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Ever beat it? Did you use guide?

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And no I didn't use any guide.

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I beat it recently.
But I played AM2R first.
Huge mistake.

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beat it on the gray brick at like 8 years old. i remember it took a very long time.
fun fact: this game has virtually no loading times. saving data is instant. the world is continuous and non-stop. i love that.

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I loved it back then, still love it now. Highly recommend AM2R if you haven't played it yet.

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I didn't use a guide, I used a graey brick gameboy. Final boss is really neat, exploring with the spiderball was cool. Springball being optional was a tad strange. Weird, almost collect-a-thon style metroid game.

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the fuck? it's the most linear Metroid game the way it blocks off progression routes until you complete the next set of objectives in sequence

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Beat it when I was in grade school.
Not really sure how I managed to somehow memorize the layout, I guess I had too much free time.

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Yes I did back in the day (because game boy was the only system I had) and a guide or Internet didn't exist (at least for me) so I beat it without one.
It's funny because I also beat the GBA Metroids but I still haven't beaten Super Metroid after all those years. I always start it, then I won't play it for weeks and then when I get back I can't remember where I had already been and give up. Its a good game though.

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Didn't use a guide and yes I beat it. Was easy.

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Yes, used Nintendo Power

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I got it for free using kool-aid points, beat it and found everything without a guide
was fun sticky ball bombing every flat surface
the part where your metroid counter fucking goes up was pretty great

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yep, used a map though, is that a "guide"?

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Didn't use a guide but I did use savestates.

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It's even shittier than the first one. So I skipped it.

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Save state gaming? Nah bro, you have to get out.

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he's not the one that needs to leave


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I almost beat it ages ago.
No guide.
Ran out of missiles on the last run of Omega? metroids. Had like five left. Didn't want to backtrack to get more pew pew. So I qq'd and stopped playing.
Great game though.

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Beat it way back when I was like 12.
No guide. Just pure autism.

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are you a retard?

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I had it as a kid, didn't even get halfway through the game because with no map system, I got lost and kept going back to places I had already been.

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>are you a retard

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it was pretty good especially the boss

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Yes, very recently. I used a guide simply because there's a shitload of games I wanna play before I'm kill.

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No. Anybody who needs a guide to find all the Metroid in Return of Samus should have their right to play video games revoked.

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I beat it with a guide yes. I beat Samus Returns on my own though

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