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This game would make a good AVGN episode

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>modern AVGN
Yeah maybe it'd be passable if he had competent writers

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This shit made me sad as a kid. I rented it and it was one of those instant regret things. The ski jump in particular I had no idea what I was doing nor how my inputs affected anything; it just felt like it was running in demo mode. The snowboard half-pipe too was in slow motion, just to accentuate the shittyness. 12 different game modes? MORE LIKE 12 SHITTY ASS CHEEKS. I'D RATHER GET MY TONGUE FROZEN TO A SKI LIFT POLE AND HAVE A BUFFALO SPRAY HOT PISS ON MY FACE TO GET IT OFF. THIS GAME IS ABOUT AS FUN AS GETTING HYPOTHERMIA IN YOUR NUTSACK WHILE GETTING SHIT ON BY A YETI. SHITLOAD OF FUCK etc.

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This would make for a good romance drama.

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Fuck you, fucking copycat

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Lol I rented this once. It is as bad as it looks.

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This. At this point, no game would make a good AVGN episode

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>pretends to not be mad about mike fucking erin
Is Joe a total beta, after all?

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It shouldn't matter, because AVGN is still awesome

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Just go watch the OneyPlays episode of it, AVGN fell from grace many years ago.

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