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So I'm going through my first playthrough of the Gold Edition and I'm at the Thieves Guild mission and it keeps dragging on and on, I know that mission wasn't part of the original game so I was wondering if I will miss anything important storywise if I just skip it.

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TDP has a film noir story structure. Assassins is a good mission to end the first 'chapter' of TDP. You could skip Thieves Guild, but do you have enough money to spend in The Sword? BTW, there is also a patch called GoldToDark.

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thief thread? recomend me some good fan missions.

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What type of mission do you like?

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my favorite mission is song of the caverns, but mansion missions are definitly my favorite where you just need to go in get loot and get out.

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Just install The Dark Mod and pick a mission at random

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I currently have GarretLoader installed, and tried Lord Edmund Entertains. I never finished it because it seemed like it was just like the dreaded thieves guild mission. Should probably get back to it at some point.

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It's not connected to the story in any way. The next mission's briefing references Assassins, as if Thieves' Guild never happened.

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the ultimate pill here is that gold doesn't improve the thief experience one bit. it's worth playing for the extra content, but you should play through TDP first

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What's the best way to play this game right now? I installed a GoG version of Thief: Gold and it runs and looks like shit.

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Install TFix Lite and you're good to go
(regular TFix works too, but does some changes to the level design and stuff, so it's recommended to stick with TFix Lite)

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this has the info for playing thief one and two

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If I do this will Tfix work with the original version?

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Yes but you'll have to uninstall the game, reinstall it, install GtD, install tfix and optionally textures/sounds again. Look it up on pcgamingwiki.

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Thanks, I installed TFix Lite and the shit is running flawlessly. Game definitely lives up to the hype and so far I'm having a blast.

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Which ones have you played already?

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Thanks kind anon

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i tried Lord Edmund Entertains but it just seemed like the thieves guild so i dropped it. I dowloaded the hand of glory and started it and am enjoying it so far.

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Compared to The Thieves Guild Lord Edmund Entertains is a lot smaller in size. There is a bit of back and forth regarding keys.
- Shadow Play is a nice play on Bafford.
- Gellers Pride.
- Project Hammer: Secret Connections (Same user who made The Hand of Glory).
- Ascend the Dim Valley has 3 mansions to go through.

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>Compared to The Thieves Guild Lord Edmund Entertains is a lot smaller in size

maybe ill give it another shot i just was getting premptivly annoyed. also thanks for the recomendations.

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Thieves Guild in Gold and The Bank in The Metal Age are two missions I hate the most

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The bank mission was great, fuck you

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Why tafferpatcher and not t2fix?

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map layout makes zero sense

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Maybe if you're a brainlet

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On that Thieves Guild level, was there any way to turn on those two large water pipes? There were two pipes that had metal lids placed beneath them that you could open, but I never found any switches or anything to activate the actual pipes.

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Does it change the graphics back too? Thief Gold upgraded guards' 3D meshes and textures, if I remember correctly, and I would like to play the game some day as it was first released

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These pics are outdated.

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And the anon who made the second picture hasn't been around here awhile.
I do not know. To be honest, I have trouble getting GoldToDark to run. However, there is a shader to simulate the 'old school' look: https://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=150661&p=2452175&viewfull=1#post2452175
As for the old guard meshes, you can change 'character_detail' from 1 to 0 in your cam_ext.

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Interesting. I really liked the bank mission, even though it was so long and kinda exhausting. The "conversing" worker bots are perhaps my favorite Thief oddity.
My most hated mission in MA has got to be Kidnap. I hated how airtight the security on some sites was, I hated how you had to guess which route between each two sites Cavador's posse would chose, I hated how it's pretty much a trial-error-reload exercise. A shame really, it had a couple of fun areas and cool side objectives.
Conversely, I don't think there's a TG mission that I particularly dislike.

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All I know about this game is it lives rent free in some dudes head.

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the only level in thief 2 that I did not like was sabotage at soulforge

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Calendra's Legacy is a solid three-mission mini campaign. The second mission is basically two rolled into one, absolutely huge. All three are packed full of secrets and sidequests. The creator went on to make the Lady Boyle mission in Dishonored.

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I am surprised people are recommending Thief tdp over gold. I agree that the thieves guild is too damn big, but you have the mage towers and song of caverns to balance it out. The tower part of mage towers kind of sucks (platforming in the dark engine) but the rest is great.

Otherwise its basically the same.

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>even though it was so long and kinda exhausting
Only reason it was long and exhausting is because of the map layout. It doesn't make sense, it seems like they were making Constantin's manor 2.0 and then just adjusted it to look like a bank. I had less trouble navigating through underwater bases, lost cities and caves than through the bank.

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Kidnap is quite clearly the worst mission in the trilogy while Thieves' Guild is obtuse but nowhere near as bad as people think it is.

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I've gotta replay it then, I don't remember it having been that obtuse.
I'm remembering now that on my first playthrough I had to look up a guide because I didn't realize there was anything important in the basement - I thought it was completely unimportant and just an obvious way into the building. I entered through the roof so I completely missed it.

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Just finished this bad boy and holy shit what a ride that was despite the fact that GOG version apparently doesn't have ending cutscene and I had to watch it on YT. Seriously fuck those fags.
I now understand why people think it's better than first Thief. The story is more interesting. As opposed to first Thief, there are no absolutely terrible missions. We get two missions set in the streets of the City and it's a pretty big map, unlike the one in first Thief. There is also a lot more lore (but I had an impression that while first Thief focused more on the lore of the City, Thief 2 focused on the lore of its inhabitants). There are far more fun conversations to overhear. Cutscenes are still great. The tension in the plot is much better, in first Thief I was kinda just doing missions not caring much about the plot, while in Metal Age the story got me hooked from the very beginning.

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That said I do not agree with the notion that it's better than Thief 1. While it objectively does a lot of things better than Thief 1, it also has some disadvantages. Firstly, there are no tomb/undead missions. There is a total of 1 haunt and 1 apparition in the entire game I think, and maybe 3 or 4 zombies. Rest is all people and robots, which are not as scary. Levels are also way easier to orientate in and nothing scary is really happening. While Thief Gold can be called a horror game, Thief 2 is just a thriller. This is not a bad thing but I have a soft spot for scary games. When playing first Thief I sometimes took few days long breaks out of fear and I once even dropped the game because I was too scared, only to play again 2 years later. In Thief 2 it's more about wanting to learn about the entire conspiracy, while in Thief 1 it's about staying alive and getting the fuck out of there. Also paying rent in both. The final thing that Thief 1 does better is difficulty. Thief 2 felt ridiculously easy compared to first one. No mission was particularly difficult except the last one.

Why did Karras (amazing voice acting by the way) order assassination of Garrett at the beginning of the game? How did he even know of his existence and him being a threat to his plans?

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Mage Towers and SotC are great missions though. Thieves' Guild is just okay (although it drags a bit)

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Because Karras gave Garrett his mechanical eye and found out he can't be manipulated.

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Oh I must have missed that somehow. Time to replay first Thief but with more focus (last few missions I rushed because they were shit)

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It's one of Karras' comments on the loudspeakers in Soulforge.

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I think most people would agree with you but Thief 2 actually has a lot of secrets and scares hidden away. There's no outright horror levels but there's more than a few secret Haunts and zombies hidden away. Shit you didn't even mention the tree beasts, which scared the shit outta me harder than anything in Dark Project and that I didn't even encounter until my second playthrough.

I love Dark Project but there is a genius to Thief 2 that Dark Project doesn't quite achieve. The levels are, for the most part, so well designed you'll find entire areas and secrets you never knew existed with every playthrough. It's really quite impressive.

Overall you're right though about the focus on stealth over horror. I'll defend Deadly Shadows here because despite that game's many, many problems it does manage to balance the pure stealth of Thief 2 with the horror elements of Thief 1 really well. It's a real shame that the game isn't as good as the first 2 because what it does right it does really right. It feels like the team could've made the best game in the series had it not been compromised by certain decisions, like making it an original Xbox game first rather than for PC.

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>Shit you didn't even mention the tree beasts, which scared the shit outta me harder than anything in Dark Project and that I didn't even encounter until my second playthrough
Fuck me how could I have forgotten about them? I almost shat myself when I encountered one of them
>exploring the level
>hear some strange noise, go to investigate
>nothing, it's just a level wall disguised as trees
>shrug, turn around and go away
>hear something coming at me from behind
>turn around and see the treebeast for a milisecond before I die
Yeah that was fucking great. Shame it was only in one level

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Oh hell yeah. The fact that I completely missed them my first go-around made them even more terrifying. Back to your original post though, you said that:
>There is a total of 1 haunt and 1 apparition in the entire game
And that's wrong. You've missed them. There aren't many but there's more than a few hidden in otherwise normal levels. There are entire areas you've probably missed. My advice: play it again in a few years and you'll see what I mean.

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I still can't get over Karras recording himself praising himself and then creating a bunch of robots to play that shit on
Like considering his actions and personality he may just be the most despicable videogame villain but then you've got hilarious shit like this that completely prevents you from taking the dude seriously

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>in first Thief I was kinda just doing missions not caring much about the plot, while in Metal Age the story got me hooked from the very beginning
Funny, my feelings were completely the opposite.
In The Dark Project I felt as if the story was progressing inside the missions as I was playing them. In The Metal Age I felt the story was fed in the cutscenes, while the missions were just glorified obstacle courses for getting sequential pieces of information (a recording, a letter, a book, a person etc.) to talk about in the cutscenes, describing the story for me, which never really progressed, but instead patiently waited for me to gather all the clues and then finally win at Soulforge.

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PRAISE BE TO KARRAS... and the Builder.

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i think one of both thiefs charms is how silly it can be at parts. Mostly with how the guards talk/act

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i adore this

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This shit was so funny. I loaded a save just before that like 10 times to watch it over and over again. The guy defending the lady screaming at the end was top tier comedy

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Is the entire trilogy worth playing? After playing through Thief: Gold recently I am totally in love and want more. Just don't want to be disappointed.

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The chances of being disappointed with 2 are astronomically small if you loved 1, even if you end up liking it less for whatever reason. Deadly Shadows is not as clear cut, but I still think it's a fine game that's well worth a playthrough but it has a few flaws that can get on one's nerves.

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Why is Thief 2 so buggy? I don't remember getting stuck in doors, stairways and areas where sound just stops working in TDP.

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Skip it imo. It's a fucking god-awful mission, I recently played the game through for the first time as well, and I enjoyed almost every other mission to at least some degree (even the unpopular late game ones), but that one was just fucking terrible. Or just do what I did and use a detailed walkthrough to get through it.