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List them.
>e.g. give Iolo a triple crossbow in Ultima 7 and watch him shoot you in the back with it.
>webm unrelated.

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SMG to Ian in Fallout

Hell I wouldn't trust Marcus with the mini either

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Wacky Wheels, so comfy!

A funny way to die i experienced as a kid in 96' or something. I was playing Heretic with a friend, and i knew it ran on the Doom engine, sneaky as we were we tried to enter the Doom cheatcode for Godmode, which was IDDQD. It killed us instantly in Heretic, turns out it was a joke/reference by the devs.

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Why do all the sonic games have fall through the floor glitches? Every fucking one from 2 onwards

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>Wacky Wheels
its called wacky whools

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Disliking a Zelda game gets you murdered in /vr/

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Super Sonic into the shitpit in Mystic Mine is even worse

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Except the tire rim is an e

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I came here to look for this lmao

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If you unlocked Super Sonic, you can also get stuck between two unbreakable walls in Wing Fortress Zone. The only way to get out is wait for a Time Over.

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Wait. Why did it a Fallout 1 post get deleted?