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What retro hidden gems on GameCube are worth checking out?

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I just played through Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, it's probably better on the Xbox though - it was okay, it suffers from early console FPS syndrome.

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>everytime he uploads a new video
>prices obviously inflated
fuck him and his shitty "hidden gems" videos

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I always see this opinion and it doesn't make sense to me. So you're a person, who was aware of the game, but didn't own it, and wants to buy it instead of just emulating it? Seems like a tiny niche of people. I would think the vast majority people fall under the category of
>Didn't know about the game, therefore shouldn't care about the price move even if they do find it interesting; that's just the price you pay for being unaware until now
>Already owns the game, therefore should be happy about a price move in case they want to sell
>Is just gonna emulate the game anyway so doesn't care about the price

Besides it's not like he's moving the needle THAT much, the moves are just part of a much larger trend of gamecube popularity.

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>hidden gem
Pick one.

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