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For me its the Mega Man Juno fight. The shitty dub was almost creepy and his attacks demeanor, and tone completely juxtaposed with the rest of the game. I was thoroughly blazed everything felt so surreal

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>You are, however, too late ^_^

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smug prick

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Isn't there some Japanese legend of a Samurai that got rekd so bad in life he decided he would never cry again and his face was constantly stuck in a creepy doll like smile while he murdered his opponents?

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Actually that was a rurouni kenshin character

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separated at birth?

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you're not alone, i played MML for the first time last year and this entire sequence felt extremely off from the tone of the rest of the game

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>Juno's theme music, which can be heard during the cutscenes in which he is featured, is an arrangement of Johann Sebastian Bach's "Little Fugue in G Minor".

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The museum also has Bach music ("Air")

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>You were always watching over me

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>mama! mama!!

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Kek you're right

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>aaare yoooou reeaaady?
>start fighting
>mockingly dopey still
>[autistic screeching]

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that is not out of place

evangelion is not really a game

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The music is fitting, though when he gets pissed I'd have changed it to a metal remix of it. The game is rockman after all.

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Just the fact that out of nowhere for no reason unexplained to anyone ever that he was also called "Mega Man" made that shit unreal.

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>evangelion for n64
>evangelion, 4 games for sega saturn
>evangelion Chinese checkers or whatever you call it for gbc
>super smash bros evangelion for ps2
I can go on, also watch EoE, you'll see why we are referencing asuka when he shows us the song Air

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>evangelion is not really a game
think again

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Defend Yourself...

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Can we just talk about MML in general?
The first game has a lot of really startling implications, like the empty cities near the end. When you read on their lore, it says they were designed to house something called "Prototype Anthro Unit" (Original Human Unit in Japanese). However, when Trigger arrives in those cities, there's no one around, except the guard system.

By going back to the origins of the Humans in MML, I realized a sort of parallel between MML and an anime series called Combat Mecha Xabungle. In Xabungle, the Earth is devastated by a nuclear war, and the original humans (called Innocent) live in domes that protect them from the outside. Their bodies don't seem to acclimate well to the new atmosphere. To make Earth habitable again, they created two races:
- Hanawans, which are some sort of fish-like people, and
- Civilians, which look just like humans, but are more "rugged", so they can live on the planet outside of the domes

In Xabungle, the Innocent employ the Civilians to search for "blue rocks" (actually nuclear fission material) to send it to space in a pillar of light. Probably to make Earth habitable to themselves again. The parallels are:

- Innocent are the Original Humans (like Master in Elysium)
- Hanawans are Prototype Anthro Units (a failed race that lives underground, and the Innocent want to exterminate them)
- Civilians are Carbons/Decoys (look just like humans, but are better suited to the environment)
- Blue Rocks are Refractors (although Refractors are energy sources, contrarily to blue rocks)

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>most impressive
>gratuitous blast noises
>how about THAT?
>give up!
>most impressive

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meant to @ >>7183943

jewgle captcha was acting up again

Anyway, clearly Juno is insane due to being born/made with no dick/vagina. Can't even properly hug someone. Then his/her/xer/xis/etc purpose is nothing but law, over some shit island no less. I'd be insane too.

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I love him a lot. You can tell he's getting into it and his pride is interfering with his work, and even though he's convinced you're malfunctioning and breaking down he still respects you. Fuck, Legends was so good.

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All the bots who were part of the system that used to serve humans have that sort of tragic desperation to them, just hanging out with nothing to do for thousands of years and going berserk when they meet other bots because its the only part of their program that's still applicable to something. Trigger is like their hero and they are bursting with joy and hope and ideals when they meet him, and then they try to kill him anyway, just to selflessly prove him right instead of their own programming. It's beautiful.

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the virgin megaman trigger vs the chad megaman juno

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>Juno constantly has his eyes closed in a calm manner, the only exception being when he reawakens, where he is shown to have gray eyes.

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>soooo heeey this is embarassing but do you mind removing this piece of rebar from my chest?

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first time i played this was on an emulator and that shockwave ring attack he did would crash my pc lol
sucked coming all the way to the end to find out it was literally unplayable on my machine

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emlators have come such a long way. I wish they were like this when i was a kid, I just played MML on duckstation and the upscaling was insane the graphics actually looked really good with pgxp. and it was more stable than 2008 epsxe

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I always liked how they specified he was a bureaucratic unit not meant for combat. Like the final boss is just some other worldly desk secretary to an even higher, unknown power. The stakes and scale just escalate so quickly right end it leaves you curious as fuck as to what's going on

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Isn't Juno also like, basically in hibernation when you find them?

I thought that was really cool. The whole game builds up this mystery of the Main Gate and what's inside it, and when you've finally unlocked it, you find this sleeping enby with a weird dalek body who -- rather than being the usual cliche genocidal maniac with a god complex -- is actually just a low-ranking office worker doing a routine job. Juno can't even comprehend why Megaman is so upset, because from Juno's perspective, wiping out an island's entire population is no different from formatting a hard disk or shredding some papers. It's a perfect illustration of how bureaucratic organizations devalue human life desu

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yeah i was playing it on Project 64 years ago and on a keyboard, i'm surprised i even reached the final boss all things considered

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>...hello? little help here? why are you looking at me like that?

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>being a namefag
>getting caught by a filter
Anyway, I concur.

Except the all seeing eye theme and with Juno having that dot in his forehead and all, I figure he was watching the entire time and only intervened due to the fact that the human population advanced enough to get past the security bots of the complexes, the reverbots were that. So the culling was obviously in order.

When humans get populated they tend to get more genuises. More genuises and more technological advancements get put into books, thus technology evolves as giants stand on other giants. That's how robots were made to begin with, so once the neo-humans or whatever become advanced enough to destroy fully automatic and very dangerous robots, at that point it's time to worry that they'll make robots of their own again, and thus drama happens. To avoid that there's a system in place. He's part of that system, and it looks to be not the original system, obviously, as originally humans lived on earth. That's why there's so much space trash around the killbot satellite Juno commands. Also data did, or he spoke for Megaman Trigger, or whatever. My point is that too many people and you get a race that will challenge the more so robotic, the overlords that are the all seeing eye. Humans as they are have been wishing for a god or gods to watch over them for many eons now. We now have mass surviel3ence. The theme is that Juno is god. Megaman defies god but is like a demi-god. And all but canonically the real humans died due to using robots as slaves rather than gods. They broke free and made us pets. When pests they exterminate the pets. But humans... these are not humans so it's more next level than that. Unless in this one they are, 2 is not 1.

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>next level
Long posted, to add to my post, as there was no room, robots making robots could be the answer to that. But I don't recall number 2 enough. Did the more so robotic make the less robotic neo-humans? Kill master for enslaving you, then make a new master to serve as a god rather than a slave? That'd make sense to me.

That big red eye is all over, even in megaman zero of which leads to legends, and by then the bots have ghosts or something and dna. Then again by x they seem robotic but also bleed. Really by X they were replicants already even if they could not breed.

Anyway the story is nice from a science fiction perspective.

I know they have that last human shit also, but one guy cannot make things. That theme in the Megaman genre is super gay so I all but disregard the human.


I see it as a robots made robots scenario. If you made a world and it sent thieves into your home you'd kill them all too. Even if you escaped from a slaver yourself you likely would. Especially if they are not your slaves and you are disconnected from them.

I should go read exactly what it was that the final actual homosapien said. Then again, he fucking ascended to light or some shit. Was he even a real person himself? How many years go by to have Earth covered in water anyway? Bet the faggot wasn't a real person. The way Megaman has cyber-space and shit makes it seem like a matrix scenario story too. It's more like he was an unplugged user. Fracking hologram.

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There are no humans outside of one who appears during one flashback in the legends games. The system isn't even created by humans, it's created by reploids as a penance for dooming the human race to extinction pretty much just by existing (and because Wily technically won even though he's dead). The atmosphere of the legends world is probably totally toxic to organic life since the last human lives on the moon, but machines in this timeline have advanced to the point of actually replacing organics on a cellular level. This is sort of vaguely implied if you follow the timeline from X>Z>ZX>???>Legends.

You can't call the characters of the legends series human, they can freely replace their body parts with machinery and back again. They can fall in love and reproduce.

Trigger is like Jesus, forgiving the reploids for their sins by killing them and setting them free from their burden.

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>You must burn your cosmos, Megaman Trigger

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>like jesus
...I avoided that faggotry by saying demigod, but I know, neo-humans, and bordering on replicant tier by gen x (as in bladerunner they can't reproduce but are essentially human copies synthetically, x series was that tier). By zero they can't reproduce but the elves are literally spirits. Legends and they are coming full circle having kids and their own gods to worship as neo-humans. Blah blah like I double posted before.

The world being toxic makes sense also.

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>>like jesus
>...I avoided that faggotry
wow imagine being such a faggot zoom zoom that you forsake one of the only transcendent god-realm cultivators and psychopomps of transmigration who actually cares about your thankless and impudent ego

You don't have to go with him but have some respect for someone who tried selflessly to help your bullshit ass no matter what lies were made up about him after

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I'm 31.

Abrahamic religion is a blight.

It's god didn't event the all-seeing-eye consent.

Abrahamics didn't invent epic demi-god heroes (of persecution) neither. Of all I know about Jesus is of the most lame and cuck tier. *turn the other cheek bitch*. Not thanks kike.

Also, the Ancient Romans probably invented jesus to quell jewish rebellions.

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not consent


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>Abrahamic religion is a blight.
maybe you can think about the reality that Jesus was an actual person of transcendent and miraculous fate who was also a victim of that religion

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out tranny namefag

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>*turn the other cheek bitch*. Not thanks kike.
this is actually a perversion of the real teaching

turn the other face means to change your behavior of charity and forgiveness in the face of violence and oppression, to the weak and the righteous you show fairness, in the face of evil you transform that face into one of justified wrath and punish the wicked in defense of the meek and innocent

but the concept of humans as an instrument of real justice and righteousness was erased from christianity to create a doctrine of slavery, so that there would be a sect to oppress for the jewish sect which cannot survive without others to seek an opportunity of predation from. For how can there be a chosen race if there is not also a slave race to be manipulated as chattel?

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>some egotist says that he is god
>runs around calling non-jews dogs
>>just kidding I hate my own kind
>fuck you asshole DIE
>jewish move on
>rome falls
>>m-maybe the jewish have it right?
>>yes goy worship us!
>>nevermind, catholicism :^)
>islam not falling for it, get out
>they don't get out
>drama ever sense over their bullshit
>all they had to do was believe in jesus
>they didn't because he was a cunt that only goyim would fall in love with as an excuse to get out of sinning ironically

Jesus is a big fat two way street. You'd go to hell if not for him, ergo you do whatever you wish.

also, by the by, back on topic now, legends has godesses and shit fuck off christfaggot(s) you're shit sin =fun, anyway,


is an interdasting site I found looking at le all seeing eye art of the Legends. You realize lots have antennas on top of the eye? Reeks of Juno controlling them if you ask me. There's even near by controller bots for one kind of reaverbot.

I don't think he was necessarily hibernating for a very long period.

And about robots making robots, it really did come full circle as Tron had her 'kids' of which were robots. And predictably, she's the bag 'guy'.

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Prove to me that Megaman Juno is not a they/them enby.

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>You'd go to hell if not for him, ergo you do whatever you wish.
Did jesus himself actually ever say this though? the hell of being unsaved is actually just the reality of your soul transmigrating without the benefit of protection froma greater soul

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He dies for everyone eles's sins. Ergo your sins. Ergo he renders the entire religion pointless.

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not him but he is a beaucratic model aka machine/robot ai it has no gender

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Burden of proof lies on the one making the claim, also you'll never be a woman

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>>some egotist says that he is god
it was others who said this before jesus was even born and he had to cope with the reality he was born in
>>runs around calling non-jews dogs
jewish fanfiction
>>>just kidding I hate my own kind
can't rewrite something that breaks the plot
>>fuck you asshole DIE
>>jewish move on
jews do not move on they fixate on the injuries and obsessions of past faults in order to attempt to rewrite them and reconfigure time itself though they are really just transmigrating into progressively more afflicted and cancerous "holy realms" of their own toxic ideology
>>rome falls
all "empires" fall eventually because one cannot oppose or oppress all without isolating and destroying their own reason for life
>>>m-maybe the jewish have it right?
They do and don't. their method has no end result but it is formulated upon a correct understanding that is perverted to the extreme.
>>>yes goy worship us!
like islam, they do not need worship or belief, only submission
>>>nevermind, catholicism :^)
just another cult imitating the worship of demons
>>islam not falling for it, get out
islam is a tool of other oppressors
>>they don't get out
they get out when you actually resist, islam preys on the weak, not the strong
>>drama ever sense over their bullshit
drama has no beginning or end, conflict is eternal as long as you deny karma and causality, you inflict harm, and those who are harmed will remember you and inflict harm upon your entire cosmos
>>all they had to do was believe in jesus
>>they didn't because he was a cunt that only goyim would fall in love with as an excuse to get out of sinning ironically
if you follow jesus as an excuse then you do not follow jesus. jesus can only save those who truly repent and truly atone. it is the soul that is saved, the truth of emotion and thought and belief, not the life itself of the believer. if the belief and attonement is dishonest they cannot be saved.

Jesus is only one path, not the only path.

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People are they/them enbies by default

I'm not making a positive claim, so I have no burden of proof.

>> No.7185256

it is better to make no claim on this subject and only judge people by how they define themselves after growing up enough to make such a statement rather than having any preconception or expectation

>> No.7185261

Is proof really necessary though? can you discard a concept or statement because it has no "proof" even if it effects your emotions or state of mind? isn't that itself enough to make it real on some unstated level?

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He's literally a Xellos knockoff in Japan, same voice actor.

Also Trigger and Roll are knockoffs of the Laputa protags.

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Its a robot but its AI is clearly male with male voice. There is just simply more evidence that he is male and no evidence he is whatever teenage girl term "enby" is

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All robots are asexual null-genders

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Holy samefag. You know this guy is CWC levels of mentally ill. This is just embarrassing senpai.

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I'm not ill, we have a society that's ill.

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>thread goes to shit after a trannie starts posting in it

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>"I-it's not me, it's everyone else that's crazy!
Please stop coping. This cope is not healthy anymore.

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you're a cuck and a slave.

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are there really multiple /vr/ trannies itt or did you just switch from wifi to mobile on your phone?

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I think the reason you don't like women is probably because you can't meet their expectations

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I like women that look like women. do you look like a woman? post pix im quite curious

>> No.7185852

so you've been programmed to have an expectation about what people are like by someone who sees you as some kind of chattel and get upset when you find out it's a fantasy?

>> No.7185853


huh idk I wasnt even the one you were talking to before I just want to know if Im right in picturing you as a balding middle age dude in a dress or not

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>no dick
>long pink/purple hair
anon he's tranny vibes as fuck

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>be me 11
>Had an innocent crush on Roll for summer of 2001
>wanted MML2 but didn't have ps1, my cousin had it and we played tf out of it
>mom drops 50 USD to buy this for me on N64 around November
>play the fuck out of it
>get stuck many times
>early 2002 make it to Juno
>get my ass handed to me literally every time
>did not focus on buster parts as much and
>Summer of 2006
>decided to go to my old save and actually beat Juno for the first time on my second try
>too excited to understand wtf Data and Juno were talking about
>beaten that game every since
>still remains the only Megaman game I ever completed

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not even close, im as ordinary a neet as anyone here

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don't think so, don't forget to post suicide on /b/ so we can use it to make fun of other trannies

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>tron's bots
Also those duck bots come to mind.

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>it was others
Doubt it.
Doubt it.
>moving on by fixating on the faults
Oh boy do you not know how jewish are. They look down their noses at goyim (non-jews) and jesus in old jewish books was a 'false messiah boiling in a pot of shit for eternity as punishment for being a false messiah". And they'd not be toxic at all if not for the whole "goyim = our slaves" shit.
>all empires fall
Wake me up when the christfaggot ones are finally gone plz.
>they have it right and wrong
They are irrelevant if we still acted as rome did rather than sin = fun. That's anti-evolution. The animal is supposed to do as it pleases and we are to evolve to be stronger as we do. One of the worst things about christfaggots is that they don't do executions like a non-christfaggot country would. Death is good.
>drama has no beginning nor end
Bullshit. You don't just sit there then get upset for no reason. it's the culture. Your capacity for being upset might be genetic but what caused it was as a social construct.
wait, i thought that meant muslim? Not jewish?


>>jesus is a path, not the only path
oh noes people take that coexist seriously plz be kidding

Back to reality everyone goes to hell but you unless 'aesthetic' in which case we can finally have nice things. Or at least think they're nice. Unhappy mavericks would die, leaving everyone happy still there.