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Post vidya related stuff that scared you as a child

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I played the first Resident Evil game when I was 10 and I scared quit once these clawing fuckers showed up

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I was very young when I played Oregon Trail II so the scare cords whenever someone died frightened me. The real photos of people didn't help either

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Playing Quake 2 when young was intense, the Strogg were really freaky to me. All that skin grafted onto machines. The Iron Maidens also gave me very confusing feelings.

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House of the Dead 1 scared the fuck out of me as an 8 year old. i remember it giving me this very vivid nightmare scenario right out of the game and i woke up in a panic. first and only time thats ever happened.

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The entire game was a blur to me as a child and then later on when I played it as an adult was surprised by how I wasn't creeped out and unsettled by it. The game is like some strange fever dream.

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That’s the worst. You leave the house thinking you got rid of all of them only to renter a house filled with them and no anmo.

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I thought the scene when you come out of the temple of time and the world has changed (darker) and those guys every where was so cool.

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Fuck these bastards for scaring me at age 9

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There's no way to prepare a five year old child for this.

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There was a PC Silent Hill guide with links to downloads. Does anybody have it?

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I had at least one nightmare about this area as a kid.

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when i was 5 or 6, I was terrified of the red alligator in Frogger (it would replace a lilypad) to the point I'd run out of the room thinking it was going to get me

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Not exactly a stand-out moment to be scared of but as a kid I was so petrified of the zombies in the Cragscleft Mine in Thief that I would spend AGES just dicking around in the little beginning area working up the courage to go in. Typically I would just quit out or play the first two levels instead because my little heart couldn't take it.

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what game is this from?

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What game is this? Looks interesting.

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Monster Party

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Monster Party

it's pretty interesting

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I don't get why people are so spooked by that section.

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I've had games where I wanted it end because they were scary, but this one is special because it is the only game that I wanted to end because of the sheer dread it instilled.

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what is that? i dont remember that from the game

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Go play Cry of Fear.

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I was terrified of the recurring level boss for The Ninja on Master System. Utter nightmare fuel. I have no idea why.

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I remember a PS2 mag in the UK summed Manhunt up as Silent Hill but with monsters replaced by football hooligans. Not exactly accurate but I see where they were coming from.

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The gran turismo 3 fail music for some reason lol

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>zombies in a stealth game

I will never understand this

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It's like being a Thief in D&D. I never understood why people saw zombies and immediately thought they couldn't sneak around them.

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Is that tokentaker?

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The fucking sea snakes in Majora’s Mask. Made me drop the game for months.

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As a kid I could never play through the River of Souls, except for the awesome part with the triceratops. I always used cheats to skip that level.
But then again, I also used cheats to skip Lair of the Blind Ones because that one spooked me too.

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Why not tho

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>Jurassic Park
>Sega Genesis
>The Power Plant Level

Nothing even comes close to fear I experienced playing this

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halloween gaemes

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doesnt get more creepy than this game

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timesplitters is spoopy

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too for me

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That's his little pet Umlaut. You get to blow him away before Tokkentakker at the end.

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Probably not meant to be arrousing huh

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Honestly don't even know if this is retro but it's horrifying and would want to know what game it's from.

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I second this, loved this part as a kid

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that's Arx Fatalis, anon
quality game, but playing for that encounter alone isn't worth it.

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That game scared the shit out of me so bad I started sleepwalking for awhile.

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I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.

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Holy cringepost.

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Whenever undead show up, stealth goes out the window. Why bother sneaking around them when you can effortlessly run/jump around them?

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>That feel the first time through post-ganon castle town

almost shit my fucking pants, that sound chilled my soul

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Thanks, you're the greatest.

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Hot creature

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reminds me of the cyborg midwives from System Shock 2

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This post honestly deserved the soijak responses.

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Holy shit, is this CarnEvil? I saw this in an arcade once when I was really small and it scared the fuck out of me.

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hell yeah it is

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Are the Alice games any good?

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depends. top-tier stuff for an atmospherefag, but the combat is a bit floaty in the first one and a bit simplistic in the sequel. it's all at least serviceable though, worth it just for the edgy setting.

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This shit. Doom itself was too spooky for me to play without all the cheats on, but coming across the scrolling face walls made me feel bad and unsafe

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Can I get a source for all the webm spam? Some of those look neat.

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The thunbnail for this gif looks like a dog giving you the stance it's about to attack but it has a big goofy clown head.

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When ED first came out I played it in my friend's basement. It was summer and hot and there were flies everywhere and of course all over the TV screen. When the bug-filled screen happened I freaked out wondering where all the bugs had come from. Good times. Also the memory card one got me really good.
My own scary memory is the 3 clone battle in Mega Man 3.

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Yeah, I don't remember that location either

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>What is this webm spam?
Ok zoomie...



Zelda OoT

Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future

Parasite Eve


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wtf i never knew about this version

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Pretty sure that's a Puppet Combo game

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What the fuck was her problem?

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The rest of the game is rather tame compared to this startling transformation.

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She wanted to scissor with Jennifer.

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what game is this

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Zombie Revenge

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the PSX version of CarnEvil got cancelled. This is some dude's Unity project.

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The Haunted House boss gave me a boner rather than a scare.

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Yeah, that's Evil Clowns, an FPS by Puppet Combo inspired by CarnEvil. https://youtu.be/iLCpaFfSEUA

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Giant tits and jiggle physics will do that

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With normal enemy NPC's such as guards they all had a pattern with their routes that you could exploit but with zombies they were just wandering around aimlessly at no specific order and worst of all you didn't even need to sneak around them as they walked slow. I get that they were going for the strong fantasy theme but it was absolutely silly to have an entire mission filled with nothing but zombies that you could've literally just speedrun through without having any real practice

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>he actually wasted time sneaking around the zombies

Fucking kek!

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Judge Dredd has a prison level with some power-ups sitting on the ground behind an electric fence. When you disable the fence and try to pick up the items, this fucking abomination appears out of nowhere and tries to kill you with its antennae.

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Like some kind of whip-scorpion man. Creepy

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Specifically the freakshow level. And the observatory level. And the one with the killer pumpkin plants. And the one with the mutated body parts. And the one with the vampires.

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im fucking ashamed of myself

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Oh my god.

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The two things that come to mind is the horror level from Gex: Enter the Gecko and the more obscure game Jersey Devil. Jersey devil is cartoony and harmless now but as a child I was really off put by the whole thing.

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As a child, me and my friend were big into cryptozoology so we freaked out when we heard about Jersey Devil, but it looked pretty lame.

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it is a pretty standard platformer but the intro was hand drawn and was quite memorable


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I couldn't play the first person segments in snes' jurassic park for the life of me.
I rented it once and had to have my dad return it the same night.

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This should be a cartoon series.

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Why were the MedEvil series so underrated?

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I was gonna mention the genesis/mega drive port, myself. The 'level start' screen with the snarling alien haunted my mind for a good while. It wasn't for a good while until I worked up the courage to see what else was in store:

>Forced to watch as each prisoner you missed dies via chestburster if you run out of time
>That fourth area where the foreground can hide ground aliens until they're right on top of you

It's strange though. The aliens have never really bothered me in any way, but that shot of the one sneering around the corner in this game still unnerves me. Would make for a pretty unique spoiler box edit, though.

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Them fucking dogs.

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How did I miss that shes wearing... Bondage-gear lingerie (?) in the second half of the fight.

>> No.6994797


Yeah, those were eerie indeed.

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Bruh, I've downloaded the game, booted it up, but it keeps crashing pretty often.
I've already fixed the framerate and turned off physix, what is there else to do with this thing?

>> No.6995031

you should probably at least specify which one you're running.
anyway, I usually stash any mods I end up needing to run a game, and I've got nothing for either of them. must have just worked, can't help ya.

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So this is a strange one. When I was real little probably about four years old. We had the C64 hooked up. And we got these Music Track disks from my father's friend that got us pirated games for the thing. On one of these music track disks there was a track on there that conjured up the image of a car accident at night. A dead family member. Everything slick with rain. Reflectors shining brightly from passing cars. I don't have any idea why it gave me such a feeling, but it did. Every single time I put it on. And it scared me to death. Wish I could ever find that disk.

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>was going to finally start getting in to XCOM
>can't find it anywhere

why are DOS games of all things the hardest to yohoho?

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LMAO I think my wife owns this for Dreamcast.

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Then came Thorndog.

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Then we got the CD-Rom version of Alone in the Dark.

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And then oddly enough I did buy a copy of Postal back in the day. It gave me a weird feeling playing this game back then.

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Reason I have a watersports fetish is because my sister urinated on top of me not once, but twice because she got so scared playing this game.

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It's okay. I just redownloaded another torrent from 2 years ago. Everything was already optimized and I'm having fun.

>> No.6995609

That cover has always been fascinating to me. It's so full of horror and promises...

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illbleed was a trip and a half.
I'll post the rest of these high-quality posters if people want them.

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Looks like Area 51.

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I have to preface this by saying whoever scanned these from the Japanese illbleed strategy guide either didn't scan the poster for Woodpuppets, or it doesn't exist in the guide

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Oh wait, I'm retarded. I found it immediately with a search.

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Fun fact: The CEO and producer of Crazy games died of a heart attack ironically enough. The downside is we'll never get that og xbox port of illbleed and the game is stuck in a legal nighrmare.

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Other fun fact: illbleed had little to no localization but that was pretty obvious. It was released right when the dreamcast was about to be discontinued so finding a localizer would take too long

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Another fun fact: Zodick's weird droning sound is the sega saturn startup slowed down, and one of the operators in the control room for Zodick was voiced by Ryan Drummond, the voice actor for sonic at the time.

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Thank you so much

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Another fun fact; Jorg S. Baker, the reporter, is voiced by and based on Jörg S. Tittel who did publicity for Crazy Games. He's a real person!

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>A dude got to self-insert himself into a game
>He intentionally made the lines as hammy as possible
Unironically based

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I only saw the cabinet for this game once as a small child, but the attract mode was absolutely mesmerizing. I was staring for a good amount of time until F-Zero AX snapped me out of my trance. Anyone from Panama should know what I mean when I say I miss Extreme Planet.

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i was a wee lad when i played this and it scared the crap out of me because it jumps at you from a window

>> No.6997113

>heart attack
He really must have been a crazy guy.

>> No.6997193

I wish the dude was still around, I'd love to see what bizarre unintentionally hilarious kuso games he'd make with modern-day game dev stuff.

>> No.6997279

Was my favorite NES game growing up. Always had hopes for a sequel.

>> No.6997717

What am I looking at?

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Trying to get into the spooky mood but with how cold it got already it feels like it's Christmas already. The fact I live in a concrete hellscape with no autumn trees in sight might've also played a roll.

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>> No.6999674

Mother Brain fight in Super Metroid.
That's it. I didn't have many games as a child.

Also sometimes I'd play Pokemon so much that I'd keep hearing the music when I stopped playing.

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Been playing pic related. It's really jarring after just beating SOTN. They're extremely similar games, even with the same powers (wolf form, mist form, etc) but they are day and night different. Kain is way cooler than Alucard but SOTN did everything else better IMO.

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I hope this counts. Lighthouse was an awesome Myst clone and while it wasn't a horror game, this motherfucker scared the shit out of me years ago. He straight up knocks the shit out of you when you follow him through a portal into his volcano lair and then drags you away to a rocky beach in the middle of nowhere. You don't even expect it either since it's a click and point adventure game.

>> No.7000175

I was quite terrified about the Beast enemy

>> No.7000179

I liked the story and setting of Kain. But don’t shits all over it in the gameplay, music and level design.

>> No.7000224

>But don’t shits all over it in the gameplay, music and level design.
Assuming you meant, SOTN, 100%. Even if you remove the lag and shit loading times from Blood Omen via mods and modern hardware, which significantly improves the game, it's still behind SOTN by miles. That being said it's the first time in recent memory where I'm totally invested in a fantasy setting. It's kinda generic grimdark fantasy, but Kain's narration sells it so well.

>> No.7000339

they call it a zombie chicken but i think its a ghast from lovecraft

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That fucking Windows 95 demo disc. Took me forever to dig this up again because it was on the second revision of the disc. Game called Drowned God. I remember kid me having a screaming fit when this happened. Now that I looked it up 22 years later, the little fucker wasn't even attacking me and I let this shit haunt me all this time. Jesus I was an absolute chicken shit of a kid. Though now I think I might finally give Drowned God a try, looks like a cool myst-like.

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File: 2.48 MB, 640x480, ft.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nah anon, that was spooky. I got spooked.

>> No.7000487

The games aren't even remotely similar.

>> No.7001007

This type of stuff I'd like to find more of. I had some disc that I ~THINK~ came with a telescope my parents got me for Christmas and it had some game where you walked around a museum at night. You could turn a corner and some dude would appear and say like, "You think I'm stupid??" and the building would explode.

I have NO clue what the hell it was, but it had to be around 96-97.

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awesome game

>> No.7001271

Maybe read the entire post you're replying to instead of instantly replying once you see something you disagree with.

>> No.7001275

I did. You made a shitty comparison, that's really all there is to it.

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>Play as a vampire that can turn into mist, bat or a wolf
>Huge game that you can free explore as you want with waypoints to warp around
>Finding upgrades/items/relics/etc opens new areas
>Can backtrack to earlier areas with said upgrades to find secrets
No similarities. WHAT. SO. EVER.

>> No.7001830

pls greentext

>> No.7001859

The best thing about Kain is how much of a bastard he is.

>> No.7002521

Tfw that model was supposed to be used for a playable character.
We could have had a badass chainsaw shotgunner instead of faggot Henry.

>> No.7002975

Am I supposed to murder every unarmed villager I come across or what?
I've been letting noncombatants live.

>> No.7003451


>> No.7003453

They're free blood.
If you don't need blood, no need to bother.

>> No.7003464

Isn't there a sidequest with NPC ghosts or something?

>> No.7003482

Not that I recall.
Are you thinking of the enemies turning into ghosts when you clear an area?

>> No.7003535

Single mother.

>> No.7003637
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Everything around the haunted house here. I was pathetically easy to scare as a kid.

>> No.7004415

maybe if you go into first person and look back at where the camera is, in the first room of the castle?

>> No.7004419

The ReDeads from Wind Waker legitimately made me quit playing for over a year as a kid.

>> No.7004427
File: 20 KB, 639x361, 09c118e0a0e7a5844cadd6e89d6e8bb900124252a89bf02c9c15c3fd601dc4d7_product_card_v2_mobile_slider_639.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> game where you walked around a museum at night

>> No.7004538

actual fear

>> No.7004571

That sucks, maybe find a few little pumpkins and other autumn shit to put around your place ?

>> No.7005448 [DELETED] 
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>beat Miracle Matter
>assumed that was the end of the game since I was so young. Credits rolled, I must be done.
>unlock Zero Two's enemy card just through playing old levels
>wonder what the fuck this thing is, but don't think much about it
>years later notice that Zero Two's theme is available in Smash Bros Brawl
>internet is a thing now so I look him up
>find out there's a secret boss in Kirby 64
>investigate some more
>find this image and am spooked the fuck out
>it's official fucking art
>avoid Kirby 64 like the plague for many years
>finally work up the courage to 100% the game a few years later

>> No.7005459
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>beat Miracle Matter
>assumed that was the end of the game since I was so young. Credits rolled, I must be done.
>unlock Zero Two's enemy card just through playing old levels
>wonder what the fuck this thing is, but don't think much about it
>years later notice that Zero Two's theme is available in Smash Bros Brawl
>internet is a thing now so I look him up
>find out there's a secret boss in Kirby 64
>investigate some more
>find pic related and am spooked the fuck out
>it's official fucking art
>avoid Kirby 64 like the plague for many years
>finally work up the courage to 100% the game a few years later

>> No.7006110

good on ya

>> No.7006246

LMAO what a shitty post!
The only thing that is personalized is how much of a homosexual you decided to be.

>> No.7006475

if anyone on here knows any japanese horror-themed sound novels that they enjoyed please share the names

>> No.7006483


>> No.7006790


I loved the joke of certain bosses already being dead by the time you reach them.


The first one was a thing in my group as a kid, and it did seem to be in the running for Sony's attempt at a mascot game. Maybe just too weird for broad popularity. Very british too.

When he popped through a hedgewall I distinctly remember it being the first, and one of the only times, I screamed at a game and turned it off.

Sadly, I do find that game hard to go back to. I remember not really liking it as a kid either, but you played what you got, you know?

>> No.7006973
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And just when I thought I'd read everything lurking these boards

>> No.7007678


>> No.7007702
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>> No.7009043


>> No.7009582

I don't know why but I love watching CarnEvil so much, especially the intro and these Umlaut bits, something about it really churns my insides. The music and the design, and that it was an arcade shooter adds to its uncanny feeling.