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>tfw 18 years after I first played this game, I just NOW discovered that you can wake up Nook during the night
Animal Crossing thread.

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Isn't that only possible in Animal Forest e+ and not in the international version?

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>e+ translation ground to a complete halt for fear that Nintendo would shut it down for the project leader being a retard and collecting patreonbux for it
>translators all disappear because the project leader/hacker just went completely silent
>mysteriously comes back from the dead out of nowhere
>new translator is a fucking furry
Fuck this earth

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>playing Animal Crossdressing
That's gonna be a yikes from me, brah.

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Is this a new meme you're going to try forcing? Saw you mention it in the /ogg/ thread too.
It seems you also posted that same webm on a previous thread.
What are you doing with your life, man?

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>being this triggered by some idiot fucking around about trannies on an anonymous website where 5% of the posts contain a racial slur

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You misunderstood me, I don't mind the tranny shit, I just noticed this guy is very fixated with animal crossing, to the point he's waiting for any animal crossing thread to pop up so he can post his webm. He also has trannies living rent free.

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Why do people care this much about a 20 year old game?

And it's not even the version I'd play if I wanted the "uguu Japan" shit. They cut most of it out when they decided to include the western holidays as another reason for idiots to triple dip the same fucking game.

Whoop de do, you can wake up Nook. It's still a game that's only actually fun when you're 12 and the dumb animal dialogue resonates with you.

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>being into AC when you're 12
what? when I was 12 I only wanted to play edgy stuff for grown ups.
It wasn't until I was well into my 20s that I appreciated Animal Crossing. And some of these animal dialogues are actually great (at least on the Gamecube game, haven't played the sequels but I heard they got worse)

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There's a guy like that for Thief to, but he will rant about Thief even in non-Thief threads.

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>e+ translation
i thought e+ was a Japanese retranslation of the English localization?

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Americans localized Animal Forest as Animal Crossing
Japanese localized Animal Crossing back as Animal Forest e+
Fans want to localize yet again additions from e+ into Animal Crossing's localized script

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>>i thought e+ was a Japanese retranslation of the English localization?
No. This is constantly posted, and I've never once found a legitimate source for it. If places like TCRF actually just put fucking script files up for browsing I could verify that shit in 5 minutes, but as they don't I can only go off what I've seen from footage and playing the games myself

E+ is the same as +, which is the same as the N64 original. The only thing they "localised" back from the western version were the holidays, the signs, the wishing well, and the laugh sprite. I don't care enough to compare the text of the holiday events to see if they were copied back, or just repurposed from the original Japanese holiday though.

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