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>Penthouse>Kokubo Sosho>Bank>Displace>Cargo>Lighthouse>Battery=>Bathouse>Hokkaido

Chaos Theory>Double Agent (xbox)> SP1 => Pandora Tommorrow

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Every track in this game is amazing but Battery and Cargo should be in the top 3. The first half of Battery is the single greatest sneaking song ever put together: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsxhy_9iijg

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Still the best sneaky game ever made.

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Idk if I agree with that. There's still the one.

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MAssive yikes

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SC1 is pure trial and error bullshit.

Chaos Theory is much more forgiving while still offering an ok challenge.

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Iconic stealth games

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This, but OP was prob talking about the music of 1 >= Pandora not the gameplay.

It's kinda crazy how iconic the night vision became. It's like every depiction of night vision goggles now has 3 instead of 2. I see it in the weirdest fucking places. Even a training video at work.