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Unironically speaking, why is the Saturn so well liked on the /vr/ scenario? Also, why is emulation so hard to achieve for this console?

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Underdog and it had tons of arcade ports.

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>and it had tons of arcade ports.
No exclusive games that comes to mind?

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this is the contarian/hipster board.
popular things bad failed things good.

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Aside from Sega's arcade games there were tons of shumps that either straight up weren't on the PlayStation or took a major hit in quality because that system couldn't do real 2d. Take a look at Darius Gaiden for instance. Saturn was simply the better platform for it.

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He just asked for exclusives and you mentioned an arcade game. Autism.

Is there no Shenmue of the Saturn? Anything at all?

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If you include the ram cart and the hundreds of quality games that just never made it over here, it's even better.
Otherwise, you're talking about maybe a dozen or so must haves for NA.
Pic is from last year, so the links may no longer work, just FYI.

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Obviously there were games like Burning Rangers, Nights, and Guardian Heroes. Arcades were still a thing in 94 and PCs couldn't handle emulating Model 2 hardware. If you wanted to play Virtua Fighter 2 at home this was your only option. I'm not trying to shit on the PlayStation or anything either. 2d games were simply better on the Saturn.

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>Is there no Shenmue of the Saturn? Anything at all?
Action/Adventure games are pretty rare on the Shiturn. There's Deep Fear, a sub-par RE clone, Shining and Beyond Oasis sequels that look like SNES games, and inferior versions of Tomb Raider and Resident Evil.

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That as well as it had a lot of weeb games. Emulation is so hard because the hardware is even more of a clusterfuck than the PS3. Not only is it a clusterfuck trying to figure out what does what and how, but it's also a dinosaur. There's also not a lot of interest from homebrew devs seeing as how it's so obscure.

also this

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It is well liked because it has plenty of great games. Emulation is hard because the Sega Saturn uses two 32 bit processors and quads instead of triangles.

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Every day must be such a challenge for you. But thats the adventure called life, anon.

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Ever since a year ago or so australiakun decided to start a shitposting campaign against the Saturn, and so bernieposting began. Nobody really picked on his shitty shitposts until recently when new kids from /v/ joined the board and actually found the bernieposting funny enough to copy.
At the end of the day Saturn was always a cult console, and only people who don't like video games dislike it.

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The guy has more mental disorders than /vr/ has unique anons.

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Tell me more about this australia kun

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It's miles better than the N64, which is the retard console of choice.

For me, the real stand-out console is the PC Engine, which was just completely fucked by release date in the west. The Saturn was fucked over primarily by retarded marketing, a braindead SoA who didn't want to be known as the "weeb" console so they put all their bets on fucking Sonic, and Virtua Fighter convincing the japs to rush the console out in America.

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Didn't even exist as a concept back then.
Cute when zoomers try to explain about things they don't really know about.

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>all that crap in that image

Neck yourself

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>>Didn't even exist as a concept back then.
Oh no, he's fucking retarded. Let me guess, the first anime you ever saw was dragonball?

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I can't tell you why anyone here would like the Shiturn, but I can tell you why it's so hard to emulate: it's a piece of shit and no one smart enough to program an emulator for it wants to because they know the Shiturn fucking sucks.

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Fuck you

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No exclusives

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it's rare and hard to come by

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All I want for Christmas

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>Never the console
>Never drew a dime
>Never had a good game outside Japan or that utilizes 3D capabilities
>Tanked the buyrate of Dreamcast so hard it caused Sega to stop making consoles
>Difficult to develop or emulate due to complicated architecture and use of quads
>Only the 3rd best-selling 5th generation console worldwide
>Only the 3rd best when it comes to 3D rendering performance
>Jannetty to PlayStation even later on in Japan
>Launch Daytona USA port so badly optimized Sega Rally guys had to code a better port
>Sonic game development shafted so badly that FIVE Genesis Sonic games have to be ported
>High reliance on arcade ports
>Every decent first-party Saturn game with international release had a PC port, further questioning relevance of Saturn
>Online services used by nobody
>Porn games literally allowed in Japan in pitiful attempt to get salarymen dimes, causing a ROM site to list a stripping game the most downloaded Saturn game at one point
>Existence pretty much erased from Sega's official history books outside Japan as a result of tanking Sega's console chances

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So it didn't have any great exclusives? No wonder PS1 did so well when it's competitors had no games

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Dark Savior, Dragon Force, the Panzer Dragoon games (especially Zwei), Bulk Slash, Deep Fear, Torico/Lunacy, Shining the holy ark.
These are my personal recommendations.

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it had games and could compete with the ps1 in the first 2 years. then around 97 it was over and ps1 got all the masterpieces

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Quite simple why it's so well liked by retro fans. It wasn't a success, but it wasn't a complete failure either, so it has a decent library. It's no Virtual Boy or 32x. Limited sales means that those games didn't all get big widely distributed sequels and ports and remakes like the PS1's best games did. Basically, you can play the PS1's best games almost everywhere, but if you want to play the Saturn's best games, until recently you needed a Saturn. That gave it a certain mystique.

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>Rememebr I gave 2 Saturns kicking about
>Look at prices for those USB loaders
>Fucking like £160+
Bit fucking steep.

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