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Everybody seems to forget there was a multiplayer racing mode in JSRF. How was it? Good mechanics?

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Is this game really better than the first one? Everything but the gameplay on that is top notch...

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I had a lot of fun playing the JSRF multiplayer mode and fusion frenzy back when the OG Xbox launched. I don't know if I would say if it was legitimately a good mode or not, it was just kind of something we did because it was what was available.

The sequel has a lot of great additions and much better controls so unless you're really attached to the more grounded environments of the first then it's a straight upgrade.

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I bought it recently and while it's a lot of fun, it is very different to the original game. Feels more like playing a collect-a-thon but on skates. Soundtrack slaps.

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Better controls and mechanics. Worse gameplay.

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