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If you could bring back one ip (in terms of spirit or in general) which would it be? For me I think I would have to say nights, mainly because ive been playing it recently and it just feels like a more underappreciated sonic

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Star Fox

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panzer dragoon, not saga, the on rail shooter

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>bringing back anything to be ruined in the Pozzed 20's

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This. Leave it in slightly better times, where it belongs.

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Lands of Lore. Guardians of Destiny in particular. Original setting and lore without trying to be subversive, a fair bit of freedom while still keeping a steady progression, SotN-tier secrets/details/easter eggs, just an excellent first-person adventure/RPG oozing with soul in a way that most other games can't come close to.

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ridge racer

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NiGHTS is a good one, I'd take literally any of Treasure's IPs or even re-localizations of ones they botched during localization like Dynamite Headdy and Silhouette Mirage.

new buzzword to add to the filter list, see you never!

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NiGHTS was already pozzed, I mean you play as a sparkling purple jester that looks like a man but sounds like a woman and only hangs out around children.....

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Ecco the dolphin

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>yfw Nights is actually more a "Gotta Go Fast" game than Sonic.

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>buzzword = "a word that makes me unconfortable"

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The Parappa series, especially with more of a focus on Lammy. If there would be new Parappa games he should have original lines in all stages rather than just repeating the teacher's lyrics.

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That's not pozzed, you fucking retard, that's soul. Pozzed would be if the jester was a nigger.

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Valkyrie Profile
I'm convinced that everyone who uses the word "pozzed" is a genuine retard.

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NiGHTS is an LGBT-approved game, hate to break it to you but it's cringe.

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you'd be right

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Same. I would also like to fuck Lammy.

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don't lie and say you wouldn't fuck the tranny sandman

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When i was a kid, i liked it in a Peter Pan sort of way. but now that I'm seeing it again for the first time since it was new, NiGHTS is kind of weird. It's aesthetic though, and i don't care if i'm a faggot for liking that sort of thing.

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>you will never eat his perfect little asshole

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i wouldn't even mind licking it if it was dirty. His pleasant-smelling feces would probably be like a periwinkle smudge on his little pucker.

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Seconding NiGHTS

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There's a remake released on Switch, ya doofus.

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What a reddit post

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