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The clock capacitor on models 1.0-1.5 is low quality and prone to leaking a strongly basic fluid after about ten years from manufacture. While the leaking may not cause any immediate damage, it will eventually eat through the motherboard and cause permanent damage to nearby traces, resulting in the Xbox being unusable.

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Haha, thanks Ted! And now on to weather with Michelle Aswipe. Michelle! What can you tell us about the forecast for Labor Day weekend?

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Mine didn't have one.

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Bullshit unless someone removed it already.

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I meant mine had a v1.6 motherboard.

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Geez you checked that quickly, how so quick?

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>The clock capacitor on models 1.0-1.5 is low quality
oh that's not good.
>leaking a strongly basic fluid after about ten years from manufacture
oh no!
>it will eventually eat through the motherboard and cause permanent damage to nearby traces
That's really bad!
>Xbox being unusable
Just as God intended.

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>tell dumbass at work about this
>"but I bought my Xbox new still sealed in the box. It should be fine."

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Original Xbox you stupid fuck I didn’t say 360 or ONE.

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...I know, you fucking dumbshit.

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Nawww you thought you were smart...

Fuck off.

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Cringy dumbass.

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Perhaps the revised rules allowing Xbox, GC;et al was a mistake.

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They don’t sell those in stores it’s 2020, did you time travel?

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Bro, you’re making a huge ass of yourself virgin liar bum sniffer. Gtfo!

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I have 3 consoles and none have that capacitor. That said one had 2 capacitors fail and it wouldn't turn on, another had the same issue it seems but somebody already replaced them when I bought it and I haven't looked inside the 3rd one but it still turns on fine.

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>Bro, you’re making a huge ass of yourself virgin liar bum sniffer. Gtfo!

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Well then they ain’t the models I mentioned.

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Not a surprise, had capacitor issues on a variety of equipment back in the day.


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Kids, this is what happens when you transfer your entire industrial capacity to chinkland.

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Based microsoft installing DRM on consoles since 2001

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I have a 1.6, all good.

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This happens for the first month/year when you just move plants. I.e to a lower cost Euro country, or just across the state line due better infrastructure/logistics.
I can't image what sort of shitstorm moving the entire infrastructure gets you into.

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If the fluid is strongly based, isn't that a good thing?

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you know that's a gold cap from a 1.6 unit, right?
1.4 units also have a small array of faulty nichicons below the cpu which are prone to leaking as well. not as much as the clock cap, but still likely to.

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>1.4 units
1.2 and 1.3 as well, forgot about it

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I have no idea how bad the capacitor is, two of those shitty torx screws are stripped and I can't get them out. All I can see under the disc drive is a shitton of dust.

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how do you even strip a torx screw?
sometimes the leak is contained around the clock components. you'll know it's bad if it doesn't turn on anymore, or turns on and off intermittently by itself. gonna have to fix a few traces then.

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>While the leaking may not cause any immediate damage, it will eventually eat through the motherboard and cause permanent damage to nearby traces, resulting in the Xbox being unusable.

My clock capacitor died before even 2010 and my Xbox still works fine, I never bothered to remove it and likely never will.

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just put the xbox upside down

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The guy who soldered in my executer 20 years ago removed the capacitor in the same session. So I guess this was already known when the Xbox was new?

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it was.

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sometimes you get lucky and the leak is contained in the surrounding areas, which are mostly just components for the clock.
sometimes it bursts so violently you get acid on the gpu heatsink and underneath the board, dissolving the power button traces.

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My OG xbox was manufactured in March of 2005, my board should be OK. Thanks for the warning though, OP.

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check the av port. if it's a perfect rectangle then it's a 1.0~1.4 and the cap needs to be removed.
if it's missing plastic at the bottom and you can see metal, it's a 1.6.

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The bad one is the all black PowerStor. Has anyone ever had a problem with the gold Nichicons?
Also two of the cap pads on the board have 0.2" spacing, so I fixed one of my "good" units (with chip and big hard drive, the other had a Nichicon) by installing a header and putting a (bigger because that's what I had) capacitor off to the side on a wire. It can be a real bitch to get those holes cleaned if there's been corrosion.
Also a little SOT-23 part (double diode, probably part of the cap charger circuit) fell off from the corrosion. Took me half an hour to put that thing back, had to clean the pads on the board to re-tin them.
That bigger cap I used? It was a PowerStor from a place I used to work that made lighting controllers. Yeah, they had problems with some of THOSE leaking too. Fuck PowerStor.
If it's got a PowerStor cap, I would replace it anyhow.

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You are only allowed to reply to this post if you have a 1.6

I did end up having to replace all the larger capacitor’s recently though, they were all bulging. Take care of your stuff and don’t get complacent!

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Everything from the '00s is likely to have capacitor problems. But the clock super-capacitor is "special", as in "education". It won't just stop things from working, it will actually fuck up the circuit board. That's why it's so important to get them out of there.

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So what? Just emulate it.

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1.6 can't be tsoped and has the xcalibur encoder. all xboxes eventually need the caps by the cpu replaced, they get too hot and end up bulging.

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>wojakniggers being modded out of their reaction pics

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It's always the fucking capacitors. God why did most of these from the 90's and early 2000's fail?

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it's only the ones from 2000~2005. game gear being the exception.
n64 caps for example are said to last longer than any of us.

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Because the chinks stole the formula for improved electrolytic capacitors from the Japanese. Except they didn't, it wasn't the final formula. And in typical chink style once they started using it they went full throttle with it.

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OP is Dracula's servant Death, don't trust him.

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