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Charts, Infographics, etc.
Sharing is Caring

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I can't hold all this comfy.
Thank you, anon.

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>Needing save states for Kaizo Mario

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Any lists for uncomfy games? I want a game where I need to take a shower afterwords

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I've mever seen an arcade games one, does one exists?

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>my old and outdated as fuck SMW romhack chart still getting posted
Wew lads.
Still, I'm not sure that even 3 god tier SMW romhacks came out since I made that chart.

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Sucks that most of those SMW rom hacks start breaking if use something that isn't ZSNES.

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Since this thread is here, does anyone have that chart comparing 80s/90s home computers based on their target market/audience and all that? IIRC it covered both European and Japanese computers.

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This is very helpful. Anyone have a dreamcast one?

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Thx bro

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Got an updated one?

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Does anyone have a RPG for Game Boy chart?

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animal crossing (gamecube)
posts a screenshot of city folk (wii)

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just play Wizardry Empire and Medarot and Survival Kids and FF Adventure and Towers

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Need more comfy games

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A bit related does anyone know a game where you play as a girl with blonde hair a blue dress and blue wizard hate? pretty sure it was for the genesis. Was a sidescroller and the first level was in a school hallway

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Magical Taluluto?
I used to think it was a girl too

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magical pop'n fits blonde, blue dress/wizard hat

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Thats it thanks anon, played it from a rom pack years back but forgot what it was. Sucks the character isn't a grill though ;-;
nah not that

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Any FPS charts?

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I think we should make some new ones now that the cutoff date has been updated

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Is there one for Mario 64 Romhacks?

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Xenogears a shit.

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>roguelike actionrpg

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Nobody should ever be recommending Arrow Flash. It's one of the worst shmups on a system with like 100 of them

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I don't have time to repost all these so here is a link to a flicker archive with seemingly every recommendation chart.

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Does anyone have the DOS chart?

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How do you go about playing these hacks? You just need the rom?

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>no wizardry games

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Any genesis/mega drive charts? Gonna get a Mega Everdrive Pro soon.

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>drill dozer
based hidden gem

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picked the worst font for the captions imaginable

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What a terrible list, with all those awful N64 games. I hate when people universalize their shitty nostalgia

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A ROM and a BPS or IPS patcher. But I don't recommend this chart in particular >>7216834

Most of the ROM hacks on here are outdated. They have issues running on accurate emulators like SNES9x and will probably be unplayable unless you're running them on a shitty old copy of ZSNES, which you shouldn't do cause of the security vulnerabilities it has.

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you know a console is terrible when a shmup and multiplayer focussed game are in the top 5

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What is that? A PC-88 chart, maybe?

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MSX I think

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Looks like a mix of Fujitsu and NEC with one odd MSX cover.
Probably made to shit on Sharpies.

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Thank you very much

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This takes the cake for worst chart ever created just for its layout. Holy fuck!

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How can i make a chart ? ^_^
What is the program recomended to do a one ? I know it take alot of work but is the program itself need some learning ?

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fix it then

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use paint

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is there any Run and Gun chart?

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Not putting Secret of Mana on here is criminal

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>that pic
fuck i gotta get a controller bros. i tried playing mario on keyboard but it was unplayable for me; i need to use my THUMBS

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theres just 3 of them

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