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ITT rarest games you own

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Silent Hill 1, Zelda CDi games.

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I have a copy of sonic 1 that was never released and sold in stores

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It's complete garbage and not valuable in the slightest but I guarantee you there's less copies printed of this than any of your meme-rare games

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Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

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Splatterhouse (PC version)
Batman Forever The Arcade Game (PS1)
Power Stone 2 (Dreamcast)

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I see what you did there. Nice Perfect Dark, by the way.

My rarest game is probably either Metroid II GB or Killer7 GC. I used to own MvsC2 PS2, but sold it years ago.

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I always wondered about stuff like this, or like those weird games I remember seeing at Rite Aid and nowhere else. Beyond that it, though, the PS2 is unique in that a lot of its rarer games are...good?

Whereas stuff like the NES, like...Panic Restaurant or Bonk's Adventure wouldn't crack a top 100 best games list.

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ducktales 2

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bought it from gamestop back in 2002 for $15. maybe ill take a picture at home and post tommorow. im banned at home.

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Can't be that rare. I just looked it up and this game sells pretty cheap on eBay.

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Dragonforce on the sega saturn. Bootleg of duke nukem 3d for genesis

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Castlevania Dracula X or Actraiser II, I suppose. Maybe Megaman X2 and 3.

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I have a couple different versions

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Probably Alien Hominid, Amazing Tater, and a Super Mario Bros 4 NES proto.

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All PAL, so worthless (Unless reigon free)
>Tombi 2 (Rental Copy)
>Klonoa 1, 2 and Wiimake (Also Beach Volleyball but who cares)
>Pokemon GoD
>SMT Soul Hackers / DeSu Overclocked / Nocturne / DDS / P3 FES / P4 (I don't think these are rare but can be pricey)
>3D Dot Game Heroes
>Yakuza 2 (Although I think this went down when 2 Kiwami came out)
>JoJo HttF Dreamcast (Also ASB and EoH but I'm not sure if they're rare or hard to come by)
>Shenmue 1 and 2 (Dreamcast)
>Sonic Shuffle
>MGS Legacy Collection
>Persona 4 Arena with the vinyl

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thank you, please do.

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Figured this would be as common as SMB + Duck Hunt until I checked last year. I now make sure to take special care of it at all times.

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Either Klonoa 1 or Duck Tales 2

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Tengen Tetris on NES.

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Probably Gleylancer

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That's neat. Didn't know it was a thing

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>Has a rated T for Teen
fuck off faggot

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Very nice collection

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can you give a story about the CDi games? did you get them when the CDi was fresh at the time and now you just kind of are 'stuck' with them? (not in a bad way) also unrelated but is silent hill series worth playing at all.

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not that anon, but silent hill 1, 2 and 3 are good. out of those, i would say 2 is my favorite.

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2 is every NPC's favorite.

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Nice one. May I see how both discs look inside?

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SH is absolutely worth playing. Opinions can vary about which one's the best but all 4 are worth playing.

I got a CDi in 2014, did some layout changes so I could change the battery easily, and then got both Zeldas at a decent price on an Ebay auction. I'd love to have the third one, but by this point the prices are way too high to drop on a meme game.

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you forgot to post a wojack picture, anon.

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I bought this for like 8 bucks a few years ago.

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Skies of Arcadia for GC(bought it for $10)
And not retro but was surprised to find out recently that Gravity Rush remake for the PS3 is rare.

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It's still pretty cheap, so that's not really impressive. Check eBay.

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How TF do those games remain where they are even when they're sideways???? Shouldn't they fall down???

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Thanks, that's the Sega shelf alone though. On its right you can see the Nintendo one, and on the left sony/snk/nec/vectrex

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Don't worry anon I made sure to glue them up

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That's a very nice PS1 collection. One of the few I've seen where mist of the games are quality and not just bargain bin shovelware. You should add Ronin Blade to it btw. It's a samurai hack n slash game.

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How did you like it? I have like 3 copies of this game.

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I wasn't bragging. My point is that it's not a rare game. Thank you for furthering it.

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Oh, shit. Let's just pretend I was agreeing with you and didn't misread your post, then.

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Having the boxes on display is way better than having shelves of sideways plastic with a sliver of the label

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>I have like 3 copies of this game.
pics and timestamp or gtfo.

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Project Justice or Giga Wing 2 probably.

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Mega Man 8 on Saturn for me

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but what if off off?

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Probably Panic Restaurant. or Action 52 fro the NES.
Haven't checked the prices in years, those are just some I haven't come across in person in about 5 years.

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I don't know about rare, but the most expensive according to Gameye right now is my copy of Earthbound in the big box.

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is it b-b-b-beytah!!!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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I always just end up selling anything that ends up being worth money. As much as I like physical games I just can't justify hanging onto something worth hundreds of dollars when I could just have the money and play it some other way.
Sometimes, I do feel jealous of people's collections, but I'll just get art books or strategy guides for games I really like instead. They'll offer more than some instructions and case that I can get a bunch of money for anyway.

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didn't know there was a saturn version of mm8

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Two copies of Snatcher. One PAL, one NTSC.

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i have an rca studio ii, cadash for turbografx probably

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Unfinished English translation debug version of the first Starfy. It has swear words in it, likely because the Japanese team who was doing the first pass translation didnt quite grasp what was appropriate wording to use in a family friendly Nintendo game.

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Probably Ninja Five-0

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3ds megaten are stonks.
glad I got mine a few yrs ago, shortly after release. I remember this autistic friends telling me: it's not enough to just buy them, you gotta play them lol
Which I do, just enjoy a variety of genres and megaten is time consoooming

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Kinda bummed I sold my Gley Lancer.
Granted it was over 25 years ago, but still.

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Well you can buy it back for less than 200$ if you are lucky enough and cut all middle men

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Yep I agree. For me that's the point of having a CIB collection

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Because they're the best video game cases ever conceived.

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Thanks for the suggestion I will check it

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Conker's Bad Fur Day
Metroid Prime Trilogy steelbook on Wii
Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade (GBA Japan version)
F-Zero GX
Phantasy Star for Master System
Otogi for Xbox
Shining Force CD

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Somewhere around here I also have Sega CD Snatcher.

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I saw this pic on neogaf.

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I would assume so because only betas play soinic

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I did post this elsewhere, but not on neogaf. Also here is another angle not posted before.

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go back to resetera, tranny

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why you lie on internet posting repros?

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Masters of Combat is probably my rarest. I have a few other Master System games that usually go for above average prices too.

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Probably Adams Family on the megadrive, cart only unfortunately.

Not that I'm that bothered though, it's a shit game.

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Masters of Combat is pretty cool but i'd never pay anything close to the asking price for it. Master of Darkness is also criminally overlooked.

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the curse of shitty North American cover art strikes again

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I got Masters of Combat on release in 1993, so it was just normal price for me.
Yeah, Master of Darkness is a great alternative to Castlevania on the NES. Solid game in every area. Played through it quite a few times.
That Ninja Gaiden game is very good as well. It was a completely new game rather than a port of any of the NES games. Well worth checking out if you like those.

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slap happy rhythm busters

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You again! XD

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Of normal games it's probably my sealed copy of Crack Dot Com's pre Origin release box of Abuse, with t-shirt inside.

I also have a couple prototypes.

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Wrong box art. Here's a pic of the actual copy

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Probably Pulstar AES. I can’t imagine that had a very big print run

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I think these most of these are rare. It’s hard to determine what is and isn’t when everything now is just fucking expensive

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Only rare game I own, I think?

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It's pretty neat since it seems like no English version of the first Starfy was ever announced. Some of the text graphics have been updated as well, like the title screen has a new Starfy title graphic (though iirc it still has Densetsu in Kanji, strangely enough). It also has debug options, in a more functional state than the remnants still found in the final JP ROM.

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wow nice dude

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Mega Man X3
Demon's Crest
Kirby's Dreamland 3
Darkwing Duck

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another time, anon. all my nes games are inside a footlocker in a storage room and some family members rearranged the entire room around and my footlocker is at the very corner of the room surrounded by alot of junk and will take me a while to sort through it all.

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Can you please dump the Starfy 1 English prototype online? Thank you

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Release the starfy English demo, you hoarders need to stop hiding these lost peices of media

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