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When will the Corona price bump come down?

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I doubt it will. If anything prices will continue to rise.

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What makes you say that? The biggest thing that's making prices rise is the restrictions on retro shops where the majority of stock is held. Call up any in your area and ask about rising prices, they'll tell you.

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I see them continuing to rise short-term, as the trend has shown during this pandemic, and with no end to the lockdown in sight as of yet.
I do agree prices will eventually deflate, however, but I doubt they'll be pre-rona prices. The whole pandemic has shown that people are willing to pay a lot for retro gaming, even in the midst of a crisis.

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>and with no end to the lockdown in sight as of yet
The first US vaccines are coming out in a couple weeks with wide availability targeting March.

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You STILL don't understand what printing money does? You STILL don't understand fiat currency? You just don't have the intelligence required to understand how money works or to even question it?

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Huh. I managed to get a clear black one plus expansion pak RIGHT before the Rona for about 100. Do yourself a favor and get an Everdrive though, N64 game prices have been ridiculous for ages now and I don't see that changing. 90 dollars for Mystical Ninja is pure bullshit.

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Why not just use an emulator? You're not some filthy fucking coomlector hoarder scumbag, are you?

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I like the unique grip of the controller and the controller vibrating and being able to stick the cartridge into the machine and have it boot up instantaneously on my CRT. These are things that cannot be simulated.

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Why the fuck do you even want that literal turd?

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Never you retarded piece of shit. The increase in prices over the last ten years will never be undone, it will only climb. China Grove Plague has only accelerated this. This increased acceleration will eventually subside but prices will never go back.

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Where the fuck do you live? Fuck anyone who is dumb enough to open one of these, and anyone who cares about keeping these faggots in business.

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You are /vr/ing wrong. N64 is for gay babies and you should always, without exception, emulate.

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Unless things have changed significantly since June of this year, N64 emulation still isn’t there yet.

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Emulation is aids

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There a probably six shops within 30 minutes of me, and one I remember for sure was independently owned. Even comic book shops have retro games for sale these days. Shops usually stick to MSRP and don't go by ebay price gouging bullshit. The most expensive game I saw being sold was Clay Fighters; everything else was below it's original sale price.

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>probably six shops within 30 minutes of me
where do you live? Japan?
>Shops usually stick to MSRP and don't go by ebay price gouging
this isn't the case where I live or most of the united states in general

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Or you could just pull up your pampers and buy one that's not clear. LMAO they're going for 75 to a hundred max.

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What's the rarest accessory for the N64? Isn't it the Clamshell Expansion Pak?

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>prices going down
not on my watch

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Idk what youre talking about. I just bought mine off of ebay yesterday for 55 dollars (plus shipping). No controllers or games, but I’m fixing the former and I’m getting an everdrive for the latter

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Retro game stores are definitely a thing in the US mate, you just need to get out more. I live in a city now and there's about 5 within walking distance, but even when I lived in bumfuck nowhere upstate NY there was one within a 15 minute drive. Prices were decent too, 40-50 bucks for most consoles except when they got rare stuff like a Vectrex in, and most games were ~$5. Atari cartridges were 3 for a dollar.

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Forgot to post shipping and forgot to mention the expansion pak. There are good deals out there if you look for them

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Bro, I live in fucking Oklahoma. Vintage Stock is a chain that is everywhere in the region and there are 8 stores in the OKC metro.

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Nice. I'm in NYC and almost all the stores like this got squeezed out of existence years ago by ridiculous rents.

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You got something that is literally decreasing in stock which is supplied and you got the demand that is infinite, how exactly do you think prices are gonna sink if not just for a short period of time?

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Thanks to the annoying orange, we'll be living Death Stranding for the foreseeable future. People who are into, 'UFOs are controlling the 5G with microwaves' believers will refuse to vaccinate ensuring recurring covid stimulus money.
Works for me.

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With the Expansion Pak that's actually a pretty good deal.

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This. Prices that have already risen are never coming down and prices across the board are going to spike sharply sometime next year.

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Which will do nothing considering the virus already has a 99%+ survival rate for anyone under 65. You’re going to get new lockdowns along with the vaccine and like it.

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You’re not getting another stimulus check ever again.

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Nah, most people don't live near a retro shop and if they do, prices are worse than ebay. Prices are rising because people are staying home more and want to escape to a happy childhood place

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Look for a standard smoke grey one instead.

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But do you think people are never going to sell them ever?

Prices in retro gaming shops are always lower than ebay. Shops have to actually move the stuff and they know no one's gonna pay a hundred dollars for a loose Zelda cartridge.

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People have already started looking at this stuff as investments. You're not buying games anymore. You're buying official prints of famous artworks.

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That's the dumbest shit I've ever heard. Makes total sense normies would do that.

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>Makes total sense
Thank You

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Just wait for the next stimulus check and buy whatever the fuck you want. I bought like 10 games and still have almost $1000 left.

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I am hoping the vaccines will get us back to something closer to how things were prior to the pandemic. However, even then prices were a lot higher. I wish it were closer to 2006 prices, but hopefully with the new Xbox and PS5 out, prices will drop to something affordable.

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Buy high sell low

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Isn't this implying that the system turns on but doesn't actually work, like you won't get a video output from it? Do you know how to open/clean/refurbish it?

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you think that's bad,have you SEEN the prices for Tactics Ogre anon it's insane

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*Mutates in your path*

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Hell yeah, I'm looking to sell

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Go to bed mitch

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>$50 more for a registration card
I just can't understand it

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Sure they sell them.

But a lot of them are going to get lost/destroyed/unfunctional/people hoarding em.

The total number wont rise.

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>PAYING for games released on the most chipped console in history
still not nearly as ludicrous as SNES and GC prices, but still. and optical drive emulation can't come soon enough, the thought of dudes playing upside-downstation in 2020 is truly insane.

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i have two N64s and about 10 games should I sell now? I already have an everdrive

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How the fuck do you lose or make a console unplayable? My PS2 is the same one I've had since I was a teenager and it was in not-great storage for at least three years.

The only console I own that doesn't run 100 percent is my PSX, and that's just the issue of not being able to use memory card and controller at the same time; you can still play it just fine.

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Your issue is contained with in a completely replaceable part.

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Honestly if you didn't start building your retro collection since the 90s, and taking advantage of how nobody cared about it in the very early 2000s except for real fans, then don't bother, prices aren't going down. People love retro games and will continue to do so, they're becoming historical value too.

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Also DESU I've purchased about thirty PS2's and OG Xbox's through out the years. And I'd say about 60 to 70 percent of them now need repaired to function right and be ready for sale. With the Xbox's it's the fucking disc drives not opening. With the PS2's is the fucking Optics going bad. They worked fine when I bought them. Now most of them need serviced. One of these days I'll get a whole table cleared off and I'll just start fixing around fifty consoles through out a week or two.

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>With the Xbox's it's the fucking disc drives not opening
Just give it a good bang on top to unstick it. It just gets stuck on the front plastic.
>With the PS2's is the fucking Optics going bad
The chinks were making clones of those even back when the PS2 was still relevant. The amount of new unused PS2-compatible lasers available far outweighs the amount of PS2 consoles.

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I know, I'm just lazy about it.

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Collecting Nintendo is utterly pointless, the prices are just absurd. I gave up and just emulate Nintendo games now, they usually have the best coded emulators anyway. I get my collecting enjoyment mostly from PS2 and Xbox

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N64 emulation is pretty bad, tbqhwyf.

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Bought an n64 for $60 one week before the first lockdowns started. If you can, check local retro shops because that is where I got mine.

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The Xbox has a mechanical hard drive inside it. You can't just whack the fucking side of it. And yes about the PS2's. That's why I have boxes full of dead ones instead of throwing them away.

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I just made a cool $950 selling a mint 1st gen Steel Battalion controller.

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