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Densha de GO! Thread
With the new rule we can now talk about newer titles like DDG3, Ryojohen, Final...
Which have you guys been playing lately? Aside from Final, I've been playing around with the Monorail on Nagoya Railroad (I love that line) and also Kisha de GO

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I'd really like to know what the actual gameplay of this series involves. Is it a time/score attack thing? What does each new instalment iterate upon?

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Is it possible to play these on a computer with a regular controller or do I NEED the complicated train levels controller?

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Sadly, playing it without a train controller is like eating pasta without sauce.

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You have to complete the train lines while following the schedule and speed limits, you also have "health points" that get deducted if you make mistakes like arriving late on the stations (even if it's one that you have to pass instead of stop) and not respecting the speed limit when there is one, points get added if you arrive on the stations exactly on time and if you stop the trains perfectly. You also have to be pretty precise when stopping on the stations. The first games are really harsh about those rules, but the newer ones are more lax. If you want to play, I recommend going for the fan translated N64 version first (unless you can read the runes) and once you learn how stuff works you can pretty much play any game on the series, even Kisha de GO which is focused on old steam locomotives, as they work the same way. Also new installments = different lines (Japan has a really big train system so they can't fit everything into one game with that level of detail) and some new mechanics on the more recent ones

It's fine, you can play using the arrows, the spacebar for honking and other keys for more specific functions or you can use regular controllers, but it's kinda bothersome to set them up, the game might mess the buttons up. I prefer playing with the keyboard because at least it feels more like the real thing as a videogame controller. But as >>7058997 said, playing with the train controller is a whole different experience

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please someone confirm if any of the games in this series feature this habit. i only want to play the most authentic of the train conductor simulators.

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>pasta without sauce


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>A 1994 study by the Railway Technical Research Institute showed that pointing and calling reduced mistakes by almost 85 percent when doing a simple task.[1]

So why is this not mandatory around the world?

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It's more fun with the controller. They're pretty easy to get running, and the PC versions support all the controllers through adapters, although not in the menus.

You can play them on a keyboard, but you don't get the same level of control.

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I'd rather say that playing without the controller is like eating cold pizza instead.
It's not as great. But still, pretty damn good.

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I get that a lot of people are excited over the newest DDG, but is it weird that I find this better looking than the ultra realistic one?

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>pasta without sauce
Plebshit. Pasta + parmesan and olive oil is the best combo.

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Top comfy.

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No, the old ones are pure soul

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olive oil is the sauce in this case

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I wish I had the patience to learn how to hack games.
I'd spend to much time remaking some of the textures for Ryojohen, starting with the skyboxes.

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>the fan translated N64 version first
Looks like I can even call the stations in English, neta.

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It is done on the NYC subway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuVKy7T_EEo

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What's the English word for shinagawa?

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Do you have kanji? Because that would help a ton. Otherwise we're just guessing. Shinagawa? Dignity River?

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Right, so what's a good way to get into this series? I've always been interested, but there are so many games by now that I don't know which are decent.

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I've played quite a few and none are terrible. DDG Final for PC is relatively accessible, certainly easier than the classic ones.

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IMO, start with Nagoya Railroad.
PC iso can be found without much trouble, installs and works nicely. It's fairly easy when compared to the first few games, which were arcade cruel.
If you have any problems installing it ask here, someone will probably be able to help.

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choo choo motherfuckers

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>better looking
>shows the PC version

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I did what anon said here >>7059069. Start with the N64 English version to get an idea of how it works, and then it's easier to move to the others.

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Is Ryojohen the comfiest? I am trying Final but it looks like they are all big city lines? The little coastal city of Ryojohen with the fireworks was top comfy.

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Depends. I find it to be so, yes.
But Nagoya Railroad is also great, has some nice lines with relaxing scenery as well.

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Thanks for this thread. I've seen webms from this game before and it's always struck me as so comfy looking. I think I'll try getting the N64 version running.

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Why is this as comfy as it is?

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Where can I download Ryojouhen for PS2?

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I think it's because it is really quiet and all, you only get to hear the soft sound of the engine, the cute ekimelo and the announcers

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There's a mode called Conductor Mode, maybe you're able to do that there but I never tried it because I don't know the runes

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Also if you ever watched anime there are a lot of familiar sounds and sights.

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I decided to install Ryojohen but I'm always getting a Syntax error, what seems to be happening? I've installed some others that looked the same (weird text) and they all installed fine

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I just had the same issue. You need to change your locale to Japanese.
Go to the control panel, clock and region, region, administrative, change system locale, set to Japanese. Restart, install the game and then change it back.
To anybody's knowledge is there any difference between the PS2 and PC versions?

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For some games, it also helps to change your clock's timezone to Japan.
I know it sounds ridiculous but it is a problem sometimes.

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I need to make more webms. I've posted and reposted those to death.

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For the chance that there's still that one anon out there looking for a fresh rip of DDG 3K for the dreamcast, I have it and might remember to post it later.

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Man it would be so cool to have a VR adaptation of these games.

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The fact that i loved trains as a kid and love retro games today also helps

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I was looking for that so i could burn it to a disc

Would still be welcome

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I believe the one coming out next month will support PSVR.

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The upcoming Yamanote-centered PS4 game will have PSVR for the section previously released in the arcades (Harajuku Station to Shinagawa Station)

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This was a raw GD-rom rip, so it would need a bit of processing to make it fit for a CD or emulator.

If you want it, I'll leave it up for a week here:

Shove a # at the end of that url and then

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Getting a PS4 for this, I guess. Finally, a reason!
PSVR is actually quite decent, even with the low res.

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Please check the topic of the thread. Nobody here is interested in your food preferences.

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nice. thx anon

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They had the right idea with the girls in ryojohen, I just wish they had hired a proper artist to implement the idea.
Going out on "dates" with them is fun. Shitloads of content there.

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Wait my train sim is also a dating sim?

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I have no idea how to convert it to .cdi (i have an unmodded dreamcast) but thanks anyway

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Aww i needed a .cdi

How do you convert these again?

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I use a flight stick. It just works due the throttle controls and a shitload of buttons.

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Goodsriver, duh.

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Holy shit based, I have to try this. Do you use vJoy or can you configure it directly?

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To be honest, I have yet to create my own CDIs. If I rip the burned CDI I have, it won't work properly as it will be a single session ISO instead of a multi-session CDI.

This guy here has a good tutorial put together that would help you in making your own CDI:

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There's a new 電車でGO! coming soon, news to me.

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I've never played a Densha De Go game. I'm looking at starting with the N64 one because of the funky train controller made for it. Seemed like another good oddball item to add to my collection and fuck around with. Is that a good starting place for the series?

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I bought an everdrive for N64 and discovered this game while downloading translated roms. It's actually pretty comfy once you figure out how it works.

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All the games have funky controllers. Personally, I went with a PS1 controller because it's not super expensive, supports most of the console games, and work on the PC ports with an adapter.

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You can use the PS1 Densha controller on PC? What adapter/drivers do you use for it?

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Any random adapter seems to work, and some Japanese dude has a hooker that works on every game I've tried, which is most of them. Steam trains are a bit fucky because the 2 handle controller doesn't have enough buttons for them, though.

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Interesting, I have the PS1 controller so I might try this. Link to that hooker?

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I really enjoy Shinkansen even if the gameplay is usually considered one of the weakest entries in the series.

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thanks anon!!

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The one for PC or Wii?

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I always find it funny that this is a popular game. Although, I understand the attraction. I love Euro Truck Simulator, and I'm guessing this is a similar vibe.

Another added layer to my fascination with it's popularity is I live in Japan and catch countryside trains almost everyday.

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Living the dream, anon.
Post some pictures of the station.

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I think this is partly to do with our wish for more variety in our own lives. Who wouldn't want to try driving a city bus, operating heavy machinery at a construction site, or conducting a train taking goods across the country, at least once?

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This game is really nothing like other simulators, it's to trains what Ace Combat is to flight sims.

It's a pure arcade game about stopping your train less than 10cm away from the platform to get bonus points, and carefully adjusting your speed so you pass through stations at the exact second you're forecast to hit them.

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>operating heavy machinery
every time I see one.
>I love Euro Truck Simulator, and I'm guessing this is a similar vibe.
Correct, for me it's exactly the same.
If you play Euro Truck on the simplest settings the driving model is arcade as well.

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>I live in Japan and catch countryside trains almost everyday.
Anon-kun enlighten us! Is countryside Japan really like in the animu?

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>densha de go thread nearly at 100 posts
maybe there's hope for this board after all

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Landing High Japan is an arcade game where you land a plane and it grades you, then in later levels you have to land at night or in heavy wind. It's fucking awesome.

Not super related to the thread but I never get a chance to talk about it.

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Actually super related, it was also programmed by GM2.

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Usually PS2 (Which iirc is the same as PC) since the Wii version runs a little slow when I emulate it

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Don't give up hope anon.

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It's a hell of a lot more boring

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Why did you post her? She doesn't live in the countryside.

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What kind of player are you though?
I've been watching this guy on Twitch who knows the name of every train, the years they were manufactured, the names of all stations and such.
While I find that impressive in a way, I care more about the whole atmosphere of it. The small countryside stations, the scenery and such.

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The beauty of the game is that it appeals to both hardcore trainfans and people who don't give a shit about trains. I even like the reward you get for beating a route, just a short FMV of the actual train you drove doing shit.

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Taito also made a game called Jet de GO!

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flying in the rain in Jet De Go is ridiculously comfy

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How does it fare as a game that you can grind away to get skilled at? I saw in a video of the newest arcade one a grading/ranking system. Is there enough to the gameplay to try and "git gud" at it?

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The early ones basically require you to memorise the line in later stages because otherwise you'll completely fuck up your entry, and the more you play, the better you understand your brake distances with each train. Later games added a preview, but you can still get fucked pretty bad by sudden speed control down to 55 when you're going 130.

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Thanks for the reply! Is there a game you would suggest starting with?

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Ryojouhen adds some interesting mechanics, and you can pick between trams and trains. It's also one of the easier games in the series, it's not as punishing as the early titles. Plus, it's easy to get running at 1080p on modern systems.

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What animu is that? Looks like the rural line in the first game

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I recognize those horrible colors anywhere, that's Your Name.

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Understanding the brake distance is probably the hardest thing to get right at first. The best thing to do it's pick a line that you like and try different speeds and braking distances as you approach the station. Normally you want to be under 40 km/h when reaching the 50m mark.

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Behold, a CDI rip, but as an ISO. Missing data from the other session. Actual CDI might or might not be found in the next 2 weeks.

Up for a week:
and the key you can slap in with a # after that url:

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File: 2.37 MB, 600x338, Densha de Go Festival.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same place

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Your Name is DDG! 3 compliant

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I never heard of these games before. The webms are making me smile.

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File: 2.86 MB, 640x480, DDG Ambulance.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Reminds me of the fire truck that comes out of nowhere in 3k. Cuts right across the tracks.

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Shame about the Big-Budget-Anime-Movie-Shader though.

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>not gaming on Tokyo Bus Driver on the Dreamcast

>> No.7090105

that got a PS2 sequel too btw
(i'm bad at both)