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Why are these things so fucking expensive now?

Last time I looked I could find one for 20 bucks, now the going rate is $50?

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That reminds me of one of those fishes that floats on the bottom.

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I bought them all so I could sell them at a premium. Sorry about that hehe

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The Saturn has been shilled hard the last five years and zoomers have bought up all the stock raising the prices across the board.

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This thing is absolutely not worth that much. The only game that really benefits from it is Nights and that game will last you maybe a few hours at most. People say it's good for Lobotomy's FPS games and Burning Rangers but I fail to see how. You can't even move in a straight line reliably with the thing.

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Do you know if Tomb Raider controls any better with it?

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Tomb Raider was made with precise digital controls in mind. So no.

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Hmm. Then either somethings weird with my d-pad or I just suck.

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Tomb Raider has some very unique controls

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Would be great if an adapter existed that enable the use of the analog stick and triggers. At the end you're buying a Nights pad and that's that. Was serious disappointed I couldn't use it on my Dreamcast with my Saturn adapter that worked great but only with the digital controls.

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Zoomer culture

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I tried playing nights before and i dont even understand what youre supposed to do in it.

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>People say it's good for Lobotomy's FPS games and Burning Rangers but I fail to see how.

Lobotomy FPS games allow for modern fps controls with it (analog to look, ABXY to move/strafe). Keep in mind this was in ~1997, so kind of a big deal.

Burning Rangers is mentioned because it's by Sonic Team and autists keep defending it, despite it being a mediocre game with poor controls and camera like every single one of their 3d titles.

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>floats on the bottom

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>Japanese text
>western saturn logo

Fucking zoomers

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Unpopular controller for unpopular console now popular with hipsters = seething bandwagoners

That makes sense if you understand why the adapter was made and how the protocols works. And that you 're literally the only person ever to want to use it for that.

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Saturn 3D pad has a dial, there was no mention that the adapter only worked with digital inputs. Sega made a big mistake in not making the Saturn controllers backwards compatible with the DC.

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Is Steam still giving the PC port away for free?

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did we ever figure out why the wire was detachable?

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they had ideas for a lot of attachments that would've connected instead of the default cable.

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I use it for both Panzer Dragoon and Zwei, standard pad is really uncomfortable after getting used to the 3D pad

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And only like 10 games actually supported the 3D analog lmao, what a trash system.

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i've barely used the analog functions but it's my main saturn controller because it's more comfortable to hold than the original.

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>And only like 10 games actually supported the 3D analog lmao, what a trash system.

There were closer to about 50 games. Also, the 3D Pad has a compatibility mode with the Saturn racing wheel and Mission Stick.


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>they had ideas for a lot of attachments that would've connected instead of the default cable.
has there ever been known prototypes of any?
im hoping years later something finally surfaced

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You played every PD game except Saga? Saga supports it too.

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I don't have a saturn. I am not going to buy this controller.

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I bought a 3d pad specifically for lobo fps games. Don't do it. Sold the 3d pad but now I wanna play NiGHTS :(

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I use a 3D pad with my adapter for my Dreamcast. The Saturn controllers are so much better than the DC's it's not even funny.

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Everything retro games related has gone up in price since march

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Damn only $50? I better get in on it.

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LOL what even is that text

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What are you even blathering about? What dial? Pics of the manual/product description that you totally read where it says it works with everything? Sega made many mistakes but failing to cater to the autistic whims of someone who wasn't even born yet wasn't one of them.

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I cashed in a few years before I knew some shit like that was about to happen. I got lucky at a estates sale and found a Saturn 3D controller and 2 expensive Nintendo Game and Watch devices for $15. Shout outs to the dead.

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yeah i remember when those 3d controllers NIB were like 35$
fuckin hell it wasn't even that long ago either
what happened

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>tfw should have bought the black one because my white 3d pad keeps yellowing even after retrobrite

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Tomb Raider doesn't even work with the stick.

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Clueless zoomer detected.

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I’ve heard the NA release is buggy, but is that referring to the original release or the plus version that fixes 3D control?

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>you can't even move in a straight line reliably with the thing

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The first release is considered "buggy", but outside of a couple of small graphical glitches (like the a-pillars on cars disappearing sometimes behind the windshield during replays) I've never had any problems with it.

Sega Rally Championship Plus fixed those bugs and added 3D controller support. It was only released in Japan, but it's 100% English so you can import it.

Sega Rally Championship Plus Netlink Edition was released in the US later on, it's the Plus version with the addition of Netlink support. It's expensive as fuck though.

If you're buying physical games like a retard than get the Japanese Plus version. If you have a Pseudosaturn cart/mod chip/ODE than just download the Netlink Edition.

Amusingly enough, you can find/replace "Sega Rally" with "Daytona USA" in this post and it would still be mostly accurate.

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What dial do you think it could be mongoloid retard.

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Do you not know what a dial is? That's a switch, you dumb ESL.

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That game was made for the Saturn racing wheel.

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Lol don't go sperging out calling people retarded when it's obvious you have special needs. That is a switch not a dial

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>tfw modded black Saturn with white 3D pad
I like the white more but it's very out of place

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because the face buttons are a lot nicer than the stock pad

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Exactly what I needed to know, thanks.

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Gonna be sweet buying a game under $100 for once.

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Same fag, bet you don't even have a SS.

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Do you seriously want me to go get you a picture of my 3d pad, you faggot? It's the middle of the night.

You're the one who thought the switch essentially didn't do anything, given you thought a Saturn-DC adapter would let you use both the D-pad AND the analog stick at the same time.

Although, now I am kind of curious. why can't you use both? Does the analog implementation use the same bits as the D-pad or something? Wonder if anyone's done a write up on the controller spec.

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>calls a switch a dial
>calls others mongoloid retard
Well played. 10/troll. You got me. No one could actually be this retarded, right?

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Should have bought them before some youtuber made a video on it, bro. Much more comfortable than the standard pad and has analog support for when you'd want it (though the mission stick is generally more fun for that).

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For whatever reason the analog only works as either an alternative to the D pad (bleh) or recognized as the steering wheel controller. Or if you have Twin Sticks, that.
I don't know if the Saturn Flight Stick would work on it.

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It uses different bits. The bits for the dpad are present in the protocol used for analog devices. The 3D controller just doesn't fill them with the state the dpad is in.

No doubt that reason is Sega being retarded. The 3D controller always communicates with the console as an analog device. The switch only toggles between dpad and stick bits being populated.
AFAIK all "analog" devices use the same ID. I've seen clever/retarded ways of identifying custom controllers using other data though.
According some official documentation I've read the mission stick does insert the digital bits so would work as a dpad with any devices that uses the dpad bits in the analog protocol.

Pic related is the cunt at Sega who came up with this shit.

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Lol why would you spend more than $100 on a game when you can either go jap or modchip / swap disc the thing?

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Lol I'm not that fag, I'm my own fag! Don't sulk just because you don't know the difference between a dial and a switch

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The samefag is strong in this one, yes master yesyesyes it is!

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Have you looked at the ip's for each post? Probably not as you are using the same fag argument to justify your limited intelligence after being outed as a mongoloid. Anyways, keep up the good work it's keeping me entertained

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The cope is strong with this one. Let the butthurt flow through you little faggot.

The dumb baby doesn't know the difference between a dial and a switch. For him IP is what he tells his mommy his did in his pants.

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Let it go.

Also calling people babies makes you sound like a 6 year old.

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Struck a nerve?

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>For him IP is what he tells his mommy his did in his pants.

You're being a colossal faggot right now, but I will admit that this made me chuckle.

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Deep down, aren't we all fags?

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I was referring to using the Dreamcast adaptor. There's at least one game on the Saturn that allows you to use both the Dpad and analog simultaneously.

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Why do people like these so much? I can't really jive with it when I try to use it in place of a regular Saturn controller.

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Ball dropper.

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Which game is that? If you just plug a 3D controller into a Saturn and stick a logic analyzer on the the port you can see that the controller keeps the data lines high during the dpad slots when in analog mode. That game must have some way of telling the controller to do otherwise. I'd really like to take a look at how that's done. This would allow me to create an adapter for the ESL dialfag so he could use it with his DC.

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Dark Savior
>The platforming sections require the player to utilize the camera control in order to see around certain objects, and supports the Saturn analog gamepad. Though control is purely digital, players can use the analog controller to simultaneously control their character (using the D-pad) and the camera (using the analog knob).[2]

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I owned nights and still didn't know what to do. I lent it to my friend who beat the entire game and loved it.

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>still no retrobit/8bitdo clones of this controller

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i think retro-bit can't make analog sticks accurate to the originals and it's why their dreamcast controller has been in development hell.

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Really? I was thinking of getting one for Racing games. Oh well.

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You zoomies and your reading comprehension. No where in there does it say you can use both the Dpad and analog simultaneously. And, in fact, you can't You have to use the switch to switch between them. Never underestimate the ability of sega to be retarded. Also, never underestimate the ability of ability of a zoomer whose only source of knowledge it wikipedia to be retarded.

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