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What's your favorite region in Koholint Island?

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Great question, OP! I'd have to say... Animal Village. I just love all the characters there. You got cute setpieces like the painter Schule Donavitch and the nude hippo that poses for him, and the Maxis llama (probably the most obscure easter egg in the game). And of course, Marin, who you can find singing there later in the game.

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Tal Tal Heights or "Dream/(Inception) World".

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Good choice
>Maxis llama
what's this about?

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Face Shrine. The little mini-dungeon blew my mind as a kid.

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I thought she was a goat.

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All of it.

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Me too. My life is a lie. In b4 that anon's comment gets jacked and blows up on the Twitter.

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>what's this about?
Thanks for asking. Llamas have long been a staple of Will Wright's games, dating back at least as far as the Windows 95 port of Sim City (see pic related).
>In a December 2000 Interview with CNN, Will Wright, creator of The Sims, stated "many years ago, we had a company-wide vote for our informal company-wide mascot, and the choices came down to the Boston tree fern, beef tape worm and a llama. And somehow the llama won the vote!" From then, llamas became a running gag in franchises associated with Maxis and Will Wright.
In Animal Village there's a girl named Christine who resembles a goat, but I always took to be a llama because the inside of her house plays the Sim City theme and she is writing to her pen pal, implied to be Mr. Write.
I'm looking at Christine's sprite now and you could be right--but it would just make so much sense if it were a llama, because then it add another layer to the Will Wright reference earlier in the game.

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Ah shit, you guys are right. Turns out she is a goat. Derp. Please forget I said anything.

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the cheap little references are the worst part about links awakening anyways

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They're deliberate clues that you're not in normal reality.

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It was still an interesting fact to learn, and not gonna lie, I'll probably think about it every time I encounter Christine in future playthroughs.

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The biggest clue is when you're literally straight told you're in a dream

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Animal Village

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>Playing this today
>Emulating it because I don't want to look at my GBC's unlit screen
>Tons of weird popping fizzing noises in the soundtrack, not the beeps and buzzes the GBC and GB speakers put out, doesn't seem to be part of the music, some kind of weird popping/repetitive tapping artifact that I never noticed when actually playing on original hardware using the speaker (don't think I ever bothered with earphones as a kid) attached to certain notes in the soundtrack

Is this an inherent thing with how the GB/GBC handled audio or is it something to do with the way the files are compressed to fit onto the Cart or is it something to do with mGBA?

Also, The Beach, specifically the area by the Monkey

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If Marin is present, it’s gotta be the beach.

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The woods. Going through that small cave and finding the mushroom is something I will never forget.

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The animal town because animals are cool.

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Tal Tal Heights for the music.

Or that weird area with the donut blocks nearby Catfish Maw because I never figured out how to traverse it and it always felt new and full of mystery to me.

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I love this shit idc

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Koholint Prairie, that stretch of three tiles between the forest and the witch's hut. Something about it always felt curious.

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For those of you playing at home...

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Nice choice, I also like that zone a lot. The part between crazy tracy and the witch house always seemed so mysterious for so reason.

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The sound is being emulated too fast or slow.

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Holodrum has interesting areas, I really liked the pirate ship in the bay.

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it does not exist

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I love the ruins south of the Face Shrine.

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good tile https://rcveeder.net/koholint/M11.mp3

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never seen the upper left one, very nice.

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No love for ukuku prairie?

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I shrunk it to make the collage, the full size exists out there
sorry but when there is so many cool places, I am less inclined to prefer the field

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I know collecting photos is like a big thing LA DX, but I never played it because I thought you needed a Game Boy Camera to get them. Do you? I played LA religiously as a child but never the DX version for this sole reason and seeing pictures like this make me feel I really missed out on something.

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>pirate ship in the desert AND next to the graveyard at the same time

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You can collect them in-game with out the Camera, the Camera is only required if you want to print the pictures.

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Meant to say you only need the *printer* to print the photos. The camera is totally uninvolved with that game.

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You didn't. The original LA is way better overall. DX is for OoT Johnny-come-latelies that prefer OoT more. The photos are barely worth shit and the gameplay is slower and easier, and some of the graphics are different.

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Obviously the castle.

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Mabe. Home.

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is that the Deku tree, or are they just out of ideas on how to draw a dungeon entrance?

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The very first dungeon entrance of the series was a spooky tree. If anything, the Deku Tree is Nintendo recycling a Zelda 1 concept.

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You gotta appreciate how that's the only scene invented just for photo ops that they kept in the remake.
It's just far too convenient of an isolated cliff pointing out at the ocean for it to serve no purpose

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Fuck that looks awful

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Eh, it's just interpreting the way the original game only showed the characters looking realistically proportioned in the waking world and as little chibi things in the dream as literally as possible

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obviously those 4 screens of dead forest that serve absolutely no purpose aside from filler

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secret seashell

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I don’t mind the game being a little easier (going for a no death run is hard enough as it is), but is it actually slower? Why on earth would they slow it down?

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for me, it's animal village

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>Or that weird area with the donut blocks nearby Catfish Maw because I never figured out how to traverse it and it always felt new and full of mystery to me.
Love that labyrinth.

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That's the witch's hut, but it could very well be a reference to zelda 1

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I had to check guides on that, but there isn't a secret seashell there in either version, making it even more conspicuous https://www.zeldadungeon.net/wiki/Link%27s_Awakening_Secret_Seashells_(Game_Boy)

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