Pretty much every fucking console used it since. Sony loved it so much they ripped it off twice.

Then there's the rumble pack which other companies have to pay royalties to Nintendo to use.

Not forgetting Smash Bros, which has never been ripped off or copied in anyway.

>> No.7239120

do you guys know any good n64 emulators

>> No.7239125

For you to play with your PS4 controller.

>> No.7239134


>> No.7239138


>> No.7239184

>n64 emulation

>> No.7239201

i just deleted all my n64 roms i have now realized n64 emulation is a joke

>> No.7239261

And? lmao 5200 so broke.

>> No.7239265

Reminds you, no one really care

>> No.7239278

it had a handful of good games. but that's about it.
oh, and the controller is the worst abomination nintendo ever made second only to the wii remote.

>> No.7239310

Third party manufacturing control description, son

>> No.7239316

>wobbly vertices and UV maps
>slightly blurry textures

>> No.7239357

i went c64 > SNES > N64 > DC > GC

My sega poorfriend used to beg me to bring my Snes over for MarioKart. Many fond memories of all night four player Quake 2 and Perfect Dark matches on N64.

>> No.7239383

Playstation was the first console marketed to normie club goers. They created the Gamer marketing demographic with it. The cancer was never contained. I liked playing games before it was cool, officially. If you didnt have a Snes or N64 when they came out, you will never understsnd.

>> No.7239464

The old (very old) Handful of games and terrible controller meme.... Put that PS4 controller to one side and stop using emulation.

>> No.7239537

Name 5.

>> No.7239801

Sega Rally 2
Zero Gunner 2
House of the Dead 2
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Fighting Vipers 2

>> No.7239832

I assume you’ve never played Turok. I AM TUROK!

>> No.7240415


>> No.7241152
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