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ITT: Surprisingly difficult games.

You know what I mean if you played this and got your ass kicked by a snake and a wolf while going to fight Raditz.

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The Vegeta fight is probably the most annoying fight I've ever experienced in a game. Also, the amount of fetch quests was out of control.
For some reason, I still couldn't put it down.

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i thought this game was really easy

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Is Legacy of Goku 2 the most improved sequel ever? It owned but the first one sucked ass

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The difficulty of the game is entirely dependent on your level. If you stop to grind for a bit in the beginning you can be a level above what the game expects and so everything does pitiful damage while you destroy shit.

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This game is the Ecco the Dolphin of the GBA

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I hope my body can take it

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It genuinely improved on the previous game in every single way.
Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake is another direct sequel that improved everything; Super Metroid and Super Mario Bros 3 improved everything as well but that's compared to the first games in the series.

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I hope my body can take it

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2 is one of the best action RPG's for the GBA. The music is also fucking awesome too.


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i havent played in a long time i just remember getting to the end in only a day or two

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both the original Ratchet & Clank and Going Commando are weirdly hard in certain ways than they really should be, especially with both having bad trends towards overly buffing how durable and damaging enemies can be in the latter halves of either game

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literally a budget Ys game the Dragon Ball look

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File: 750 KB, 480x621, Legacy of Goku 1 in a nutshell.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

literally a budget Ys game with the Dragon Ball look.

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Yannis Brown > Faulconer

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It's got an rpg tier level up system. I beat that game and suck at games to the point that the only nes game I've ever beaten was Zelda 1. I could probably beat kirby though and shadowgate and deja vu and other easy tier games.

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The number 2 is so good it's better than the third somehow.

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I remember the sequel had a quest where you had to carry a dino egg across the level without getting hit and breaking it. When I was a kid it felt impossible and was the reason I never beat the game but revisiting it as an adult it was easy af. Was I just retarded as a kid?

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Super Mario World

fucking haunted boo mansions, the fucking hidden doors, how was anyone supposed to figure some of those out?

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Solar flare trivialises the whole game. Or the fact you can charge any ki attack indefinitly so just line up a enemy in range without aggroing them.

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Legend of legaia
About halfway through it gets incredibly tedious even if you internet the button combos and grind

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