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what are some comfy winter /vr/ games?

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Also, not retro but comfy: The Long Dark

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That one Tenchu level, I don't have the gifs


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Mizzurna Falls
Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land
Christmas Nights
Parasite Eve

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Densha de Go

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Remember 11

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First thing I thought of when I saw this was the beginning part of SH2. The gate right before the graveyard.

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This might be what you're looking for

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SSX Tricky or 3.

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>The Long Dark
Been thinking about it but man the characters look ugly.

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le wholesome comfy monke

we comfy /b/ros? we comfy /b/ros :D

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I wish DKC3 had more snow levels, Frosty Frolics is my favorite track, but what there is always take me back to winter 1997...

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Well, at least once you get to Disk 2.

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Provided you have 1MB, of course...

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This. Was gonna say DKC, even the non snow levels fit well, but maybe I'm blinded by the many good memories I have with the trilogy.

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cozy as fuck

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Assassinate the corrupt minister. Absolute kino.

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Loved this place.

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Sorry Lily, you're never gonna pass

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twelfth post best post

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Good choice, lots of snowy levels and right at the start too.

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Metal gear solid is peak winter comfy.
Ill probably do a playthrough this winter,might have to tu plus the psone again since i heard theres issue on ps2.

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final fantasy 10
jak and daxter
lotr two towers ps2
skyrim /don't care/
ssx tricky
majoras mask
007 agent under fire
3rd age total war /don't care/

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as far as weird experimental Japanese games go this one is way up there, but it's got some comfy winter sections.


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Phendrana was the best area in Prime too.

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Not retro, but Dawn of Sorrow.

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Max Payne

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loved this game. got all 7-8 endings and thought it was a very interesting story

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>Icewind Dale not mentioned

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>implying anyone here played crpgs

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The snow levels of Halo 1

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>new York city at night
>takes place around Christmas
Ultimate comfy

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Currently playing this very comfy,just got at the end of day 1,also received parasite eve II in the mail earlier this week,cant wait to play it.

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MOH:AA, second mission and last few missions.

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Nobody plays them. We all pretend to like them for a sense of smug superiority but they are genuinely awful games.

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Icewind dale

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I really enjoy South Park on 64 when I was a kid.

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I bought a PS2 with a bunch of foreign bootleg boxart but when I took it home all the discs were real. Shadow of memories was amongst it. I ran around the town for a short while. Is it worth playing? I was confused because I had never heard of it, but it seemed pretty high budget for an obscure game. I had no idea there were other games.

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I couldn't get over the visuals and I hate RTWP combat anyway.

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Turn on the space heater and play for 12 hours. God

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That's D2, right?

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Secret of the Silver Blades

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Doesn't Blue Stinger for DC take place at Christmas? Never played much of it.

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>also received parasite eve II in the mail earlier this week
>cant wait to play it.

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Yes it does.

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Whats wrong with it anon,i heard the one on psp was bad is 2 also bad ?

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The whole trilogy is good, toddler. 1 and Tricky are great for the racing. 3 is great for the campaign/free-riding.

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Cover looks interesting. Is it an adventure game?

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It's a rehash of a fucking 1997 game. Igavanias are retro, they explicitly relive the SOTN experience and nothing more, not even more impressive technically.

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No. You gather resources, explore and battle other trains.

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Don’t long dark was awful

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Settlers 6

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Snow Surfers
Freedom Fighters
Cool Boarders 2
1080° Snowboarding
Winter Heat
Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne
Prisoner of Ice
Carnivores Ice Age
Warhammer 40,000 : Dawn of War - Winter Assault
Amped 2
Val d'Isère Championship
Super Ski
No One Lives Forever 2
Red Alert
Uprising 2 : Lead and Destroy
Metroid Prime
Icewind Dale : Heart of Winter

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SSX is better than those boarders

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speaking of south park
rally is fucking hard but other than that it's good

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NFS Porsche Challenge
Outrun 2.

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Damn that cover ROCKS

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Which version of The Thing is the best? Xbox, PS2, PC?

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Do the other settlers games have comfy snow levels?

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I now remember this.

It's survival game in a post apocalyptic setting. You manage a train. It's the movie Snowpiercer in game form.

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I remember an article about Silmarils games, it was either late 90s or early 00s. Their games had some of the best pixel art.

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>Snowboarding Championship
>not SSX Tricky

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Haha, came here to post the winter theme from the superior HM:

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The first half of lost planet.

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Not retro.

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Batman Returns (SNES)
D2 (Dreamcast)
Metal Gear Solid (PC, Gamecube or PS1 version)

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It's a very interesting, VERY bizarre game. I guess it's sort of like a VN where you have to play through it a few times to get all the endings?

I only beat it once, but I'm definitely gonna go back and try to see more. The story and the town are very intriguing and comfy.

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how the fuck did you even find this game? i have never heard of this and i read every single goddamn vidya magazine at that time.

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yeah wtf happened to this board?
fuck off faggots >>>/v/

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Daggerfall and Arena both have very comfy winter seasons.