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This is when kids games didn't hold your hand, but Nintendo fans will never know that

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Game is only playable with save states, not even trial and error will save you, this game has a lot of BS segments.

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there is literally a term called "Nintendo hard" retarded Snoybrained zoomer

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No idea what this is, but can tell just by looking that its a Western developed cinematic style platformer where animation was prioritized over actual gameplay.

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Hart of darkness. Made by Bruno Bonell who also made the driver series. Its a great game though, still have my copy for PC with the red-blue 3d glasses.

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That term aged like milk and is irrelevant today fucktard, just compare Super Mario Bros 3 to Super Mario Odyssey

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>This is when kids games didn't hold your hand
remember when games were harder and had better rewards? This is how fun works

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>What the fuck do I do kind of game

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Nah, it's hard but I finished it, my friends finished it, heck their little brother finished it. The game is hard i concede this, but totally finishable. No shame to use save states but don't do it right away. You are playing the game instead of watching a let's play for a reason. So give yourself the time to adapt. Let your brain be malleable enough to adapt to the new set of rules of this game and beat it.

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Yes anon, the boomers that beat this game in their ps1 console used save states
This game is linear as hell you're just retarded

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Sure, but on the other hand that game wasn't very fun as a kid. You hit a wall, got frustrated, and loaded up a less punishing game instead. The gameplay wasn't very good either, the game was all aestethics.

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>gameplay wasn't very good either, the game was all aestethics

Sounds like TERFworm Jim lol

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>There's not a handholding tutorial telling you literally which buttons to press kind of game

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This game isn't even puzzle-heavy, it's mostly action timing, that zoom zoom's acting like this is Grim Fandango or something.

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Grim Fandango had ONE hard puzzle and that was purely because a major clue was VERY easy to miss permanently.

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I finished it back in the day. It wasn't long I believe. Hard yes. But not too bad.

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The hardness isn't the problem it's the backtracking, if you restarted on the same screen then it would be tolerable but often you start almost at the beginning of the level. That's where save-states make the game tolerable.

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To say it only had one hard puzzle is stretching it, GF is known for its brutal difficulty, how the fuck are we supposed to know there was a dead body buried in the garden that would conveniently react to the card you're holding.

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Fuck does this have to do with retro games, dipshit

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What game?

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Going to take a stab in the dark and say it's one of the Parodius games.

Because it's a plot point that someone's #9 Ticket flies out to the person it's meant for, this gets mentioned.

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I can understand that, at the time this level of animation and CGI style was unheard of in a game, if I remember well this team was going to make a cgi animated movie way before toy story, but they lacked the fund and no one believed in the concept, so they made a game. ( Believe it or not, the french were very advanced in cgi animation) so it's more likely we didn't "feel bored" by it because of the novelty. I guess it's one of these games that need the historic context to be fully appreciated.

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>France doing anything right
That time is long gone
t. Frenchman

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ain't referring to SMB3. it's referring to Castlevania II.

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OP meant modern nintendo where games are aimed at autistic casual men

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>be kids game
>play as a kid
>clearly meant for kids
>the moment multiple enemies jump up and descend upon the kid, my brain: "oh shit, gang-rape scenario. D:"

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2021 europa simulator

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Nintendo kids fear and hate the European scene because it's too hardcore for them.

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imagine the smell

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Holy fuck, is this game triggering.
The hitboxes are absolute cancer, enemies read your inputs, movement is sluggish as fuck, and worst of all the game actually requires precision.
I got to the part with the bouncing mob protecting the ladder and this shit filtered me. There's no way to kill or dodge or the fucker.
Gotta look this part up, shit is nightmare fuel.

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Grim Fandango isn't hard though, just like almost all LucasArts adventures (all adventures in that matter) you really need your sence of humor to exactly match designer's.

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Yeah and nobody uses it except braindad youtubers.

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pic related

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>The hitboxes are absolute cancer
Go back zoomer, you're better off playing Kirby

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i love this game

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I'm 30. The game has a part at the start where you have to jump over 2 enemies one after another right before the ladder instadeath I was too stupid to figure out.
It's cancer, totally inconsistent with how the shades bound where they suddenly speed up and you get instagibbed on touch.
Thing is I forgot I set the game to hard.
Still, this game has a fuckton of problems, but I sorta like it.
Also fucking hell is this game violent having the kid get his neck snapped by flying monsters.

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>kids game
>character's head is bitten off by imps in a bloody mess
I don't think that means what you think it means

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Lots of puzzles in Grim Fandango are hard. Your perception of difficulty is skewed.

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Git gud

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kys zoomer

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I'm 30 faggot. You guys need to chill.

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Kids stories had balls back in the day, yes Pinocchio was for kids cope.

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Name three, other than the betting stub puzzle.

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>This is when kids games didn't hold your hand, but Nintendo fans will never know that
That's cute you autistic moron. Try 100% a Yoshi game. It turns from cute and colorful into a hellish nightmare.

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>try yoshi-

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It's Gokujō Parodius! is what this Mermaid is from

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I specifically said "try to 100% a yoshi game", not Try yoshi

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Even lego games are "hard" to 100%, you're the autistic moron here

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You don't know true evil until a full melon run.

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>shooting laser beams randomly into the sky
let me guess this game doesnt control very well

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the guy playing is retarded, the hitbox is fine

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I was so pissed when I caved after hours and google to find out the sickle was bugged and they never fixed it

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Like hot garbage. Played this on a d-pad.
Enjoy randomly going prone, failing to shoot diagonally in time or accidentally getting up the ladder trying to shoot up.

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Was it a modern controller? They tend to have poor dpads since modern games use dpads for menus rather than movement.

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You will never be nintendo

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No, the controls are just fucking terrible. The delay when switching sides is especially maddening.

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silence kid, we retro players are speaking.

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I'm the middle-aged anon of thirty summers. I always strive to deliver an opinion founded on what's objective.

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Yeah cinematic platformers are like that. Takes a lot of getting used to and some of them are just overtuned as fuck.

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Thirty is still really young, Anon.

Kid stories of yore were a lot darker and more harsh back then. And not just with modern media. Fairy tales throughout world history, for example, which *were* aimed at children, would rank as hardcore horror movies today.

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I also played Abe's Oddysee, and the gameplay was much less wonky and more balanced there while handling pretty much the same animation wise.
It's a very janky game full of braindead trial and error.

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>I'm the middle-aged anon of thirty summers.
Thirty is still basically a kid, not middle-aged.
>I always strive to deliver an opinion founded on what's objective.
That's the complete of what opinions and objectivities are. Not to mention, such a baffling set of doublethink and mental gymnastics, it's actually quite impressive.

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>Thirty is still basically a kid
Only by today's standards.

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You have a potty mouth. I will not have you backtalk and undermine my ironclad objectivity, you little shit.

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>You have a potty mouth.
In response to a post that didn't contain a single expletive (traditional or conventional).
>my ironclad objectivity
There's a named bias out there which finds that virtually everyone thinks their views are objective regardless of merit or justification. It's actually one of the most common biases known to man.
>you little shit
The irony, given the first sentence of >>7222332.

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You've pretty much taken the bait on all 3 accounts: jokingly misrepresenting my age, being hypocritical, and my painfully sarcastic jab at supposed own objectivity.
I seriously hope you're not as easily manipulated in real life, lad.

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Good but hardly hard

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>jokingly misrepresenting my age
No one's done that itt.
>being hypocritical
Whatever that Russell argument about proofs and claims go.
>and my painfully sarcastic [...]
Reductio ad ridiculum.
>I seriously hope you're not as easily manipulated in real life, lad.
The pot said to the kettle.

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Last bump for this thread, as I think I'll try the game one more time to see how far I can get. (got to the swamp and again got confused because the game wouldn't let you duck in shallow water and so it seemed like you couldn't duck at all - one of the reasons this game is janky bullshit)

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Man! so many people hate games in here.

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>OP likes a glorified snuff movie starring an under aged boy

I can tell exactly what kind of stuff you're into.

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Cool game but too easy

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man I remember this game was in development for like 5 years, which was unthinkably long back then. Today the average game is 2-3 years and AAA titles can last 8-10.

I remember when 8-bit titles gave you a bunch of text ending or a still image at most, if not just looping back to the beginning. It wasn't until 16-bit titles that an ending sequence became a standard.

Meanwhile on PCs you had full motion video endings, and by the mid-90s the standard game ending involved destroying the white house with a low orbital ion cannon, independence day style.

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Now that you mention it...

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Amazing game, probably in my top five, despite all the times it will drive you nuts. Feels like an 80s fantasy cartoon and the animation is crazy.

>character's head is bitten off by imps in a bloody mess
Nah, he's just eaten. The whole feel of the game makes sense when you finish it.

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It's not really a kids game to be honest

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Of course he did. After all, this is the board to talk about modern Nintendo games right?

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I got this game as a little kid and I couldn't figure out what the fuck to do so I just traded it

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>glorified snuff movie starring an under aged boy
Why boner?

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Art and craftsmanship in this are outstanding, but the game itself is meh.

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that's not the reward I am talking about... jesus

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>a bunch of text ending or a still image at most
that's not the reward I am talking about... jesus

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You mean lengua?

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Not sure what tongues have to do with it, but in the High Roller's lounge the first person you see is Nick, and obviously in this kind of game you exhaust all dialog with someone. Do this with Nick and he heads off to Max's office afterwards and you can't get the vital clues to the puzzle from Max.

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This game is little more than a glorified FMV QTE-fest. It's like the platformer version of Dragon's Lair. Every screen is basically "die until you figure out the one solution for this situation; all others will not work."

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>Nintendo fans will never know that
Bitch I grew up with an Atari 2600 and Battletoads on the NES, the fuck you talking about

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>glorified snuff movie
This is 99% gameplay now sure what mental illness you have.

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You don't like snuff games, Anon? :(

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Well... that's pretty accurate, yeah

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Try to walk at a brisk pace in the later levels of SMB, ez

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Let me visualize to you just how fucking annoying this game is.

Screen A
>start of the puzzle, you get moved here whenever you die

Screen B
>a bunch of shades drop from the ceiling, there's a 25% chance you get caught despite being furthest to the right
>shoot seed, shoot plant, get up the vine, this is the part you'll want to blow your brains out repeating

Screen C
>move the rock, get past the plant
>for some dumb reason sprint jumping saves you here instead of just sprinting
>returning seems impossible as you get eaten

Screen D
>after all the prior bullshit you get a split second decision what to do here while the bugs eat you at random
>finally decide to ran past them, somehow start climbing down
>turns out this was a freak bout of luck as I get devoured every time from then on
>the character refuses to get into the climbing animation because the game is garbage
>make a savestate after enduring all the retardation and try more than the game lets you
>turns out you can shoot the bugs
>because the controls are shit find out holding shoot button for more than 5 ms robs of the fast attack while standing
>kill the bugs at last and find out why the climbing down mechanic wouldn't trigger (it's shit)

Screen E
>nothing fancy, proceed to dive to the right

Screen F
>rock moves, but get eaten by carnivorous eels / piranhas like I would on screen A
>solution unclear

And that's the kind of retarded shit you have to persevere through playing this queer atrocity.
I eventually figured out the plant on screen C doesn't react to you if you inch past the screen transition.
No idea why I'm still bothering, the game fucking sucks.

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You can tell the designer is a creepy pedo. Most of the deaths are disturbing vore, spine snapping and dismemberment.

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>blm riot.gif

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I was about to tell you you're full of shit, then I realized this is the logo of the production company

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Label it numerically you moron

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Fucking hell

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>This is when kids games didn't hold your hand, but Nintendo fans will never know that
You're the same kind of person who will say Zelda 1 is "impossible" without a guide.

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Buddy, if I could beat this level at the tender age of ten, I'm sure you should be able to use your hardxxxore gamer skills to get past it.

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Iirc when you knock out the rocks from swimming into F, it creates a current, so you use small energy shots to push a seed off the island, or you destroy the tree a d push that seed into the water, and it floats into the island and knocks the seed off or something