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Are you a bad enough dude to get a perfect score on Pacman, /vr/?

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Well if it isn't Mr. Chaddy Chadtchell.

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Yep just let me boot up TAS.exe real quick and attack anyone who doesn't like it

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Bill Bastible got the first confirmed perfect Pac-Man score and he says he learned it from someone else. Billy was not the first. Hes a fraud.

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Do I get to use MAME and splice the best runs together?

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I think he cheated on Pac-Man too. Look at that buffoon.

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Is it confirmed he cheated? And even if he did, big deal. It's not like he used map hacks in a multiplayer game where it really matters.

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Not here to say he did it did not cheat. Just showing that the guy can definitely play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKXS2lUuPQE

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>Bill Bastible
I love that guy, but his name reminds me of the SNL Bill Brasky sketches.

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Billy go home

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he is live right now.

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>nO buT nEiTheR iS hE oN DoNkEy KoNg huR huR huR huR
Except 1) he proved he could right after his cheating was exposed, in front of a live audience, and 2), no cheating was ever proved on Pac-Man, and his most famous Pac-Man scores occurred before the advent of Mame.

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Reddit cross dressers hate him, which makes me think Billy may be based.

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he didnt cheat

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Yes he did and it's been proven beyond any doubt.

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He didn't cheat in Pac-Man.

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Both sides are in the wrong. Billy cheated at DK for money and fame and reddit trannies hate him because he's a chad.

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[Citation needed.]

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I was the first to fuck OP's mom.

I know because she said so.

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>Billy Mitchell cheated at Pac-Man
[Citation needed.]

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Bill Bastible

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>ReDdIT CaPiTaLiZaTioN
you're not a hipster and your idol is a cheating bearded pedophile.

>1) he proved he could right after his cheating was exposed
wasn't about that, billy. it's about how you faked an entire run just to maintain your records (which was proven btw). consider killing yourself at the earliest of opportunities, thanks.

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yes, but Billy sure isn't.

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that's some good shit right there

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Why do people spread lies and slander about based Billy? He's not a cheater.

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Because he supported the bad orange man who's about to win another presidential term.

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No, but I got to the killscreen in the version on the first PS1 Namco Museum game. Talk shit, but he's still got some talent.

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Billy is a fraud, a compulsive liar, and regularly associates with registered pedophiles.

It's a shame it took so many years for it to come to light.

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He really doesn't look like a chad to me. He has a midget head and is suit-dressed like a buffoon.

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Yeah let me start my video editing software

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The real issue, and one nobody seems to mention is that he was co-owner of twin galaxies with Walter Day. They worked to become the source of truth for retro gaming high scores while artificially pushing Billy up the ranks.

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Billy truly is the greatest videogame player of all time and now you're telling me he supported Trump? You cannot get anymore based than that

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>Billy Mitchell
>not a classic shyster
'Video Game Player of the Century', awarded by Walter Day on paper, then Billy claimed it was Masaya Nakamura. Typical sleazy credential padding while riding a wave of inflated notoriety, purely ego-driven.

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why did the stream die?

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What's up with guys named Billy and completing Pac-Man?

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Just watch this and shut up. And don't be a contrarian to the point that you feel the need to defend a confirmed fraud.

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>Hello you absolute legends
Christ this guy is weird. We taking bets on when he chops his cock off?

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guy who made the vid has been speedrunning goldeneye and perfect dark since like 2001, hes way ahead of the curve

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He sounds like a Scandinavian. They are already all autistic weirdos so I doubt speedrunning has any further effect on them.

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That's right, we're gonna cheat.

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>Mitchell getting sued
>Day getting sued

The only good thing happening this year, the compulsory liar and his jew enabler are finally getting what they deserve.

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Not only that, nuy Jace Hall fucking hates both of them for GROSSLY misrepresenting TG when he was thinking about purchasing it. What he ended up getting was a big pile of shit full of frauds like Billy and Todd Rodgers. Plus Billy is just the exact opposite type of person from Jace, he's a egoristical glory hog while Jace is a down to earth laid back guy kind of guy. This photo illustrated their personality types well.

TG is countersuing for exactly $3,333,360, the score of a perfect game of Pac-Man. Based Jace.

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His tweet his based but his subsequent reply tweet is gay and kind of ruins it. At least the good one got 47K.

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He's Australian and is a very well known and respected Doom and Goldeneye speedrunner. He is also married and had a child not too long ago.

I don't know of anyone mentioned it but Billy sued 3 parties: Apollo Legend, Karl Jobst and TG. Billy intimidated Apollo into folding and giving him full ownership of his 'Billy exposed' video. Both Karl and TG refuse to fold and TG is now countersuing

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Fuck trannies, fuck corona fear mongers, and fuck Billy haters.

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>Fuck trannies
Fuck corona fear mongers
Yeah, ok!
and fuck Billy haters
Fuck off Billy.

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>it's OK to cancel this guy's history because I don't personally like him!

Ur a nigger.

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He's a liar, friend. He didn't get the first perfect Pac-Man game. Namco didn't give him the "Player of the Century" award, Walter created it and awarded it. They then got Namco to agree to let Billy play a perfect game live and then present him with a plaque for publicity... the "award" he is handing Billy here is literally just congratulating him for the perfect game he just played. This will all come out in court.

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What's the mental age of people who write shit like this without intentionally virtue signalling?

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Around 8.

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>I don't know of anyone mentioned it but Billy sued 3 parties: Apollo Legend
That one must have scared Apollo because he deleted most of his videos like an idiot.

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>Billy was not the first. Hes a fraud.

Great find.

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Timestamp the portion that proves Mitchell cheated for his perfect score in Pac-man, faggot.

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Yumola el brapola

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>Jace Hall net worth: Jace Hall is an American film, television, and video game producer who has a net worth of $10 million.
>As of 2020, Billy Mitchell's net worth is estimated at $1 million. The biggest chunk of his wealth comes from his restaurant chain called “Rickey's World Famous Restaurant

Holy shit LMAO

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What happened to that youtuber who had to take down all his videos after losing the lawsuit? Astrosomething, I forgot his name.

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Um yourself
Trannies are products of judaism.
Masks won't help.
This is communism, which is judaism.
Always. Cameras are watching.

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Jace Hall still lost to Carmack, but he held his L like a hero.

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nigger you're retarded just look at the yearly live kong off tournament placings he doesn't even finish top 10 and the last/final one he attended he finished last place kek. He likely paid someone to play for him.

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It seems like Walter Day was a total cuck to guys like Billy or Todd Rogers and just let then run roughshod over him and his organization. Billy of course is guilty of this more than any other person though.

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>He likely paid someone to play for him.

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>jimmy mitchell
*autistic screeching*

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I've met Steve Wiebe and he is the real Donkey Kong champion.

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Except he did cheat pac man and that's why he's now getting sued by twin galaxies for fraud.

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Naw, he's being sued for Donkey Kong only, mang. There' seriously no evidence that he cheated at Pac-Man, but he did break an agreement to beat it publicly before his group would do the same simultaneously. Weird I know, but he broke an agreement, albeit a non-legal agreement, just a gentleman one, however Billy is no gentleman.
Remember he fully thought it would be perfectly fine and OK for an old lady to lose her luggage, than for her to lose a VHS tape of a spliced MAME performance that he was passing of a real game capture off of real hardware.

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Chaddy Mitchell still dabbing on the zoomie zoomzooms effortlessly

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Why suck up to a fraud to has wasted his life being a clown and pretending he's good at video games still? Don't get me wrong, he had skill in the 80s, but that was a while ago and he's lost his edge, thus emerges his "need" to cheat.
The cold fact is, many anons here on /vr/ this minute are miles better than Billy at video games, classic or new.

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*who has
I hope Jace cleans his clock in court.

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No watch the Karl Jobst video. They are going to bring out everything in court its all in the countersuit from TG. Not specifically that he "cheated" at Pac-Man but the fact that he and Walter made up the Gamer of the Century award themselves and lied about Namco awarding it. Billy is suing saying they destroyed his reputation, they're going to show evidence his reputation is based on lies and Billy will have to prove otherwise.

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Honestly I support Billy because it's hilarious how he always manages to win in the end no matter what.
It's endearing and funny

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>No watch the Karl Jobst video. They are going to bring out everything in court its all in the countersuit from TG. Not specifically that he "cheated" at Pac-Man but the fact that he and Walter made up the Gamer of the Century award themselves and lied about Namco awarding it. Billy is suing saying they destroyed his reputation, they're going to show evidence his reputation is based on lies and Billy will have to prove otherwise.
OK, I stand corrected. Do you have a link? I believe you anyway, but I like watching these kinds of videos. I mean, people bash Tipster for some reason, but his Billy Mitchell videos are maximum comfy and are spot-on and he links and sources all his assertions.

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>Honestly I support Billy because it's hilarious how he always manages to win in the end no matter what.
He lost his lawsuit against Cartoon Network or something, though, guy.

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He can fight this way longer than Shilly Noncell, he fucked up. He can intimidate stupid kid YouTubers but not Jace.

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Yep, this is about the best synopsis of TGs new countersuit you'll get:

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Is Jace Hall going to use this move Mr. Carmack taught him a decade ago to knock out Billy Mitchell?

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Very nice video. Downloaded before Billy sues that guy too.
Billy's entire persona is a lie.

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>it's a good thing you didn't wet your pants

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>Downloaded before Billy sues that guy too.
He already did.

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Threatened to.

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>While Mitchell last year threatened to sue Guinness World Records over his score removal, he told Ars that this legal threat had been previously rendered moot and did not play into Guinness' decision.

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You're not wrong, he's from a clique of speedrunning autists, eg. rwhitegoose the proud nazi, wqqqrt the lisping retard, apollolegend the conman, graviton29, ryan lockwood, and so on.
They all sucked each other off until trannies exposed how problematic they were to reddit, but this guy got off the hook.

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>rwhitegoose a Nazi
You're a fucking faggot. Also wqqqqqq whatever is based.

>> No.7103763

Rwhitegoose is a straight up moron that used to regurgitate /pol/ retardation like "the jewish question" on twitch and discord of all places, and then pretended to do a 180 after twitch kicked him off.
It's your typical retard manchild getting brainwashed from spending too much time on the internet.
>wqqqqqq whatever is based
How? All him and his pals ever did was slap clickbait onto shitty videos. The only hilarious part is one of them being an actual /pol/ack trying to make it in that tranny autist infested hobby.

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if you believe that I got a bridge to sell you

>> No.7103791

Don't you feel any shame for knowing all this garbage?

>> No.7103798

they all seem pretty cool, lockwood doesn't even play video games any more.

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>guy who used to restart 2 minute long stages in goldeneye for 8 hours a day

>> No.7105491

>>guy who used to restart 2 minute long stages in goldeneye for 8 hours a day
Was he getting paid?

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sup pat

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Even with donations I doubt he would be making that much. The dude cries after getting high scores in video games. Something is clearly wrong in his life.

>> No.7105513

Pat Cuntri is not a gamer, he's a scalper-speculator who doesn't understand video games or anything else. If he tried to understand how Billy cheated he'd scream to his Satanic master Allah and pull the pubic hairs off of his smelly head.

>> No.7105518

>The dude cries after getting high scores in video games. Something is clearly wrong in his life.
Most likely since that's an odd reaction to doing well. And tears of joy are not OK in gaming, unless it's Ocarina of Time, but that's it.

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Huh. One of Billy's goons was proven wrong and now they won't admit it. Shocking!

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Lol hes streaming right now

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8 year old kid makes Pac-Man go "berserk" (kill-screen) with one quarter on tv show Just Kidding November 22nd 1982. Learned to get over 3 million points from patterns in one day.


>1982 The Courier-Journal newspaper
>Paul Reynolds age 14 gets 3,157,000 on one quarter before game goes "berserk" (kill-screen)


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File: 71 KB, 640x640, Kill-screen-in-Pac-Man-Namco-1980-The-layer-underneath-the-games-digital-images_Q640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>by Michael Days
>Walter Day
>And it happened in May
>Berzerk at 5 (May is 5th):30(Day is 30%) of walter's name.
>Faked in MAYme
>Kid was 14 in May(me), the number of letters in Billy Mitchell (counting the space)
>Space for Space Invaders, the game pac-man killed
>KILL screen

Proof that the kill screen and its prominence in media across multiple games and the careers of those attached to Twin Galaxies was engineered by Namco to eternally gloat on the grave of Space Invaders.

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Billy is innocent.

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>defending nuCartoon Network trash

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Hey fuck face, did you know the Guinness World Records reinstated his records for Pacman and Donkey Kong?

Go fuck yourself. You have to prove why they're wrong.


>> No.7107386

Guinness is run by idiots who rely on the ones coming to them for records for the facts. And they caved to his legal threats, but never fear, Jace is going to send Billy boy to the poor house.

>> No.7107397

>Billy Mitchell has made various a penis is in the Guinness Word Record's books
What did Guinness mean by this?

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>defending Bitchell

>> No.7107443

>it's hilarious how he always manages to win in the end no matter what
does he though?

>> No.7107576

day 3's over and billy STILL hasn't gotten the perfect score, has he lost his touch?

>> No.7107645

You can't lose what you never had.

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Closed comments heh

>> No.7109725

Billy MAMEchell is on the case!

>> No.7109745

He threatened them with a lawsuit and they really don't give a fuck about video games. As another anon said they also don't verify gaming stuff themselves anyway and rely on people like, you guessed it, Twin Galaxies, to verify it.

>> No.7109746

Not this time. He fucked with the wrong dude. Jace is going to eat his fucking lunch and then shit on his desk.

>> No.7109749

>Not this time. He fucked with the wrong dude. Jace is going to eat his fucking lunch and then shit on his desk.
Billy may even do time for embezzlement when Based Jace is all done with him.

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He is going to go full Caleb with akimbo sawed off shotguns

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