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I wanna fuck Ms. Phillips

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I wanna fuck you

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I wanna suck her dick.

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She likes 'em drunk. You'll need to drink a lot more. If you can post here, you aren't drunk enough.

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why'd they put that mole on her face?

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what game is that even, battletoads?

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Rockstar's Bully

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>She likes 'em drunk
No, she likes 'em broken. She wants to be the one that finally changes him and bask in all the attention.

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I brought this game to my friends house and his dad got mad saying it was full of sex.

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Holy yikes

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It's the Cindy Crawford look, a well placed mole is hot.
It's the "Tortured Genius" that she's into

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One of the few times where a regional name change was actually better, Canis Canem Edit is a brilliant title.

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after completing the main story is there any endgame activity?

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If I remember right you get Endless Summer mode. Can't actually remember what that entails though, pretty sure there are still mini games and some odd post game missions to do though.

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I said so in an earlier thread and not a single person agreed with me, Bully is such a retarded name for the game.

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Yeah it very much gives the wrong impression of what the game's actually about.

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disgusting, does she even have a dick?

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Her tits make a nice display.

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What is the game about?

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I wanna be Ms. Phillips and get fucked.

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You play as a kid that gets dropped off at a boarding school, and gradually climbs the ranks. He is bullied by the school cliques, and gradually takes them over by fighting harder than them.

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Basically what >>7034203 said.
The UK title Canis Canem Edit is latin for Dog Eat Dog which is a far more fitting title as the game's more about surviving the various school factions and coming out on top than being a bully. A good portion of the beginning of the game is you defending the geek kids from the rest of the gangs.

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What >>7033294 said. You also have the collectibles, and delivering newspapers unlocks them as a weapon.
I've played this game countless times and have multiple saves. First was a normal run, second for cheats, third stopped in winter because snowball fights, fourth stopped in Halloween night because there's no time, fifth was by not unlocking extra stuff, which makes it harder, since you have less ammo/damage.
Sixth was pretty much a speedrun, which fucks you up in the sense that police/perfects/professors can catch you after a certain time.
Seventh was where I stopped and left it in some random mission.
I really love the game, spent hours on the official website's scholar book and listening to the soundtrack. Still waiting for Bully 2. At least Shawn Lee (OST composer) said he would be working on Bully 2's one.

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>The UK title
It wasn't just for you bongs.

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Really? I thought it was because people started kicking up a stink here because of the name Bully.

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There were rumours Mike Patton was supposed to be doing the OST for the original. That would've been ...interesting.

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>>7033262 >>7033294 >>7034403
You get forever to finish your classes.
Time unlock most of the unlockables. If you missed Christmas, too bad.
Your newest final game girlfriend returns to school, so she's wandering the campus with all the other NPCs.

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That's discount Elizabeth from the best Bioshock

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Canis Canem was an early working title that they dropped by the time of the initial game release.
Later when they released enhanced versions of the game with more content, they called the upgraded version Canis Canem.

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Except the UK, where they never dropped the title to begin with.

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I know it was for Europe. Not sure about other continents.
Good thing he didn't. The one we have is beautiful.
>If you missed Christmas, too bad.
I hated this. You can also only get a special outfit during Halloween.
>Your newest final game girlfriend returns to school, so she's wandering the campus with all the other NPCs.
Loved that though. I would kiss her like 5 times in a row.
>Canis Canem was an early working title that they dropped by the time of the initial game release.
>Later when they released enhanced versions of the game with more content, they called the upgraded version Canis Canem.
Wrong. The name change for Europe was for the release date, and everyone thought it would be delayed, but it wasn't. An explanation for the change wasn't given. The upgraded version is Scholarship Edition and I never saw it as Canis Canem Edit. Only Bully.
Again, it was for the whole Europe. I got mine in Portugal and it was Canis Canem Edit.

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what should I have unlocked in Christmas?
God I wanted more content, really enjoyed this game

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If I remember correctly the og game only has the Sweater, which you get as you wake up, anyways. Not sure about the Scholarship Edition.

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Also, check gamefaqs. It has a list of unlocks. If I remember correctly the hardest one was the black ninja costume. I think you needed to take photos to complete the yearbook.

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There's some more missions, but if you don't do them, they go away.

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It takes an undignified amount of effort to lure Beatrice up to makeout point.

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why did she have cold sores? was she infected with some sort of STD?

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2/3 the world has oral herpes. Most will never show symptoms. There is a 90% chance that you have it right now and don't know it. The few that do show symptoms, have the cold sores. As a member of the nerd clique, that is her luck.

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No, as anon said most people have cold sores. You can get them from kissing or even just being around a person with them.

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isn't one of her cut outfits basically a dominatrix outfit or something?

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No. The same outfit in red.

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Playing The Scholarship Edition now and when the snow starts you get called to the front desk as you have received a package from your mother.
It's the reindeer sweater.

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what type of clothes do you usually dress Jimmy up with? pic related is the outfit I was using during half of the greaser arc.

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whoops, forgot the pic.

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School Uniform, the green vest version

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Am I the only one that tries to finish all their classes before working on missions?

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I'd wake up and do the classes and knock out a few missions before repeating the cycle

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I dress Jimmy up to match whatever clique he's currently battling.

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Whatever the girls are willing to kiss me in.

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Same. Wish it were that simple in real life

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It can be, but those girls aren't really worth kissing.

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>You will never unlock the ability to kiss Miss Danvers.

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Did she and the principal really...?

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I somewhat doubt it. She was probably willing, but he was just so oblivious.

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That's not how things work

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What's stopping you?
A woman with a mole in the road of her tears is destined to a life full of them.

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The most cheap gangsta possible, like a hoodie and joggers. Jimmy has that British slums face.
Now I feel like playing it again. Downloading on PS3 and will play on CRT, since my PS2 broke.

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If you want to avoid getting it, you need to live in the middle of nowhere. If you have internet, you aren't in one of those safe places. Your odds are 90%.

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I beat the shit of this bitch every chance I got