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- Rubberband AI destroyed any GP fun
- Unbalanced power-ups make you go from the last place to the first place in five seconds at any point of the race

Crash Team Racing humiliates it.

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Shit bait thread, didnt even use meme arrows properly.
First if youre having trouble with the AI, you should get good, since the games were made for 6 yo kids.
Second, its a party/battle racing game, using items to fuck with others is one of the core aspects of gameplay, if you want """"""""serious"""""""" racing experience go play Ridge Racer, or whatever.

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Nintendo babies BTFO

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>git gud
>that’s the whole point
>CTR better than anything
CTR sucks, and before you call me a Nintendo fanboy DKR sucks too. Racing games for people who hate racing.

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>Crash Team Racing humiliates it.
it was a poor man's mario kart bootleg. like everything naughty dog touched, they copied it from someone else. cope.

>CTR sucks, and before you call me a Nintendo fanboy DKR sucks too
they were quite embarrassing titles for retarded children.

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>Crash Team Racing humiliates it.
Everyone knows this, but not everyone wants to admit

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Balance is a zoomer term and a myth.

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Mario Kart DS is the only genuinely good Mario Kart, everything else is just inferior to the competition. Double Dash at least has a good gimmick but if you don't think driver switching is fun then there's nothing there for you.

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MK64 blew the tits off anything else at the time

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As far as racing games go give me daytona or ridge racer, mario kart was novel and showed a new approach to 3D racers but has not held up well over the course of time. CTR however, that's timeless.

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Mario Kart 64 was the most fun I ever had with a videogame, me and my friends playing it and the loser had to suck the other ones dick.

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The rubber band AI really ruined this game for me when I realized how it worked. It doesn't feel rewarding at all to go fast and drive well when people just magically show up right next to me anyway, even if I still win.

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>Smash 64 comes out
>One of the most fun, innovative, addicting vs. games of all time
>Smash Melee comes out
>Tournaments everywhere, people spend tens of thousands of hours getting better at it
>Smash Brawl comes out
>Rubberband mechanics where you get pretty much a guaranteed kill coming back to the ring over an oponent that's got 40% damage
>Instantly dropped by literally every serious player
There is a thing called competitive gaming, brother, some people enjoy it. That's why you see people having fucking Street Fighter II tournaments to this day and age.

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And then immediately got blown the fuck out by Diddy Kong Racing on the same console a year later

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Take a shower

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Yet people still talk about MK64 to this day, and no one talks about DKR

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1. It is a universally agreed upon fact that Mario Kart 64 did not age well.
2. You're talking about DKR right now.

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Crash and Diddy are adventure racing games.
Mario Kart 64 is a (mostly) go-kart game.
If you're not playing the Raceways circuits against your own time, you're doing it wrong.
Imagine caring about the CPU AI in these games...

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