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Why did no one tell me this game was amazing? I just played for the first time and I felt like a kid again with how much fun I was having.
The music, the visuals, the spectacle, the gameplay, fucking amazing. It just felt like pure, unadulterated adrenaline from start to finish. I haven't felt this way about a game since I was a kid, I couldn't stop smiling. I'm taking it over to my friend's house so I can see how fun multiplayer is. Pic related is my best score so far.
Let's talk strategy. What the hell do I do to improve? I know my hitbox is tiny, but how small is it really? And as far as dodging, is it mostly pattern recognition? Shot, or laser?
I don't mind replaying this over and over. Maybe I could shoot for a one credit clear. At any rate, I won't use any continues, I'll just keep taking losses until I can clear it the right way.
If anyone has any good recommendations for others shmups I may enjoy if I liked this, I'm all ears. I think I'm a convert.

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>I'm taking it over to my friend's house

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Same here! Just found this game mid last week and have been having a blast. What exactly is the difference between shot and laser anyway?

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Well, I'm playing via emulation. I know it's sacrilege, but it's the only way I could get a hold of it right now.

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No one brings a Saturn to their friend's house in 2020 lol

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toaplan > cave

go play kyukyoku tiger

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>I know my hitbox is tiny, but how small is it really?
pic related, approximatively. for ship A, it's pretty much the sort of diamond thing of a different color, for ship B it's in the middle of the blades, and ship C well you have to get used to it
>is it mostly pattern recognition?
killing enemies quickly before they spawn too many bullets (i.e. knowing where enemies come from), using bullet cancel (stage 3 is a good early example). some bosses have safespots which you can abuse for some patterns too.
point-blanking is stronger but it's obviously way riskier if you don't know what you're doing
>Shot, or laser?
I'm not an expert but I like laser more

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I'm looking for shmup coaching. Can you do it? I can tell by the way you blogpost you'd be good. And by shmup coaching I mean long conversations on guscord. I have responsibilities, not much time to actually play. But plenty of time to chat with you. I'm wanting 1000 posts a week, or 150 per day. For free. Ofc. Ok?

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anon do you not have a dad or was your dad just entirely way too patient with you

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Theres a shmup improvement thread already and while it has a lot of garbage posts theres some good ones there too. DDP hitboxes are tiny and can be found online, its mostly about memorization but the game does have a bunch of rng to keep you on your toes especially during some boss fights. Shot or laser depends on what you are aiming for, if you just want a first loop 1cc, C shot type is good. Cave games are good, other developers to check out are Raizing and Psikyo, can figure out what you like and branch out from there. Stay away from shmup communities (4chan especially but others too) unless you want to talk about something specific, because they are utter cancer.

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How is that your best score so far? You had two lives left, it didn't go up any after the first stage? The high score shown there is the default one.

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shmups are good side games for casual coins once you've learned them .
A chunk of my playtime is precisely this replaying just to screw around in a game I already beat as it poses no challenge and makes me feel powerful and smart, far superior to people who play lesser genres.

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Good question but I prefer to keep it private until I have a score I'm satisfied with.
I'm not a survival player since I actually like this genre. But 4chan is filled with casuals. Why even bother? I played a caravan shmup with a group of people from here a few years and the mods kicked us off the board for being too on topic essentially and calling out shitposters who were rambling about shit clears they made.

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good news, japanese arcade is streaming a DDP superplayer


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Are you a bot

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>Player: GAN
>not one chain was maintained
what's the point of this exhibition?

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Probably to have fun?

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awesome I've played that before it's super hard

good info!

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>Why don't I hang out on tranny shmup places
You tell me. If you like DDP you should check out the other Cave PGM games. Have you started HRT yet?

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Baby's first whatever. The updated DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu on CV1000-D hardware is the best.

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>Have you started HRT yet?
yes and gene therapy. fancy a shag?

I bring my laptop to friend's houses and it has saturn emulators, so....

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Try Daioujou

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I wish I was better at that one

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I guess I should say it was my best run of that level, not best overall score. I lost my lives on stage 2.

What the fuck is this board's obsession with trannies? Talk games or don't talk at all.

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>Why did no one tell me this game was amazing?
All Cave games, even the bad ones, are great, fampai.

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I love shmups, but I'm too confused by the shmup generals to post in them.

I do the same, play on one credit or restart. DoDonPachi is great that way since the scoring system is advanced enough to make the parts you've replayed many times more fun as well.

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The shmup generals are run by schizophrenic retards convinced that their genre is under siege.

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he's a survival playing I guess

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>Hello boys (girls) I really hate trannies, trust me! I also happen to know the molecules they/them/their consoom to grow our tits. Pure coincidence, I swear.

>PS: I fu-I mean hate trannies, don't forget it, please!

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They inject lies into their body. They speak lies. They want others to be liars like them. Narcissism and schizophrenia.

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JK, what is your favourite part of the game, OP?

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>If anyone has any good recommendations for others shmups I may enjoy if I liked this, I'm all ears

Dariusburst CS (PC, PS4).
Deathsmiles (PC, Mame)
Mushihimesama (PC, Mame)
Dodonpachi Daioujou (Mame)
Ddp Daifukkatsu (Steam, Mame)
SoS Fever (Mame)
Guwange (Mame)
Psyvariar Delta (Steam)
Battle Garegga (PS4, I think Xbox one too, Mame)
Strikers 1945 (Mame, Steam)

Just off the top of my hed.

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Keep in mind any screenshots you see are out context, I'm not a secondary or mentally unhinged.

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Not gay if our balls don't touch, right?

>Talk games or don't talk at all
>Talks about trannies
>crypto gay: the post

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Still you google stuff about them on a regular. They're like 0.000000001% of the population unless you live in Thailand (then it's like 0.00001%). Why do zoomies -either be 4chins edgelords or sjw fags- obess about people that's less important than ants for the functionning of the planet.
I'm glad I grew up in the 80/90's not knowing anything about tranny molecules.

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Why did you write all this stuff on /vr/? Go to /lgbt/ if you want to ask about mental illnesses.

Garegga and Mushi are really fun and different games, recommend both

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>Mushihimesama Futari on PC never
I'm still mad. I don't want to have to buy an Xbox 360 again.

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Agree. Getting the good ending is so hard though. I can't do it. It's bullshit the requirements for it.
I've heard playing on tate mode is easier I'm too lazy to turn my tv sideways and always try it on Yoko

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lul. how could a dead genre be under siege?

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Look at that, an explicitly sane person >>7105643 posting about shmups!

>repulsed by the discordtranny generals
>doesn't credit-feed or save-state "practice" the difficulty away
>plays for survival, using scoring to improve on early sections that became easier, instead of playing for overlay numbers go up

If only we could have a general for such people that wouldn't immediately be flooded by the play for score server schizos.

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>I've heard playing on tate mode is easier I'm too lazy to turn my tv sideways and always try it on Yoko
Well the bigger the video, the easier it is to see bullets.

You don't need to literally rotate your TV though. Just use the rotation effect in the game or emulator settings to turn it 90 or 270 degrees, then lay down sideways on the couch so your vision is the same angle. There, instant tate mode on a widescreen TV.

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Lots of people like that guess what they can't actually discuss shmups cuz they suck ass lol, they post a title and leave

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theres fucking nothing to discuss, the community just says the same inane shit OVER and OVER

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So why advocate for something even worse, just cause it's a safe space for shitplayers?

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