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This is a genuine question

How does one play Doom, as one would at its release, in the modern day?

Not on a fridge or a calculator or my dad's fucking pacemaker - just a PC today without bells and whistles

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See: Doom thread

OP has all you need.


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>or my dad's fucking pacemaker
You have no taste.

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Use DOSBox, a source port or the Unity port for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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Easy as shit to get working with DOSBox

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Chocolate Doom or just use DosBox

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Chocolate Doom for complete purity.
PRBoom+ for minimal bells and whistles.

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Dosbox for nostalgia + historical accuracy
Chocolate doom for accuracy if you are too lazy to work with Dosbox
Crispy doom for accuracy + a bit more eyecandy
Prboom for speedrunning purposes
GZDoom if you're a faggot who prefers graphics above all

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>Doom Thread
Fuck, I should use my eyes and the catalog

Thanks everyone, I wasn't sure about DOSBox, I'll keep it in mind for the pilgrimage

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PrBoom is not just for speedrunning. It's the most used port, if you play custom playermade level packs like 99% of doom players nowadays do. Wads like Eviternity, Valiant, Ancient Aliens, Sunlust, Preacher and most of all the other modern classics require PrBoom. It's graphics are as good as with gzDoom unless you want to go around fucking with filters, which actually makes Doom look worse. gzDoom is mainly for wads that break more boundaries of what you can do with Doom, but since Graf breaks the compability with every new version and it needs more from computer than Doom Eternal maxed (and I'm not even memeing), I wouldn't recommend it. Then there's Eternity Engine which is like prBoom but with support for custom monsters, custom weapons, acs scripts and 3d floors over floors.

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the reason prboom+ is the most used speedrunning sourceport is because it has built-in TAS tools that are impossible to identify in demos

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GZDoom + graphic mods - best way to play Doom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cka5LESWTDs

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Get out

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I personally play GZDoom and just make it mimic chocolate in the settings and capping frame rate
just because if you're playing loads of wads like I do, some of them recommend you to jump / crouch, sometimes reload, and some require better lighting than the darker defaults

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Chocolate Doom, then mouse for turning and shooting, and keyboard for everything else.

GzDoom is for advanced modding. Can't do Hideous Destructor with a DeHacked patch.

That's a pretty damn bold claim, can you substantiate that?

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>GZDoom if you're a faggot who prefers graphics above all

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I play it in 8k 21:9 144hz with Ray Tracing.

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On sega saturn.

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RIP AND TEAR right guys!? Boom Headshot! Black and Trans Lives matter don't forget to smash that like button and sub to my twitch, patreon, twitter, insta, and grindr

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Using pc em and set it to 486 66 or slower depending on what year you want to simulate.
You also try the fast doom mod to see what could have been.

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Use DOSBox or Chocolate Doom. NO Mouselook because Doom was made before looking up and down in first person games was even a thing so the game was designed with the mindset. that you can't look freely.

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in the old manuel for doom its says you can play with a mouse and keybord its just at the time it was more normal to play with a keybord only


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Except you are. More than half the gzdoom user base is using hardware from 15 years ago.

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Chocolate Doom and PrBoom+ are the most pure ways to play it on a modern PC besides emulating the DOSBox version.
Most these days use GZDoom which is the most bells and whistles source port out there.

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It's garbage, should be avoided whenever possible, and in Doom's case, there are huge amounts of other options

>Chocolate doom
THE choice for absolute purists

>Crispy doom
Meme option, who the fuck does this appeal to? Not so purist, but still archaic is fuck, who the fuck would play this?

It's not just for speedrunning, you fucking niggers. It's a general all-around port, much better option than fucking Crispy doom

All the cool Doom mods use this, and so should you. Unless you're running on a toaster. Can be set to play classic style if you want, without losing the quality of life improvements. Just don't care about the "accuracy" meme.

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> ctrl + f
> no lzdoom

if youve got a shit computer than you can use lzdoom, which is a simplified gzdoom for bad hardware. All the mods you can run on gzdoom run for the most part run the same on lzdoom

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GZdoom is demanding because it doesn't support multiple cores, it's single core only. So it's only able to use only a fraction of a PC's power. No, it cannot be helped, the port would have to be rewritten from scratch to support multicore, and it's already a jumbled mess, who the fuck would do it? You, perhaps.

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LZDoom is great if you want to use most current GZDoom features with a potato PC.

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what about zandronum?

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It's the multiplayer source port of choice. Using it for single player is fine but it's not the port's focus.

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Ah, yes, the multiplayer focused ports. There is

equivalent to GZdoom

equivalent to Prboom

Lmao, you have to be a complete contrarian faggot to use this

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I never knew what the point of the port was i always just use it on my work pc for when i want to play a good game of DM or just normal

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Dunno about zdaemon, but gzdoom netplay is lacking. It's pretty much just peer-to-peer. zandro lets you run a dedicated server, gzdoom can't.

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Doom supports the use of a mouse out of the box, going all the way back to 1993, you could not use it to look up and down, and the levels and gameplay are designed under the assumption that you can't do that, but you could use it for horizontal turning.
The best way to play classic Doom is to use a keyboard and mouse, and the devs will tell you as such.

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>who the fuck does this appeal
Original gameplay, but gives more resolution options and lets you bypass some engine limits. Chocolate Doom is great, but it will give you visplane overflows and other things like that in levels with more visual detail. There's also a toggle for giving Barons and Cacos their proper colors when they spurt blood, which isn't a big deal or anything, but it's a nice touch.

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>Can be set to play classic style if you want, without losing the quality of life improvements. Just don't care about the "accuracy" meme.
I don't see much of a point in that, if you want to play it oldschool, Chocolate, Crispy, or PrBoom, would make more sense. Fiddling with compatibility options, you can get it fairly close, but there's still things like how the PRNG tables are absent and the game instead operates on true RNG rolls, how melee is actually viable on monsters with large hitboxes, or how GzDoom can't replicate original Specter rendering (though it has an alright substitute).

If you're running GzDoom, it's because you want to play a gameplay mod, some fancy maps, and likely for the various eye candy options. There's nothing wrong with that, I play with GzDoom often, but if I want Vanilla, then I'm not booting up GzDoom.

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For some reason Chocolate Doom doesn't work on my rig. Can't get GZDoom working either. I'm currently stuck with Doom Retro instead which is okay if not a bit too dark.

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Most of them, anyway.

Zandybam is like six or more years behind GzDoom, it has zero support for ZScript, and in fact doesn't fully support Decorate, a format that long since completed development.

It's not useless, but it leaves a lot to be desired.

I should point out that this isn't an infeasible quest to undertake, assuming a couple of experienced and dedicated programmers are willing to step up, but it'd take a while, you'd have to start all over on compatibility with all the existing stuff, a lot will be straightforward enough, since most stuff is open source, but starting over with Decorate, ACS, and ZScript compat is going to take a lot of time.

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What are you playing on? Make sure you don't confuse the 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

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Just checking, you do know you gotta supply your own wads right?

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>I should point out that this isn't an infeasible quest to undertake, assuming a couple of experienced and dedicated programmers are willing to step up, but it'd take a while, you'd have to start all over on compatibility with all the existing stuff, a lot will be straightforward enough, since most stuff is open source, but starting over with Decorate, ACS, and ZScript compat is going to take a lot of time.
The "rewrite from scratch" is just the beginning. Suppose that some absolute madmen programmers actually do it, and a multicore GZdoom build is released, and it runs 100% smooth, and all is well. Now, there's still one tiny issue. It happens that EVERY SINGLE mod made for Zdoom/GZdoom released on the past is incompatible with this multicore build. Now, the next step is to pick up every single individual mod and patch it up for the new build. It's that simple!!!!

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If you redo Decorate and ZScript to work with multithreading, wouldn't that sort of solve itself? As long as you program the new port to interpret the same code the same way (obviously instead executing an equivalent behavior for multithreading), you wouldn't have to change anything about the existing Decorate/ZScript code, right?

Granted, it's not necessarily going to be that simple in every single case, but it should interpret existing code as that would be the design intent.

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>Granted, it's not necessarily going to be that simple in every single case
And it's certain that it wouldn't be

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It actually looks good, what engine is that?

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>Chocolate Doom
Sounds delish.

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At that point you might as well play SNES Doom

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what snes doom hahah no play the 3DO port

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Its TAS tools are VERY noticable in demos.
How'd you think this shnigger happened

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I though GZDoom was the most used port. Who the hell plays anything on PrBoom?

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For most cases it would though, wouldn't it? If my Decorate actor is a tree that just stands there, or an inherited Cyberdemon that's twice as fast, how much room would there actually be for error? A lot of the really straight forward code seems like it'd be very simple to account for, assuming you seek to emulate actor flags and functions. ZScript seems like it would be the harder part.

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I'll never get over 'smite of disrespect'
Fucking dragonfags, man.

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GZdoom is fun.

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How do i make gzdoom run at 320x200 fullscreen instead of having the black cropping?

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The problem: a LOT of Decorate code is full of weird hax/workarounds placed there because engine at the time did not support the desired feature natively.
Even straightforward reimplementation of the backbone code does not guarantee it will work exactly the same, which will make the whole thing crumble in unexpected ways when haxy/workaroundy Decorate code is run through it.

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GZDoom can't run in 320x200 now. 640x400 is new minimal resolution, and it won't go lower than that, unless you use a special shader.

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on 4.4.2?
yes it can? wut
left is 320x200, right is 640x400

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IIRC graf was vehemently against that

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I'm using a 64-bit Pentium Dual Core with Win10 installed. Both source ports worked fine on my laptop from a few years ago, but have stopped working since I switch to this setup.

Yeah I own all the games on Steam but I'm familiar with using source ports. It's just this computer I'm on now that has an issue with them.

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against what?

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Around 3.6 or so (year 2017) (when he switched the window managing tool, and removed the precise resolution option that was later patched back in after great drama) He deliberately removed option to use 320x200, and trying to force it resulted in 640x400 instead. He cited some technical reasons for that or some such. (Main reason - Windows 10 didn't natively support it, and its own downscaling was too hacky for his tastes)
This is in fact a reason "Vanilla Essence" mod was made, as it was not possible to achieve 320x200 res by any means except shader.
Ability to use 320x200 was added back in 4.3, again via shader. If you play in full screen you can actually see it - as when you enter main menu the shader is temporarily disabled and you can see the game doubling res to actual minimum of 640x400.

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err Idk
it works for me
I have Vanilla essence and the difference isn't noticeable when I use the 200p option

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Thats the thing, the option was not there for 3+ years lol

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With all that extensive rewriting of the doom engine by the (G)ZDoom team, i wonder, is there even any legacy code left that was written by Carmack. At some point it will not be the "Doom engine" anymore, more like a very advanced fork that has some history with the doom engine.

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Not in GZDoom. All that code was thrown out when they made transition to GPL.

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>cripsy doom
>unity port
if you use gzdoom "for the authentic doom experience" I will fucking murder you

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nobody said that faggot
people hate gzdoom because it has real issues with incompatibility
>why are wojak posters so fucking retarded

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gzdoom if you're a zoomer, chocolate doom otherwise. maybe even the vanilla bethesda port, i hear it's a lot better nowadays.

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Hmm, sounds like it mostly a one-man's hobby engine project nowadays then. If you care about a game the way it is, you would think that you won't stray far off from the basics. I always had that feeling with GZDoom, it doesn't quite know what it wants to be. Not vanilla, not fullblown technical stuff like Doomsday engine, a bit in between.

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I can see some hax not working, but a lot of them are straight forward. Worst case a multicore derivative of GzDoom would be a separate build, and if you wanted to play an old mod in it for better performance, you'd have to refurbish it (I've had to tweak old broken mods before to get them working).
Then you still have the regular GzDoom as it is.

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It's a lot of fun.

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Are you using the 64bit versions of the programs I mean.

>> No.7030378

> (Main reason - Windows 10 didn't natively support it, and its own downscaling was too hacky for his tastes)
I can see the rationale in a way, most people probably aren't using GzDoom in that resolution. I can also see the rationale for cutting old OpenGL support, as that was getting bothersome to maintain, I was mad about its loss, but LzDoom kind of fixes that.

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Unity port is a lot better now, but the PS4 version still doesn't let you rebind your controller, and I wish it'd let you set a lower gamma than what is available.

>> No.7030410

>Hmm, sounds like it mostly a one-man's hobby engine project nowadays then.
That's what it is, for its faults, I really appreciate being able to use Doom's gameplay and levels for all kinds of different modding. You can create all new gameplay and then put it in any Doom levels you want, which has fantastic mileage, likewise putting regular Doom gameplay (which is a good core foundation to be working around) in all kinds of weird levels beyond the means of the normal game. The gameplay is maybe off by 10% to 20% in terms of authentic vanilla behavior, depending on how you configure it, but I think that's a worthwhile tradeoff for making it really malleable for doing almost anything you want with it. Stuff like Hideous Destructor and Treasuretech is something you can't quite get elsewhere.

Would you say it's Barrels O' Fun?

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You'll miss lot of great wads, if you use chocolate instead of prboom.

>> No.7030602

I wasn't aware a 64-bit Chocolate Doom existed. I'm using the same files I was using on my laptop, which was also 64-bit. My GZDoom is definitely 64bit but still I get an error message regarding OpenGL driver not being accelerated.

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One of the ten billion Doom source ports. Either Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom PrBoom-plus, or GZDoom. It really depends on your tastes, Chocolate or Crispy for accuracy, PrBoom for speedruns, GZDoom for modding, and I guess Odamex if you're one of the few people left interested in Doom multiplayer

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i do if playing doom 1 and 2 vanilla. i unbind moving with mouse and rebund moving/strafe to WASD though. moving with mouse is gay as shit.

>> No.7031372

Is it a sin if I play it on the PS4?

>> No.7031732

The PS4 version is fine, not the best way to play Doom, but definitely not the worst way.

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I've been wanting to try Brutal Doom for the longest time but I am not sure what I need to try it. Do I just need GZDoom and the wads? Last time I played I used Chocolate Doom.

>> No.7031818

You just need GZDoom (or LZDoom) if you want to play Brutal Doom

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It took YEARS for someone to call him out, and it HAD to be another speedrunner so that anyone would listen. TAS tools go further than slow-mo, and even then, but if you look at his mistakes, learn how to avoid 'em, know how to use slow-mo properly for the purpose of cheating, you very easily can get away with it.

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>How does one play Doom, as one would at its release, in the modern day?
The original game exe through Dosbox is the obvious option. A source port called Chocolate Doom aims to offer the same classic experience without any sort of emulation. I don't remember if it upscales the resolution or anything, it might add a modern feature or two?

>or the Unity port
No, you shut your whore mouth. OP wants Doom in the Doom engine.

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Mouse support is not mouselook. He was using the term mouselook correctly.

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You're retarded.

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So accuracy means 35fps which is really stupid. I'd wish to play it accurate except it should have 60fps.

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100 percent this

>> No.7033457

Chocolate Doom adds no features what so ever, it can still experience visplane overflows and stuff, ergo it doesn't even raise static limits. It's a perfect emulation of the v1.9 executable, with all the bugs and limitations intact.

The Unity port isn't actually bad, it was a dumpsterfire of legendary proportions on launch, but they did actually fix the problems. There's some differences, but not big ones, the gameplay is authentic.

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Easy mode: DOSBOX
Medium: PCem
Hard: real hardware

>> No.7034559

The Unity port uses the Doom engine (as a library).

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