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Does there exist an N64 emulator that doesn't suck balls?

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Project 64 with the new plugins plays most games fine. Step away from 2004, anon, it'll be ok. Well video game-wise at least.

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Wii Virtual Console, although it no longer exists.

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>Wii Virtual Console, although it no longer exists
It exists, you just need to have a Wii with the games on it. You know, some Wiis with discontinued games might go for more money later on. Wish I had my first Wii back. Oh well.

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mupen64plus next is ok

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Which plug ins?

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Aren't you just able to mod these and pirate the virtual console releases?

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If you have a Wii, just put the Virtual Console WADs on it

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Glide64 and angrylion among others.
>Aren't you just able to mod these and pirate the virtual console releases?
Yes, but two things, ROM injections onto the console itself can brick it and it'd know it wasn't original, but it's a nice option to have. If I get another Wii soon maybe I'll risk it.

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this shit doesn't work, injecting games into VC is worse than p64

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Parallel/Mupen with parallel gfx and rsp plugins is practically perfect. Got to have a beefy system though

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>Got to have a beefy system though
How beefy?

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>Getting pop in with mupen64 on RA
How fix?

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I have a i9 9900k at 5ghz and a gtx 1080 and I can't do the perfect dark opening scene at full speed

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>Does there exist an emulator that doesn't suck balls?

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mupen next is literally perfect

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N64 emulation is a total mess. That being said, you better off buying the console and a flashcart

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Nah, just emulate the console only has like 8 games and everyone has already played 6 of them.

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please name the 6 and 8

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Mario, Zelda, and the list could go on.

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ok youre gay

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injecting ROMs usually doesn't have great results, sure, but the official releases, although there weren't many, are perfectly fine. most of what's worth playing got a VC release, and most everything else works well enough in Not64.
the Wii is pretty much my preferred N64 machine

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yes it's called git gud

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You may want to use a different emulator since I can do that perfectly with an i7 and Dorito onboard graphics.
Mupen sugggggs.

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