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>pronounces it "NESS" and not "N. E. S."

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>Still didn't do the reform that his language badly needs for past 300-350 years

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it's pronounced NEZ
t. bong

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it's actually pronounced "Ess Duh Enn" for Système Divertissement Nintendo

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it's called Dendy

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Back in the day we just called it "a nintendo"

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>father is party member of soviet
>all school comrades are jealous of our Dendy with 7GRAND DAD and extra monthy potato ration

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>just called it "a nintendo"
This and after the Super NES came out it became the "regular Nintendo"

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>I know exactly what this person is talking about but I'm still gonna pitch a fit over it

I sure hope that for your sake you are younger than 21.

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who fucking cares
shit thread

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You can usually tell someone's age depending on whether they call it "Ness" vs "N. E. S", or fucking "Snes" vs "Super N. E. S."/"Super Nintendo".

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no one called it a fucking EN EE ES you wanna-be boomer it was a fucking nintendo

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La Dee da Mr Frenchman

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I say NEZ and I'm burger.

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I remember both "Nintendo" and "N. E. S." being used interchangeably.

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ez, it's just Nintendo and Super Nintendo, anything else and you're a fag

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>says "boss" instead of "mayor"
>says "controller" instead of "paddle"
>says "platformer" instead of "scotformer"

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It's a family computer

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yeah and I pronounced it "SNES" and not "S.N.E.S", got a problem?

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NES = Nintendo
SNES = Super Nintendo
N64 = ?