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What's the best retro racing game and why?

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F-Zero X is the only retro racing game I still play because it offers things no other racer does. The presentation, with clean visuals, amazing soundtrack, and unique comic book aesthetic aren't like anything else. And the gameplay is deep and hard to master.

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Flatout 2

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Ridge Racer Type 4, Gran Turismo 2, and NFS3. Balls to anyone who thinks there's such thing as a single best game.

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>with a regular car
Burnout 3 Takedown
>with a rally car
Colin McRae Rally 2005
>with a riceburner
NFS Underground
>with a Ferrari
Outrun 2006 Coast2Coast
>with pedestrians stuck to your bumper
Carmageddon with Splat Pack
>with an anti-grav ship
Wipeout 3 SE
>with a kart
Speed Freaks
>with a boat
Hydro Thunder
>with a hoverbike
Jet Moto 2
>on your feet

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Daytona USA and Outrun 2006. Honourable mention, F-Zero GX.

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>Realism, Overall
Any Gran Turismo

>Arcade, Overall
Need For Speed Underground

Initial D Special Stage

Tokyo Extreme Racer 2

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer

Twisted Metal 2


F-Zero does indeed have some very particular qualities in comparsion to other anti-grav racers, but only Nintendofags, whose only other racing game is Mario Kart, argue that it's deep (just like they argue that Smash is.. well, you know). It's genuinely the least nuanced of all racing games I've ever played, and I've played most franchises. The controls are twitchy with very little degree of control when turning, the stages require absolute memorization (which means the range of problem solving in them is almost nil), cups are no different to the progression in a Mario game, the hectic starts in the races barely allow for clean chance to begin the race, and the stages all have a million pitfalls, something that doesn't have to do anything with racing. Honestly, taking all of the above into consideration, F-Zero games behave more like platformers than they do racing games. I can see why people who are fond of Nintendo (who often integrate platforming into their games --even Earthbound has some) would fall in love with them, but F-Zero games are so limited gameplaywise that I also can see why there aren't many sequels.

(Didn't mean to write a vitriol, but I was so excited to play them back in the day and so frustrated when I finally got to them some months ago).

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The controls are twitchy, because you are piloting a rocket. You have to use your shield lunge move to "slide" through turns, not drifting or the like. People are praising the 3d games, the 2d ones are shallow. Of these, only X (which I like the most, but most people prefer GX) is by Nintendo. GX was subcontracted out to SEGA, who are one of the top tier arcade racer developers.

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Outrun 2 for the trip
Trackmania for the gameplay.
Ignition for the top down view

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Nah, Wipeout games are far more nuanced in their controls, while shooting for the same thing. I don't really enjoy anti-grav as much as other people, so I'm not trying to get into the old debate between those two franchises, but F-Zero is genuinely not a deep game. It is hard though, much in the same way Battletoads is hard.

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>so I'm not trying to get into the old debate between those two franchises,
Not taking sides here, but using stuff like "Nintendofags" sure makes it seem that way.

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Wipeout is basically F1 with anti-grav ship. Tight tracks, it's all about managing to make a turn while avoiding others and going as hard on the straight as you can. Makes sense though since the devs other racing franchise was the licensed F1 games.
F-Zero is more like Nascar with tracks wider than your mom.

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Why not carmageddon 2 ? I may be biased because carmageddon 2 is actually my first pc game, when i played the first one years later my feeling was "good... But the 2 is an obvious upgrade"
Is there anything I'm missing ?

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Is playing racing games with a controller ok, or is buying wheels really worth it?

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I just want to go real fast, bros.

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>What's the best retro racing game and why?

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Meaning that I prefer Wipeout, but not because it’s a better game. The Nintendofag bit was only pointing out that Nintendo games are often validated as something they’re not (Smash is not a party game, Zelda is an RPG, etc). For what it’s worth, Crazy Taxi isn’t a deep game either and I rather have that than either of those two any day of the week.

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wipeout 1 & 2, yes.
With the third, it already start to change.

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>The controls are twitchy with very little degree of control when turning
Git gud shitter.

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>F-Zero is genuinely not a deep game
F-Zero X is. Definitely way deeper than Wipeout.

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get a thread u homo

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of course

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The only racing game that I've ever put more than 5 minutes into was Virtua Racing on the 32X

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no explanation needed

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download ballistics

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Dont like f Zero that much. Way too shallow for a racing game, even compared to common shit like need for speed.

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Gran Turismo 1 for le AE86 driftcar. Wacky Wheels for totally not Mario Wheels.

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I remember when they were not evil and made decent games. Of cose Metallica is shit and i will pirate all their songs!

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Not that anon, but for me, C1 had better physics (everything felt heavier, so crashes were harder), gore (detailed sprites>C2 low-poly bodies), and overall style (C2 was too bright and clean). Also, driver bios and proper portraits gave them much more personality in C1, and the obligatory missions were boring compared to actual races. Fear Factory worked better for the game than Iron Maiden. C2 has much wider modding scene, but C1 also has some great cars and tracks made for it or ported, and the game and Splat Pack can be merged.

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are all three original wipeots worth playing? I want to try them

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diddnt mean to respond to you opps

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They're good but I feel the release of Sega's F-Zero really forced them to kick it up a gear for HD-Fury/Omega, and the portable games surrounding those.