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Does anyone know what this is or what system it is for

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It's not really a video game. It's a light-bulb and imagination.

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found this of some guy unboxing one

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Slightly off topic, but related. Does anyone here remember this? Or variations on it?

When I was a kid, every friend I knew had one of these. But I never had one of these. But I never had one myself.

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i loved this

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ok so i guess its out of the question trying to source the rest of this

basically a tiger handheld lcd game on a projector


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this was the shit

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VMU prototype

Saw one at at flea market a few years back. Kinda regret not grabbing it now that people have become super obsessed with shitty old shit.

Unfortunately I do remember it. One of my friends kids got it for his birthday and I thought "Holy shit, first the Vectrex, now a home version of Road Runner" Needless to say I was sorely disappointed. You dodged a bullet with this one.

You were a toddler in 1985? Doesn't that make you a zoomer or something? I could overlook that but being a toddler with low standards is a bridge to far.

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Is this a video game?

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nah, that's a powerpoint.
still pretty cool and fun.

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born in 88

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had one of these but it was a police motorcycle, looked like the front of one anyway. Had the handle bars and the screen was in the middle I guess where the gas tank would be? The screen worked exactly the same.
I cannot find ANY info on it and would love to see it again.

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