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>Could have been "the one" - like the Neo of sixth gen wrestling game
>Doesn't introduce six players at once, and thus, no Elimination Chamber match (easily the best game type in the PS2 Smackdown games)
>Instead, is "The One" Billy Gunn and fumbles the ball like Assman did with his KOTR win

How did they mess this up so badly?

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>>Instead, is "The One" Billy Gunn and fumbles the ball like Assman did with his KOTR win
To be fair, Billy Gunnis a jabronie no-talent no-charisma piece of trash and never deserved to be KotR in the first place. Russo is a fucking idiot.

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holy fucking based

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Billy & Chuck was the peak of Billy Gunn
Yeah the Outlaws were fun for a solid half year there but it's not like Billy particularly contributed to the success of the group, they barely even let him talk

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So basically Mr. Ass was the Jannetty of Outlaws?

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Much as it pains me to say this, Billy was the Michaels. As a duo, Road Dogg was obviously more charismatic and people liked him more. Problem is that Road Dogg is a fucking terrible singles guy, also he was gone by 2001 while Billy remained. Billy isn't much of a singles guy either but he did better at least, if only because for some reason they kept trying to make him a thing.

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The Pinnacle of Sports Entertainment!

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I have all 4.

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Me too. Actually, I have two copies of both World Tour and No Mercy, but whatever.

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Awesome. You could sell your extra copies. Which what I did with some games I own.

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I hate those fucking weebs that think VPW2 is the best

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VPW2 is basically these four games optimized for puro, with MMA/PRIDE mode playing the role of gimmick matches.

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>VPW2 is basically these four games optimized for faggots

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I have all six.

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Its a shame ECW didn't get at least one game with this engine.
inb4 ecw hate.

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I alway wondered why people rate the DoR games that high and even (sometimes) compare it to No Mercy in terms of the controls. I haven't played No Mercy (or VPW since I never had a N64), but if those have indeed similar controls I doubt that they are that good. Well, the DoR engine lived on for two more games (Wrestle Kingdom (XBox 360 and PS2) and Wrestle Kingdom 2: Pro Wrestling Sekai Taisen (now PS2 only since nobody gave a shit about wrestling games on the XBox)) but I didn't like both of them and did really regret importing at least WK1, since it suffered from the same problems as DoR2. Especially the loading times were absolutely atrocious. At least the roster of WK2 was awesome, but who cares about that, when the gameplay is shit. Yuke's always were a mediocre developer at best and a pretty lazy one at their worst, considering the jankyness of their other wrestling games.

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Signed by Mick Foley. I rarely get a chance to show this to people I figured you guys would appreciate it

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>but I didn't like both of them


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ok cornetty

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Mick Foley is a Democrat and a moron. But kudos to you getting an autograph from your favorite wrestler.

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Based polcel

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I don't post on /pol/ and I have a girlfriend.

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Poster of the cart and not the guy who called you a polcel here. Thanks anon I appreciate the kind words.

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The last puro game on console was Wrestle Kingdom 2 on PS2 in 2007. It used the same engine DOR used.

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You're welcome.

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>tag match with rhino
>angle tells me to let him make the pin
>he’s ai controlled and sucks, so I have to carry him
>keep losing
>eventually rhino puts a dude into a submission move
>he taps out
>it didn’t count
I’m still mad.

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>I have all six
Are you lumping in the Def Jam games?

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>Mick Foley is a Democrat and a moron
So are Steve Austin and The Rock.. I guess you still have Hulk Hogan

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>Steve Austin
My ass.

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>the anti-Yukes guy is here again

More like Val Venis.

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There's nothing wrong with being anti-Yukes, even if I think Here Comes the Pain is wrestling game kino

AKI got screwed like Bret

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>he doesn't know

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- horrible loadings times, i.e. creatings custom entrances is a chore
- terrible progression System (especially WK1) that's more a matter of chance rather than skill, i. e. indeed only randomly learning moves from various opponents, so you can't actually plan your edit wrestlers moveset - and you have to go through the boring story mode again and again
- still outdated graphics (despite at least being slightly above the level of the PS2 WWE games)
- I don't like the grapple System with light (but fast) and "strong" (but slow) grapples with corresponding moves
- partially stiff und ugly animations and animation transitions (a "trademark" of Yuke's games)
- the many in-game minigames, i. e. test of strength etc. are bothersome and too much button mashing for my taste, WK2 has even more of these
- the counter system is garbage (mostly WK1)
- it's still just the old Day of Reckoning engine and it shows

+ awesome Roster for at least WK2 with lots of actual legends with also many western wrestlers, i.e. Vader, Steve Williams, Stan Hanson, Original Tiger Mask, Hayabusa etc.