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Face it, this game single-handedly saved post-console Sega.
>inb4 arcade biz

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Not at the time, it didn't.

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Agreed, it certainly has become a phenomenon, but it definitely wasn't then. And you could also make the case that Shenmue ironically saved SEGA since Yakuza wouldn't exist without it.

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Will shenmue and yakuza ever not be uttered in the same sentence?

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No, they're literally the same type of game.

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Sega never needed "saving"

Just because you don't like Sonic games doesn't mean they don't sell. You're going to have to accept this as fact sooner or later.

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I heard they also manufacture these UFO catcher nip shit. Must be somewhat profitable in Japan, I guess

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Haruka is cute.

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I'll be honest, when the game first came out the only reason I was interested was because magazines at the time were comparing it to Shenmue.

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>makes the first open world game
>fires its creator
>makes 16 more games that exactly the same except about nip bloods vs crips
>confused at why people compare the two

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That's part of their arcade business though.

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no they aren't

If Yakuza is anything, it's 3D streets of rage set in Tokyo

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When they first came out I loved shenmue for being an immersive adventure rpg. I dismissed yakuza as japanese flavored GTA clone.

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>implying Shenmue isn't
>implying Yakuza isn't an adventure game like Shenmue with a bigger focus on combat

Yakuza is 100% based on the formula and gameplay that Shenmue created. It's undeniable. The minigames and QTEs alone are enough to draw a correlation.

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When were there QTEs in Yakuza?

Admittedly it's been 10 years since I played the first two games

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They're all over the place in Kiwame, I've only dicked around with the PS2 versions tbqh.

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The yakuza games were obscure as fuck back then, what kept SEGA going was putting their games on all 3 of the other consoles. Their stock rose like crazy after they announced they’d be a 3rd party multiplat publisher.

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>inb4 arcade biz
unironically yes. deal with it

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I know you’re just a kid and also never been to Japan so you wouldn’t understand, but the arcade business made and still makes them good money, sorry that triggers you.

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I certainly remember the post japanese Yakuza 5 launch when it became clear we weren't getting new Yakuza games ever in the west... then by miracle Y5 got brought over as a digital download, Yakuza 0 which was the perfect starting point for new players and had a focus on ~le zany eyepatch man~ for half the game also got localized, then became a PS Plus free game... and the rest is history and a ton of cringy MAJIMAposting.

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you mean pachinko?

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Yu Suzuki retired after killing Sega with Shenmue. Yuji Naka works for fuggin Square Enix now. They should merge with Koei Tecmo or Namco at this point.

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Both series are just shitty Kunio-kun rip-offs anyways.

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Sega has been living on nothing but VF5 arcade quarters

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You're not wrong.

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This is actually my favorite ps2 game, second to blood will tell

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Sonic Adventure 2 unironically did. It remains the highest-selling third-party Gamecube game of all time.

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When will second to blood tell me?

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>open world

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Play Altered Beast, it's Sega's best 3D action game for the PS2.

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Based kuniochad

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Is this game worth playing? Ive never played a single Yakuza game and nobody has ever talked about the originals

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You might as well play the remakes — They are practically one-to-one and easily accessible sincethey're on PC, Xbox, and PS3/4.

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It's 3d Streets of Rage with silly as fuck life sim shit and numerous minigames, like, dozens of them, including rhythm games, watching actual softcore porn, and real Sega games like Virtua Fighter and Hang On in emulation, playable from in-game Sega arcades. This shit goes on between bouts on TV-grade crime drama: real Yakuza, not real Yakuza, brother, not brother, honour, no honour, this kind of shit.

And the most important thing about every Yakuza game is the following. Imagine that you are taught to really fucking hate a bunch of villains over thirty or so hours of garbo cinema. You eat ramen and play minigames to restore HP while they kill and maim all of the good people you meet. Then you are allowed to go and apply fist to face. You throw people out of windows, you stuff heads in toilets, beat up people with their own motorbikes. This is Yakuza in a nutshell. It's simple crime drama for hours... followed by the most satisfying ending you can imagine, in every single game. Kazuma is a guy who can punch Japan's entire mafia in the face until it cries, he just doesn't for a while because honour forbids hi or he's unsure whom to punch. Finally he finds out, or honour allows it, and you're set loose on them all, all at once.

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Pop the game in your ps2 and it will tell you what a perfect game should be

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