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Ok so what am I in for, and which exclusives would you recommend?

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not retro

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All of those Jap games and no Otogi.

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Xbox was the best console
Working emulators when...

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Based and Otogipilled.

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Let's hope soon.

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Although Xbox One X does a great job of emulating choice titles in 4K.

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Still the definitive version imo.

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Gunvalkyrie is over hyped. Controls were a hassle to learn.
Outrun 2 2003 (not exclusive but best version)
Riddick is also over hyped
Shenmue 2. Not as good as the original but still fun
Sid Meier's Pirates. Now this is a quality title you got to pick up.

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rate, hate and comment my current collection of xbox hueg games.

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Was there ever a game that did first person hand to hand well like breakdown?

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Grab some Dramamine and a bucket and try to master Breakdown. Almost too Japanese for its own good, but an amusing shooter/fighter/adventure with a super-weird time travel and alien-threat story. The gameplay is what kept me interested, but the story kept me playing until the end.

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For fuck's sake, I didn't even see this before I posted.

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DOA2 and a handful of Sega games. Elder Scrolls III.

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Hack that shit, add extra RAM, and play arcade-exclusive games like VC3 and Ghost Squad (I know it had a Wii port, but this would be arcade perfect).


Spikeout Battle Street
Shenmue 2
Genma Onimusha
Panzer Dragoon Orta
NG Black + vanilla NG with the two hurricane packs if your system is modded


Dino Crisis 3

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Jade Empire

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Choose your destiny...

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>all pc
I have a pc for that though.

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How is the Ninja Gaiden PC port?

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Gun Valkyrie
Steel Battalion
Outrun 2
Crazy Taxi 3
Panzer Dragoon Orta
Metal Wolf
Ninja Gaiden Black

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As someone who has never owned an Xbox in his life and has played maybe 2 hours of it ever, did the original Xbox have any exclusives that were good besides Halo? The only ones I remember were Blinx, Voodoo Vince, and Grabbed By The Ghoulies, which were not great. Growing up I really only ever saw the Xbox as the #1 choice if you wanted the best-looking version of a multi-platform game.

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see these:
they're the best ones you can start with, exception being SMT Nine since it's not fully translated yet, but you can use a guide or translator app for now

also steel battalion is fucking expensive, especially now:

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I hate myself for selling my controller 5 years ago for rent money. I got more than I paid for it tho.

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So happy to see Phantom Crash on these lists lately.

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That guy who searched for a XBOX arcade stick you here?

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i will recommend Blood Wake since im the only person who ever does so. it's like ace combat but with boats

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Dungeons and dragons Heroes is one.

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I don't want to play the not so great looking version of a game on console. Yes, Xbox is the place to be if you want to play the better looking versions of most if not all of third party games.

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sonic heroes / 10

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Great list from reddit there. Glad you put some effort into curating and recommending stuff with some actual impressions.

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Go back.

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I thought of the exact same thing when I saw that Brute.

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Ya gotta pic up the gta 3 and vc collection best versions of those games

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Not bad, lad.

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Not retro and a very forgettable system. Literally nothing exclusive that you can’t get on PC.

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Is Otogi worth trying to hunt down? Im all things FromSoft so the appeal of it is very intriguing.

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GunValkyrie is godlike and having a learning curve is part of the reason why

Murder on the thumbs though

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I love that game.

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I hate myself for selling my Xbox for date money. I got laid, the girl was way above my class. But now I’m filled with hollow memories of sex when I could have my old friend Xbox. His memory lives on in my series X I suppose.

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Can I use component cables without modding?

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Blix 1 and 2
Crimson Sea
Gun Valkyre
Jet Set Radio Future
Otogi 1 and 2
Panzer Dragon Orta
Phantom Crash
Phantom Dust

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>Spikeout battle street

Hey I remember that from X-Play

They hated it and gave it a 1

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It's a very difficult and punishing game that requires you to learn the system inside and out, so naturally game reviewers/journalists hated it. Same thing happened with God Hand, though at least that game gives you continues. Spikeout is like trying to 1cc an arcade game except you can't put in more credits.

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Amped 1 and Amped 2. best snowboarding games.

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From the top of my head...
Exclusives I like:
>Halo (obviously)
>Jet Set Radio Future
>DoA 2 Ultimate
>Ninja Gaiden Black (even if I suck at it)
>Knights of the Old Republic
>Republic Commando (kino atmosphere)
>Mechassault 2
>Jade Empire
Avoid Phantom Crush, half the game is mashing the A button so the NPCs shut up. The game would be far better without plot, like if it was mecha Gran Turismo.
Multiplats I like:
>Gemma Onimusha (RE with samurai)
>Star Wars Battlefront 2
>Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3
>Silent Hill 2
>Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance
>Colin McRae Rally 04 (the kinoest rally game ever made, with the possible exception of Sega Rally 2)
Avoid the port of MGS2, it sucks.

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>Knights of the Old Republic
>Republic Commando
lol wut?

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There's this old ass game called Enclave, really underrated/unknown, super challenging and gritty medieval combat system.

I remember thinking I need to buy the OG Xbox when it came out because my PC was a Pentium and couldn't run Morrowind

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Definitely pick up the Sega stuff if you're a fan of the Dreamcast. Jet Set Radio Future and Crazy Taxi 3 are very fun and while in Japan and Europe it released on the DC, Shenmue 2 was exclusive to Xbox here in the states so if you're from the US the Xbox is the only way to play it without importing a console from another region or bypassing the region check on your Dreamcast somehow. Panzer Dragoon Orta is another good Sega game for the thing. Another good game you can pick up if you're a fan of racing simulation games is Project Gotham Racing 2. Game's famous for having possibly the best looking visuals on the Xbox as well as just being a stellar racing game. Halo games are obviously a must have for anyone looking to get into the OG Xbox. Another good FPS is Star Wars Battlefront 2, though I'm not sure if that was Xbox exclusive or not since I think it could have come out on PS2 as well. Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden Black are good too. I'd also recommend Conker: Live and Reloaded, but with a bit of hesitation. It's more heavily censored than the Nintendo 64 version, and many will argue the graphical style is kinda ugly and misses the original intention behind the cutesy, banjo-esque aesthetic of the original. Live and Reloaded has one big advantage over the original though, and that's price. A loose copy of the N64 original will run you about $77. A complete in box copy of Live and Reloaded will run you less than half of that price at around $34. If you have yet to play it and aren't willing to shell out that kind of money for the original, then Live and Reloaded is a fine enough way to experience Bad Fur Day. If you already have the N64 original and liked playing it, you should still go for Live and Reloaded just so you could experience it in a different way and be able to compare for yourself. If you just have no interest in platformers then I guess this whole spiel was useless to you.

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>steel battalion
Unless you're using the based 40+ button controller, then avoid steel battalion. It's fun without it, but pure fucking bliss with it. The experiences can't even compare.

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I remember a friend of mine had this third person game with lan multiplayer around 2003ish. In the game, some characters had guns but others had weapons like staves and swords. I only played it with him a few times so I can't remember the name of the game that well... any ideas?

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It's a decent game.

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It doesn't even output 240p. You're fucked in the head

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>if you don't have the controller then avoid steel battalion. It's fun without it
You may be retarded

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Oh shit you might be right. You can't play Steel Battalion w/o the controller. I was thinking Battle Engine Aquila. Thanks for catching that, God I feel like an idiot.

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Literally horrible game.

Xbox fans are either LARPing or retarded. Probably retarded, sadly.

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/vr/ however

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what are the best (japanese) multiplats on xbox?

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>voodo vince
Über cool

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fatal frame is missing some effects compared to PS2. Xbox versions are the best otherwise, I suppose.

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Can you produce a source for that claim? Not doubting you, just curious as to what's missing.

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Not him but I found a speedrunner autist who said it depends on the version https://www.speedrun.com/fatal_frame/thread/unygh

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Still own the Xbox I bought on release.
Actually own a couple of units.
The Duke controller is fantastic and made for large manly hands.
Great library of games.

Posted what I have to hand at the moment.
Have several games in sleeves and out on loan to the bros and Co. Such as...

Soldier of fortune 2
Conflict desert storm
Brute force
Halo CE
GTA San Andreas
Need for speed underground
And more

I've also traded a whole host of titles and franchises over the life of the Xbox. None of which were a disappointment, simply due to circumstance.

Never bothered with the dvd kit... As I had a combi TV. (a bad choice on Microsoft part to begin with)

Didn't have broadband at the time so never had gold. (it be like that)

This didn't undermine the fun to be had as a stand alone console

My bros had PS2 and gamecubes so I never missed out in that respect. However I am still glad I bought the Xbox. Infact it was my first credit card purchase.

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Oh thank god, I thought it was something
that actually mattered in the end.

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Why are Xbox games so fucking cheap? It's insane how affordable most of the games are.

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I have fond memories playing this with friends in high school.

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About 3

I still like it for halo that’s about it

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