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Post and discuss yer fav titles, underrated gems, or ports.

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Dumping some webms.

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Xbox was the PS3/nogaems console of 6th gen.

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Is the Xbox 360 still the best option for getting as many original titles running without issues with Fusion with emulation and no original hardware? Or is xQEMU or other projects coming along that have surpassed that? I would have loved for the Xbox One/Series consoles to have more OG Xbox games available but I was surprised how sparse the catalog was, with less than 50 games. Still better than the competition, but man, that kind of sucks.

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I have no idea about the 360 or any of that, all I know is Xbox One X is simply amazing and the definitive way to play the select few Xbox titles it has in 4K 60fps. This also extends to 360 titles like Ninja Gaiden II.

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xbox 360 still seems to be the best we have control over, sad as that is. but it's surely cheaper and easier to get a modded original than a modded 360.

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Main problem is wanting to play 360 games as well as a requirement of mine so that's why I can't roll with just an original. But I do see your point that if original Xbox games are what you are after, it makes sense. Also, I dunno about prices, especially when supply is tight with the original Xbox in some countries and the 360 can at times be had for cheaper. I live in the US so could go either way depending on what I wanted more.

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This dreary ass game is just beautiful.

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I picked up a beat up OG at a garagesale. With the intention of getting to play hdd backups. The disc drive doesnt seem to work, but its my understanding that you need the drive to work in order to run a softmod exploit? I havent opened it up it see if its a dirty laser or something, but i cant real hear the disc spinning.

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It's a fine console for mech/mecha games.

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360's original emulation is kinda bad and not a good replacement for the original, so don't think of it as killing two birds with one stone, think of it as whether you'd rather mostly play original games or 360 games.
even pretty simple games like halo 1 run worse on 360. it does a nice job upscaling, better than my TV with the original's component signal, but the image quality gained isn't worth the performance lost. JSRF is a joke.

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Don't forget to play the spooky games this month.

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I really do think this is the most horrifying cover to ever release in the west

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Great game to play during winter. You're ostensibly better off with the PC version overall, but there's something about playing this port with the Duke controller's triggers that makes shooting very satisfying.

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>best versions of multiplats 99% of the time
>best online
>best controller
>HDD built in
>those canceled Dreamcast games
>those PC ports
>bunch of other awesome exclusives

Imagine hating the Xbox.

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Tecmo truly loved the old box.

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Based and Billpilled.

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>Imagine hating the Xbox.
Is it even possible?

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OG Xbox has the best version of Splinter Cell 4 since the 7th gen versions (PC/360/PS3) are quite different for the worse.

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i recently got a modded og xbox and downloaded several titles. apart the ones that already were posted here i also got Stubbs and Crimson Sea

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What game is this?

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I've tried really hard to like the Xbox over the years, it just doesn't have the games I'm into with a few exceptions. That being said, Breakdown is a masterpiece and worth getting the console for.

>Spend the weekend playing it with friends
>We're all getting our asses kicked by the final boss
>Every time we lose we have to listen to his speech over again while he's protected by an invulnerability shield
>Beat the piss out of him anyway while waiting
>I start repeatedly doing the straight jaw kick
>Right when he says "BAGGAGE" the kick lands through the shield somehow and boots him square in the face
>He beats the tar out of me while we're all laughing our asses off

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If you're technical it's an easy fix. Dead drive you just need to probe the EEPROM and build a new disc with that key via Xboxhdm or get an Aladdin XT 2 for about $5-$10 (for 1.6A/B also need a few wires to rebuild the LPC debug header + cut a trace) and just Hexen the fuck out of it. See link or check YT/eBay for the XT 2 https://www.instructables.com/id/XBox-EEPROM-ReaderWriter/

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I absolutely love Amped for Xbox, but was pissed off with Amped 3 for 360, it ditched the realism for some really dated wacky style.

Is Amped 2 worth tracking down?

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Amped 2 is one Xbox's god tier exclusives bro.

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does dead or ailve saga on OG xbox have endings like soul calibur or tekken series?

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Back then they could still make experimental games.

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>I only play triple A games that are shilled by IGN

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Wait Yukikaze had a game?! That's cool.

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The Xbox version is best all around besides the resolution. Xbox weirdly got the best version of many games.

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I've heard the system has a fatal flaw in the clock that could ruin the internals, what do I need to look out for when buying one and what do I need to do if I get a bad one?

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Mercenaries is so much fun

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This genre is fucking dead

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This has a modern steam release btw.

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Sweet stage. Modern fighting game snow stages don't even have snow deformation.

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god i hope they are going to add more games to xbone

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>Want to mod extra ram into my Xbox for Virtua Cop 3
>Don't have the soldering wizardry

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It's awesome if only for the racing games and the Tecmo and Sega stuff.

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I played Crimson Sea recently. Almost dropped it after the tutorial because of the awful controls and it made me motion sick but man this is such a great game, I wish more people knew about it.

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Good lord that looks amazing.
Too bad it costs a fortune now.

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Interesting how this game's an exclusive, the sequel is exclusive to PS2. I liked it when shooting games weren't all homogenized.

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>still unported
Why didn't we get it Xbros?

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Is Magatama any good?

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What improves after the tutorial? I got filtered but will give it another shot

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>still can't play these ports in their original language without shelling out big bucks for a pre-owned copy
>they're both on the redump database but no-one leaks xbox sets
maybe I'll get to load them on my xbox during my lifetime

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that's 戦闘妖精雪風〜妖精の舞う空〜, says so right there

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i'm playing it right now and i feel like they removed several cutscenes because the game barely explains anything
also "tilt the stick left/right to make your character turn left/right" is fucking stupid in a game where you're constantly swarmed by enemies
nice Live-D titties though

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I always see a demon doing a handstand and holding his sword in his feet rather than a guy holding his sword.

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So what's the best way to play my OG Xbox in the best possible video quality? Mod? Softmod? Any particular cables? Seems like there are a few options when it comes to connecting via HDMI.

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i have the hd av box going to an ossc and it looks pretty good

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Surprisingly, having an og xbox on amazon is rare.

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There's an actual digital hdmi mod coming out (or did it already come out?).
If you're a CRT nerd, you can hardmod with a VGA bios to connect it to VGA monitors that support sync-on-green. You'll either need component cables + adapter(s), or just wire your own VGA cable.
Be picky about what component cables you use, though. Cheap ones are shit quality.

I'm using a converted xbox 360 component cable connected to the BNC inputs of an FW900.

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>Be picky about what component cables you use, though. Cheap ones are shit quality.
I fucking hate Chinks for stupid shit like this. Same applies for PS2 component.

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i've wondered this too if just because it was the only japanese game on the 360 store.

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amazon usually has worse deals than ebay for used shit.

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crazy good game

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anyone else play this?? my brother and i loved this game. i never really see it referenced so maybe its a hidden gem. great co-op or single player and fast paced

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you reminded me of codename kids next door. i tried replaying the game a few years ago and it was much worse than i remember, how was i entertained enough to finish it once?

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Phantom Crash is still on my top 5 list. Never gets old.

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I thought its gonna be just kill hordes of enemies kind of shit and thats it but most missions felt different enough imo. And I just like the setting and the typical corny Japanese story, the music was suprisingly great too. I know its not for everyone, especially if you hate the controls.
Read the little girl's diary and the keyword glossary and talk to npcs and it will make a little bit more sense.
Yeah there is no excuse for tank controls on the 6th gen, but it was managable after I got used to it. B and left trigger helps a lot.

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Shit was basically Mechwarrior 5.

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Really Chang, really?

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Since when did PS3 have the best third party ports of its gen?

>> No.7017542

But XIII is dogshit.

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yeah we played this,missing these games and times

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if you threw C4 onto the hood of a jeep, and you let it go downhill, blowing it up would launch it sky high

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At least the chinese use fully-populated connectors so you can make your own cables out of them.

>> No.7018517

I heard you can also gut official composite leads its all there apparently.

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This is one of those chink things I never understood. Imagine doing 90% right, and then cheapening out on the final 10% which turns the end product into a complete piece of shit.

>> No.7020906

My modded box is starting to freeze when launching a game after playing for awhile, tried switching out the hard drive and adapter so far. Any idea what the issue could be, lads?

>> No.7020952

Probably because the first one sold fuck all on DC.

>> No.7020985

Do original Xbox games run better on 360?

Have a 360 lying around and was thinking of picking up a few of the Sega exclusives like JSRF and Orta.

>> No.7021076

Does it also freeze during the softmod mainmenu if leaving it on?

>> No.7021149

This game starts out so incredibly well but by the middle of the game it’s just repetitive shit. I wish more of the game was like the start where you’re exploring the camps instead of being in some fucking underground Umbrella lair. If it was like half the length it honestly would’ve been better and it’s already not a long game.

>> No.7021185

Don't believe so, but I'll have to check to confirm.

>> No.7021195

From my experience it actually runs worse due to possible emulation errors. Outrun 2 has immense slowdowns specifically in stage 1 (Palmside Beach), and Midnight Club 3 generally plays very very slow in races. The only thing that was enhanced, if it even exists, is probably Halo 2 because iirc MS did some official forward compatibility for that.

>> No.7021203

Not really, at best they run as well, and at worst they have something that makes them straight up unplayable or unable to be finished like Mercenaries.


>> No.7021257

Fuck, Spikeout isn't compatible? I have a copy but my original xbox is long gone.

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Is this thing good? Should I get this (easy to get in my country) or just HD AV Pack (hard to get in my country so I'll have to order it from America)?

>> No.7023120

That's an odd game. i remember it having obscure secrets like having to sink all the pool balls.

>> No.7023220

XOSVP is better if you can get that

>> No.7023973

that's missing raze's hell, whacked, murakumo, thousand land (which got translated recently), both otogi games, steel battalion: line of contact, midtown madness 3, unreal championship 1, blinx 1 and 2, kung fu chaos, voodoo vince, phantom dust, crimson sea, deathrow, spikeout: battle street, blood wake, fuzion frenzy, kingdom under fire: crusaders/heroes, kof neowave, and crazy taxi 3.
xbox has always sucked, but at least it had games back then.

>> No.7024668

It's just a component -> hdmi converter. Buy a real one and use it for any component devices you have.

>> No.7024693

how much does one of these cost these days?

>> No.7025053

>Xbox game on eBay
>Condition: very good
>looks like the case and disc were rubbed on concrete and foreign fluids spilled on the manual
>every time
WTF is wrong with Americans?

>> No.7026084

haha we are in control of your games! nothing you can do! gangs on the loose!

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File: 1.68 MB, 1440x960, The Thing (Xbox).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's really Wasted Potential: The Game

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so i am a noob to a lot of this stuff, what was the deal with the mod chips? What do they do? What do they offer? I see people selling xboxes with mod chips on occasion but i have no clue what the benefit is.

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File: 153 KB, 408x591, b30a52247d6bdbe50134f1216e9d8ae3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I play this on Xbox?

>> No.7028793

this looks so fun.

>> No.7028840

It had the best actual hardware of the big 3 that gen. How is it weird that it always had the best versions of multiplatform games?

>> No.7028872

We work hard, we play hard.

>> No.7028983

Modchips bypass the bios chip and boot a custom bios. They generally don't give you extra features compared to flashing the console's own chip with the custom bios (known as TSOP flashing).
They're useful for revision 1.6 xboxes that don't have a flashable TSOP, or if you're fiddling with the bios often.

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File: 86 KB, 640x908, xbox_sega_gt_2002-110214[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Played this so so much.
Was better than forza, even though it was much simpler.

>> No.7029948

>he didn't like Amped 3
That game was utter insanity and i loved it

>> No.7030276

Eh, it had everything to be great but was somehow lacking, just really ordinary. I did play it a lot just because it came with my 360, but never really enjoyed it as much as Forza later.

>> No.7030497

I wish the controller was used for more than just 1 game (LoC doesn't count). What a waste.
Mechwarrior 5 should've been developed on xbox with that controller in mind. Mechassault was great as an arcade game but they shouldn't have abandoned Mechwarrior or the SB controller. Anything would've been better than MW:O or the MW5 we got.

>> No.7030505

>It's real
When the fuck did that happen?
Is the PC port any good?

>> No.7030768

Mechassault was fantastic on Xbox Live. Definitely something that should have seen a PC port so that online could survive.

>> No.7030778

Is this console easy to mod? I'm interesting in getting one to play all the cool exclusives, because emulation for it is nonexistent

>> No.7030792

It's apparently pretty easy to mod. The problem is that it used a capacitor to store data instead of a battery so any random one you might find is kind of likely not to work. Same deal with the game gear. The capacitor blows and that shit ends up pouring onto the board. Heads up to anybody wondering why theirs suddenly stopped working out of nowhere.

>> No.7030805

I never beat this game. I bought a used Xbox and essentially just this game. I tried playing it but I got filtered by the boring introduction. I never even got to the part where things get crazy. The melee combat was cool but you were forced into gunfights too often.

>> No.7030809

The capacitor is just a battery for the clock. It is a capacitor and stores no “data”. The damage caused by it is usually easily reversed. The original Xbox is really easy to mod and there’s even a large Reddit community where you can borrow the supplies for modding your xbox

>> No.7030813

Generally speaking if it has a PC port, no.
There are a few exceptions like one of the 007 games. The PC got it's own version which is complete garbage.

>> No.7030824

>Is Amped 2 worth tracking down?
Yes, it's a more refined version of 1. Shame Microshit went for the retarded LOL XD RANDOM faggotry for the third.
I guess you must've been 8 years old when you played it.

>> No.7031194

Mechassault and Steel Battalion
We need more of that.

>> No.7031267


a game with a dedicated controller/interface will always achieve a level of immersion that others can't, sadly it's prohibitively expensive/unwieldy to do so outside of arcades

>> No.7031328

Maybe a bit late but it is fully playable on CXBX-R now and they're trying to get online working again too.

>> No.7031389

from what i remember this game uses a spell system that has you drawing symbols with the controls so obviously mouse is going to be way better for that

>> No.7031420

TTT2's Christmas stage has snow deformation

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