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name a console that's more overrated by hipster weeaboo failures than this fucking thing

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Is there anything on this console for people who aren't speed runners?

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Mario Party, the Mario sports series, Super Smash Bros, Resident Evil, Perfect Dark, Mario Kart, and Pokémon Snap/Stadium 1 and 2 come to mind. Man, this console really was meant for people with friends or people who had siblings they didn't hate, wasn't it? I can't think of any games on the Saturn that were actively pushing towards multiplayer as much as a lot of the games on the N64. Yeah, there were the Bomberman games, but they definitely weren't any Mario Party.

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Ogre Battle 64

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>literally just a PC port machine

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Take your meds. Also console warring is a mental illness

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Hey, anon, Saturn has some really cool /m games.

You shoud give a try:

Assault Suit Leynos 2
Bulk Slash
Gundam Blue Destiny Trilogy
Gungriffon 1 & 2

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You're right, Bomberman is certainly no mario party. Bomberman is actually fun.

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the saturn is based. too bad most of the games are in japanese

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Every console ever.

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*taps microphone*
>Check.. check... Is this thing on?
*audience murmur dies down*
>So... Sega Saturn...
*a lone "oooh" comes from the back of the room*
>299 might not have been the launch price, no, but it was the number of them we managed to sell!
*scattered chuckles reverberate throughout the audience*
>Now, some might be surprised to learn that the Saturn actually outsold the Nintendo 64 in Japan... Not me, though... I always knew it was Number Two! *blows raspberry*
*audience erupts into laughter and applause*
>...And furthermore, does anyone else think that "Saturn" was a lousy name for it? If you ask me, it shoulda been called "Uranus" instead... PEE-YEW!
*roaring laughter and whistles erupt from the audience*
>Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week!

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SNES, the classics are classic, but it is an overrated console with a lot of crap.

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Oh hey there... Australia-Kun

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Any console that isn't made by Nintendo.

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All consoles are shit. With PC's at least you can do something creative, but consoles are just plain consumption platforms.

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OP needs to checkout your list. I have all of those games with the use of my psuedo cartridge.

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Overrated? I've heard legit nothing about the console except it has Panzar Dragoon and Shining game that the US got fucked out of cause "Americans are too autistic for RPG's"

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Why are there so many Saturn "fans" trying to recommend games they never played? The Blue Destiny games are fucking dog shit.

People also like to "recommend" the Nadesico game (which is actually good) but they constantly confuse it with the shitty Dreamcast one and make retarded claims about things in its story that don't exist.

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take your meds no one says the saturn is some kinomachine we hardly have threads on it compared to other consoles

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All Sony consoles.
Literally just shovelware.

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I used to think hiding stupid threads like this one was for fags but this has improved my time in /vr/ exponentially. Highly recommended!.

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>Never the console
>Never drew a dime
>Never had a good game outside Japan or that utilizes 3D capabilities
>Tanked the buyrate of Dreamcast so hard it caused Sega to stop making consoles
>Difficult to develop or emulate due to complicated architecture and use of quads
>Only the 3rd best-selling 5th generation console worldwide
>Only the 3rd best when it comes to 3D rendering performance
>Jannetty to PlayStation even later on in Japan
>Launch Daytona USA port so badly optimized Sega Rally guys had to code a better port
>Sonic game development shafted so badly that FIVE Genesis Sonic games have to be ported
>High reliance on arcade ports
>Every decent first-party Saturn game with international release had a PC port, further questioning relevance of Saturn
>Online services used by nobody
>Porn games literally allowed in Japan in pitiful attempt to get salarymen dimes, causing a ROM site to list a stripping game the most downloaded Saturn game at one point
>Existence pretty much erased from Sega's official history books outside Japan as a result of tanking Sega's console chances

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It had alot of good ideas for games.

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