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What is the best MGS, and why is it MGS3?

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1 = 2 > 3. But all three are classic

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Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions

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what illness do I have if my favorite version of MGS3 is the Vita version?

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>what illness
Chronic CRT deprivation

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Shit moviegames and Konami's worst IP.

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Thief and shmups are for mentally ill trannies.

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Vita is just subsistence with a framerate that doesn't suck. Why would you not play it on Vita.

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because people make fun of me for having a vita

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Because MGS3 has replay value and is not overly autistic unlike MGS5.

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Best replay value with the dog tags.
The vr missions are similarly addicting (and tough)

MGS1 and MGS3 are masterpieces too tho.

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The part that kills 2 for me during replays are the Bomb fetch quest, Fatman boss (I like the character, not the fight), and the Metal Gear Ray(s) fight Well, the more I think about it, the more I remember not liking certain section's gimmicks, alot of MGS2's feels monotonous, But don't get me wrong I love the whole series. 3 truly is the most replayable next to 1. V and 4 have great gameplay. and PW feels like VR missions for MGS3. Also play Ghost Babel

TLDR 3=1>2>GB>V>4>MG>PW>S'sR off the top of my head haven't played PO or MG2 yet

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Unironically Peace Walker and Phantom Pain
Fuck you I liked it

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Nice digits

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Peace Walker is great. Phantom Pain is fun but didn't hold my interest.

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>VR Missions
I definitely got this game just to "play as the ninja". The "mystery mode" missions are the thing that left the most impression on me though.

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Awesome memories

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Dogshit games and not retro >>>/v/

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Reminder when Kojima ripped off Evangelion Iron Maiden?