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do you guys talk about emulating?

whats the best way to emulate with my big screen in the living room? laptop hooked up via hdmi? how do i solve the controller problem.. are there any wireless solutions?

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A PS3 controller works with an app and an 360 wired controller works

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>A PS3 controller
Which would be the best app for that?

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Ignore anyone who says Motioninjoy, it's obsolete now.

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I have an old PC hooked up to my TV for media purposes (movies and such) that I play games through. I just use a USB controller that has an extremely long cord (seriously, I'm sitting back like 15 feet and still have a lot of slack). Looks like a PS2 controller. Works great.
>My face when playing Game Boy games on a 65 inch HDTV
Fucking glorious.

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>are there any wireless solutions?

Is this a trick question? Just buy some wireless controllers - Logitech, Steelseries, MS... Whatever you prefer.

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I use the original controllers hooked up with an USB converter and an HDMI to my TV next to my computer as a second monitor and play on my comfy recliner.

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get a wii for like £30 man

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then what? what can i emulate with it? (sorry, im new to this..)

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is the image stretched really badly?

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A lot and it's as easy as putting in an SD card. Use this wiki to get started: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Main_Page

I currently have Visual Boy Advance, FCE Ultra, Snes9x, and Genesis Plus on mine and they all work like a charm even on 4.3.

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This is what I use op

-A dedicated pc running xbmc with the "advanced launcher plugin"
-all emulators configured to run without a mouse (no menues, starts fullscreen and the advanced launcher loads the rom i pick)
-Dropbox installed with all of my emulators using it to save all my files to so when I play on my bedroom computer all of my files are current
-a 360 controller with a modded Dpad for a friendlier retro gaming experience
-360 controllers work naitively with xbmc's menu's
-Emulators I use, Nestopia, znes, visual boy advance and Fusion

So far the only emulator Ive had problems with is Nestopia. I had to write a custom bat file to overwrite the config files when they change themselves.

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how do i do the dropbox part..

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search for dropbox. install software, make an account, log on. It should create a shared folder under in the "users" folder somewhere. find where it is, copy the directory and make this the destination folder for all of your emulators save files. Each emulator is different so you will have to do a little searching in the options for the save locations or in the directory options

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I connect a laptop to a tv in my living room via HDMI. I use wireless 360 controllers.
Fun fun.

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thanks will try next weekend!

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Oh, and if your emulators inexplicably don't pick up your controllers automatically, download and use joy2key.

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also I make an individual folder for each system in case I need to find them for whatever reason.

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What mod did you do to the 360 controller's dpad?

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I use a wireless key board

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Alright, this is really getting repetitve... Can we just have sticky linking to the /vg/ wiki? I see like 10 of these threads daily with questions you can easily google or just find out by looking at the emulation generals or /vg/ wiki

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>do you guys talk about emulating?

emulation General is here:

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360 wirreless works just fine (as long as you buy the one with the reciever), Wiimote or classic controller works, Logitech PC controllers are cheap and plentiful too.

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Thanks for the link, was using MiJ so far, I'll switch to this wrapper.

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