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What was Capcom's best beat 'em up?

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Street Fighter 2

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Mega man

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Functionally, The Punisher.

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Final Fight probably but they all have their strengths

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do you not know the difference between a bet em up and a fighting game or are you just playing?

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Street Fighter 1 because it started it all

>> No.7103828

final fight but all the arcade ones are good

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crimson tears

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not a traditional beat ems up but I think Capcom's Zelda Oracle of seasons/time were fantastic both in fast paced action and well paced, clever puzzles

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That's not even remotely a beat em up

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You beat monsters up so it counts, don't you dare argue.

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Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening.

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Me in the middle.

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Frankly, I like King of Dragons the most overall.

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YOU POSTED IT. I love Shadows of Mystara so damn much, i've never loved a beat 'em up quite as much.

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is there a beat em up related to Fight n' Rage? I'm talking retro beat em ups with a similar style, fast hitting combos, exciting air juggles it must've copied something before it right?

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literally anything from ~1995 onwards

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Fight N Rage is basically Cadillacs & Dinosaurs with some elements from Streets of Rage and more combos. There's Battle Circuit and Punisher too

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evil brown temptresses after the white seed

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Final Fight.
What a perfect classic and a beautiful game for 89!

I enjoyed how advanced they later became compared to Konami’s meme games like Simpsons, X-men and Turtles, but you gotta give it up for the game that kicked it all off for Capcom.

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Did they ever put a "Tekken Force" mode in to any of their 2D fighting games? SF, Crossover or otherwise?

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play beat em ups for score or speed or don't play them at all

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But SFA2 and 3rd Strike

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Come play at fightcade 2

I do 1cc runs at max difficulty, but I'm from Brazil tho

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Why is it Mystara which has RPG elements and an inventory system and can still be considered a beat em up but Zelda seasons cannot? Either they're both beat em ups or just call them action/adventures games.

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Seasons is a top down action game where your goals are exploration and clearing dungeons.

Mystara's an action game that requires you to beat up enemies and not much else. If you continue to argue your point, I'm going to assume you aren't arguing in good faith and ignore the rest of your posts.

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beat em ups are just bad and dry action rpgs to be honest with you. the AI is retarded and the bosses get creamed with cheese strats 9 outta 10 times. Plane shifting fucks mooks. It's sad.

You'll get a bigger challenge and more fun with FF8 bosses, no joke.

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post a video of your Final Fight 1CC

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Why yes I am a zoomer, how could you tell?

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So they're both Action/adventure games. I knew it was one or the other.

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FF8 is the one you can't grind in right?

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Mystara has no real exploration to speak of.

This is my last response to you.

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Nah action rpgs are like beat em ups with needless fluff, see the Ys games they're fairly decent beat em ups if you just play the boss rush yet drawn out boring shite if you play the main games

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This guy knows his stuff^
10/10 post

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FF8 is legit and yes the enemies have level scaling and the gear system is very fixed, grinding doesn't do much, bosses can rape you if you don't have precise strategy and execute your order of attacks poorly

>> No.7105736

Ff8 is stupidly easy to break with junction system, but yes grinding technically does nothing as enemies get stronger at certain party averages

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>spreading misinfo
Why u lying?
Ys Origins on nightmare has tons of things that insta kill you or two shot you easy, like the wandering knight guys, traps/spikes, lasers, etc. Same with Ys 1 and 2

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>playing with the junction system
If you know the game well enough to break it, it's time to not use the junction system and see how it goes ;^)

junction system is for beginners, you should know that ....

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>Ys Origins
confirmed epic taste, better than any arcade beat em up for sure

no problem dude

>> No.7105847

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

>> No.7105890

So basically you want me to play a jrpg with attack and limit breaks, sounds super fucking exciting dude

>> No.7105929

>dude that's not a beat em up
>it's if i say so beat 'em ups suck anyway let's tall about gay elf instead!
why are these nigs so stupid

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The wandering knights guys that you can casually circle around and be completely safe from? Vast majority of traps don't instakill you, in fact I can't think of a single one that does this. Even if they did it wouldn't matter, game's full of retarded meaningless fluff fights that can be cheesed in a ton of different ways and exist only to take up your time, and they're not even the worst offender since the game has lengthy unskippable cutscenes and other crap. The only way to play it is time attack, there it turns into an actual video game

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People barely distinguished fighting games from beat em ups back then and used the terms interchangeably even when Street Fighter 2 came out

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Urban Champion

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