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Friendly reminder that the skies in Super Mario Bros. are objectively supposed to be purplish.

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They are whatever color my calibrated display shows.

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So, purplish. Great!

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actually they are violet and violets are blue

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it kinda does look bad in the new ones
diarrhea vibe

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Why do you guys even care what some Jap thinks? They didn't even have a different word for blue and green like 100 years ago.

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Muh miyamotos intentions

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Looks like a C64 game.

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I don't mind. This is one of the important facets of learning another language, as Miyamoto did with English: learning new ways to express yourself.

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Why does this matter when the more saturated color scheme, the one with the blue sky, is clearly more appealing? There's a reason it's used in Mario Maker.

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You can use it, sure. But it’s objectively wrong.

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Obviously that shade of purple was chosen due to a the limitations of the NES colour palette. If you look at images of a Playchoice 10, the sky if blue. Stop being autists about this, you have the option of changing colour palettes in modern NES RGB mods today anyway.

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When CRT’s are photographed, that shade of purple appears more blue than it really is. Hence the blue appearance of the box screenshots, which were shot off screen. This is what the PlayChoice-10 looks like emulated.

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Well the sky blue, not purple, so we're just fixing his mistake.

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You can make it blue, but it’s objectively wrong.

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> objectively supposed to be purplish.
it's objectively supposed to be at the mercy of whatever 80s CRT interpreted as the NES' malformed NTSC colorburst.

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If you calibrated your set correctly, it’s purplish.

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>Brightness: max
>Color: max
>Sharpness: max
This is how every autist played games as a child, prove me wrong

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They did have when these games were made though.

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literally every sky shown here is purple-ish. muh switch online version with the poop brown bricks looks like garbage anyway lol

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as a kid my mom told me that tvs were supposed to be adjusted so that skin tones looked natural, so that's what I always did
my sony shows it as much more purple than my philips, which looks like a luminescent blue with a bit of purple

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add Super Mario Bros. 35 in the right section

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OP is cringe

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Based retard. OP is advocating for properly calibrated displays, because when tuned correctly it shows as purplish.

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I think 4 is the best choice

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FCEUX is perfect, and the others are wrong.

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Good post, have a (You)

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He literally says blue sky, it's just a purplish blue. Super Mario Maker is probably the closest.

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Friendly reminder that the skies in Super Mario Bros. are objectively supposed to be blue.

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nah the Sony CX one is perfect, FCEUX has way overblown reds and you can't differentiate the browns

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And what about the reds and greens ?? Even bigger difference there.

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>FCEUX has way overblown reds
I like that.

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You're a bad person.

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that's clearly a master system, look at the pattern

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Right, and Mario isn't red, he's shit-yellow and brown. Dilate.

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The NES Classic, Nintendo Switch Online, and Mario 35 palette is the canon one. Bluecucks need to do some soul-searching and admit they were wrong.

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They were supposed to be blue originally, but Miyamoto ultimately settled on a purplish sky. Any displays that show a blue sky are not accurate. He already admitted this, there's no debate left. The NES palette has been consistent as of late in Nintendo releases ever since the NES Classic, that's the one to use.

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Purple is wrong and you cannot make me make it purple. Also when Super Mario Bros. (pronounced "brothers", zoomies) is set to purple sky it just so happens to make all the other games' palettes wrong. Get a clue.
The old Japanese man is obviously going senile.

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It doesn't make other palettes wrong at all. Your entire perspective on how NES games should look is skewed, bro. If you want to see NES games as intended, play them on an NES Classic or Nintendo Switch Online or otherwise just use an emulator with that palette. That's how they're meant to be.

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>It doesn't make other palettes wrong at all. Your entire perspective on how NES games should look is skewed, bro. If you want to see NES games as intended, play them on an NES Classic or Nintendo Switch Online


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Based. If you haven't already, listen to the full interview. It's great. Top 5 song for me my nigga.

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take your meds schizo

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>t. has never accessed Super Player Mode because I play more with image controls than the actual controls

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Then play with the non-canon colours and deal with it

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Blue is canon.>>7107618

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Yet they deliberately went out of their way to make the NES Classic, NS Online and Mario 35 palettes feature purplish skies like Miyamoto described. Cope, bluecuck.

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The sky is blue on the NES classic, anon, at least the Famicom version that I got.

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English please.

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Kein danke.

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Liar. Your Famicom mini is either fake and/or modded and running an emulator by default with the wrong palette enabled.

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>sugar is sweet but it's not as sweet as (You)

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Kek do none of you zoomers have a nes and copy of this game?

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>*shows almost blue screen*
Seek help. Also their setting are wrong. :)

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Never said it was purple, it's "purplish" just as Miyamoto said. And there are no settings to change, that's how it looks.

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Just so long as we're clear that "purplish" means "blue."

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If we can agree that the colour in the video is indeed the intended colour since this is the palette Nintendo has deemed official, then sure.

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Never. Really, it's like this, this: >>7107618
is admittedly too blue, but: >>7107627
FCEUX is perfect.

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Nope. None of those are purplish like Miyamoto describes and they're too far off from the official palette Nintendo uses for NES titles.

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And yet they set all advertisemenst of the NES version to be blue. And the arcade version, which came out in 1985 as well, but had a 1986 copyright (had to be there for that one, anon, and little evidence of that remains) was also set for a blue sky. Funny that.

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They didn't set the advertisements to be blue, it just ended up that way at times because of the way NTSC signals worked, it would always vary. There were advertisements that showed a more correct purplish sky much more in line with the palette Nintendo has settled on as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FynvXHZ3DZE

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>the blue is purple!

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Like many games created in Japan at the time, Nintendo developed Super Mario Bros. with the NTSC-J standard, which uses a color temperature of 9300K. Also,so Sony Trinitrons that Nintendo developed and tested their games on showed blue skies.

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Nintendo developed Super Mario Bros. with the NTSC-J standard, which uses 9300K. Also, the Sony Trinitrons that Nintendo developed and tested on showed purple skies.

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Okay, you can say that sky is just plain blue if you like, but the fact remains that this palette is the correct one. https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/super-mario-bros-35-switch/

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Good, God that looks like shit, but enjoy if you like.

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I love you, anon.

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>le trinitron meme
Retarded faggot. Doesn’t matter what set you use, NTSC will display colors the same way on any set if calibrated properly. You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

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None of the colors in that image are anything close to purple. OP is color blind as fuck.

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No, YOU don't know what the fuck you're talking about. If you calibrate a display to the NTSC-J standard of 9300 Kelvin that Nintendo used when developing Super Mario Bros. among countless other games back in the day, you will find that the skies will in fact appear blue. Kill yourself retarded faggot.

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lmao literally all colors there are wrong

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Your palette is wrong, Nintendo's official palette is correct. Deal with it nigger.

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>retard kids arguing about what crayon color tastes better

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Nah that reasoning is wrong. The sky is purplish but varying CRT brands all came out of the box with differing color calibration. Trinitron for example seem to default toward pinker reds and for Super Mario Bros in particular most Trinitrons will display a notably blue sky with default color settings.

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Was miyamtoto toking that "purple haze" if you know what I mean hehehehe

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Drugs anon

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Miyamoto-san would never take drugs

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Milla Jojovich?

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>Milla Jojovich?
Youa know it, bitch.

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>"The theme of 'Super Mario Bros.' was the 'blue sky.'"
>At that time, you could only have about 3 colors for the blue sky

Miyamoto specifies that the game's entire theme is "blue sky," and explains his choice as being forced by a limited palette. He didn't "envision" a purplish blue sky, he settled on it. It's right there in your own quotation.

Later games don't have such limitations, so he opted for a truer blue because (a) he could, and (b) he wanted to. If "purplish blue" was so important to him, he doesn't strike me as the kind of guy that would let that slide. The notion that because a purplish blue was initially settled on, that makes it "official" and no other color in the future is valid, is just absurd in and of itself. Even if we were to entertain its validity, the fact that Mario's color scheme--both in game sprite form and in official artwork--has changed with time would invalidate it.

Of course, I understand that you're shitposting, and if you're having fun with that, bless your heart.

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*golf clap*

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Ok, you’re clearly a zoomer and don’t know anything about technology used before you were born.

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So much valuable information that is ruined by me doubting both of you. It's hard to take either of you seriously when you're calling each other "retarded faggots". Can't you just pretend you're not on 4chan and be nice?

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Welcome to nu/vr/

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Ok, gonna keep this explanation short because it’s really been done to death and it’s pretty futile repeating myself:

Televisions did not ship (and still don’t today) with the most accurate picture settings out of the box. They do this for multiple reasons but basically, they want the picture to catch your eye on the show room floor. They think an unnaturally bright picture will look more vivid. Also, they tend to boost red so that people’s faces look livelier. Unless you correct this in the settings, you’re getting a worse picture than you should be. It doesn’t matter what Trinitrons looked like compared to Panasonics or whatever.
So how do you correct it? Do you start changing picture settings and just eyeball what looks good to you? You can, but that’s not any kind of objective correction. This is the SMPTE pattern. There’s a reason this used to be broadcast when networks turned off for the day, so you could use the pattern to make sure you were getting the same values for color as what was being broadcast. NTSC gets a bad rap because the color signal would drift when transmitted, but this isn’t a problem when you’re plugging something directly into your set, like an NES. NTSC is a standard with specific values for color. It’s not a standard made to only look correct on Trinitrons. With SMPTE bars you can get better color reproduction than the default settings, with varying levels of accuracy depending on what tools you use and the quality of your set. Consumer sets have their limits, but you can still get a high level of accuracy if you do it right. I’m not gonna get into how exactly to do it but if you do balance the colors, it should show the skies as being purplish.

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Any other games use blue and purple, main ones I can think of are micro machines as well as Tom and Jerry.

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