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Is this game any good?
Ive never gotten to play it.

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It’s “good” in the same way that illbleed is “good” If you enjoy or don’t mind jank you’ll get a lot from the weirdness that the game has to offer.

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>unskippable and Kojima-tier length cutscenes
It's shit.

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fantastic atmosphere, good characters, excellent gore. Gameplay is neat

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D2's fine and all but the original Diablo still has the best atmosphere

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>fantastic atmosphere
Also this. The environments are maximum comfy. Wish more games explored this type of snowy, isolated, mountainous environment

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Its flawed but its got atmosphere.

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It's not a good game.

What it is, is the perfect dreamcast experience (much like illbleed).

Every once in a while I will remember the last fourth of the game (really, the last boss and ending); my jaw was just agape.