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Daily reminder that your favorite 90s game dev is a literal cuckold living in middle-class housing raising his wife's kids from another man, and openly advocates for trans rights. Not very based, if I do say so myself.

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nothing wrong with that

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You think he gives a fuck about what you think?
Made you his bitch by living in your head, rent free.

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My favorite 90s game dev lives on a boat off the coast of China and has deep seated trauma from a bad childhood and the death of his sister that he presumably unconsciously funnels into a twenty year obsession with creating his own virtual daughter to keep safe and pure.

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shit you're right, this dude out-alpha'd me.
>raising his wife's son and wears nail polish
lol oops nevermind

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This mentality about caring about artists' personal opinions and acts in life is not retro.

These days people run a background on every single person involved in the making of games/music/movies. In orders we just didn't give a fuck and enjoyed the art itself.
It's kinda funny because if you really followed that mentality through you basically wouldn't watch a single movie or play a single game.

In other words, not retro, take this to /v/. Although the current state of /v2k/ is mostly going to take the bait, who am I kidding.

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He has.
You even lack the capacity to raise a wife's son.

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>In orders we just didn't give a fuck and enjoyed the art itself.

In our days I mean

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>you lack the capacity to raise a wife's son

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>dude don't worry about the people you support and faun over, it's the gaaaaames maaaan
I don't play games made by faggots, sorry.

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Carmack knew he was never strong enough to solve The Riddle of Steel.

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Which means, you'll likely never raise a son of your own, or if you do you'll do such a shit job he'll be wearing nail polish just to spite you.
Meanwhile, John's living the middle-class dream, not giving a fuck.

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kek, if aspiring to greatness means becoming a cuckold and collecting antique gas station equipment, I'll stay at the bottom of the barrel, thanks.

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>I think fauning over other men is more important than actually playing the games
did you come here for sixth gen?

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>Implying that is your choice
kek, have fun amounting to nothing while reeeing over people with actual lives.

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you know literally nothing about me and I nothing of you, other than the fact we're both on a pretty gay website talking about a pretty gay man. at least I have the comfort of knowing that the object of my criticism is significantly gayer than I could ever hope to be, so I feel fairly comfortable about this one.

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>y-you don't know me
LMAO this cope

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money can do that to people. When you have enough money, you become separated from the realities of the world and can adopt shitty and even pathological views.

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It's only cuckoldry when the guy is letting other men fuck her.
Romero's a faggot though. It's clear that Carmack was the one who made iD work. Romero on his own has always ended in disaster.

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American McGee?

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>he can't separate the art from the artist
sub 80 IQ brainlet

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>defending a transexual cuckold online
Weird flex, but okay.

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>I-i'm more based and connected to reality because I-im poor
The delusion in this thread

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Hey buddy I think you got the wrong door, the leather club's two blocks down.

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>it's okay to like things made by faggots

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Check IP count, I came here to laugh at you

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But anon, you haven't even made anything for us to hate you for, and you never will.

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And I came here to laugh at the faggot you've had wet dreams about since 1993.

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>lol no u gay!!!!
I think we've reached the limits of your intellectual capacity.

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Wait a sec, didn't he remarry a woman in his 40's after having several children of his own? What else do you expect exactly, marrying a 40+ woman who never had kids? I think you need to take it easy on 4chan memes, lad.

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By acting defensive when called a loser?

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I would expect a dude who used to throw cocaine-fueled rockstar parties using company funds to hook something better than a 40 year old Jewish woman with kids. You must set your sights real low.

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I'm fine with that, considering you didn't have any to begin with.

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>respond to bait thread because you're mad that someone insulted your favorite fuck game dev
>n-no you're the defensive one
kek, nice profile pic retard

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Such as? Older women without kids are most likely mentally ill, and women in their 20's are like children mentally. Watching too much cuck shit and posturing online has made you detached from reality

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>another "no u"
It's not easy being right

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I'm sorry you're finding this so hard anon.

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>your favorite fuck game dev
How hard are you hammering those keys? Calm down dork

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>being this mad about John Tranmero

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If you legitimately believe that a man's only options are used up 40 year old Jewish housewives or 20 year old tiktok users, it's no wonder that you're on 4chan defending a transexual that collects gas cans.

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He could find an older childless woman, but that's such a massive red flag that you'd have to be nuts to advocate it

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Yeah, finding a decent single woman is a red flag, not raising a jew's kids from another man. Lmao I cannot imagine being as gay as you are on your straightest day.

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Within his age range? Absolutely. It indicates deep seated mental issues like an inability to form relationships and families with others, and an aversion to having children which is doubly worrying for an older woman. Did you think for a second about what you're saying?

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My best friend (31, virgin) recently married the first woman (34, also a virgin) who showed any interest in him. Emotionally, she's essentially a child, temper tantrums and all, but they're happy, and he's no longer depressed, so hey, it's better than the alternative.

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>Romero's a faggot though. It's clear that Carmack was the one who made iD work.
This. Romero was is a designer and has some good ideas, but as a "dev" like OP says he is a disaster, Carmack carried him and his products without Carmack are literal clusterfucks.
Meanwhile Carmack games without Romero are still fun and well acclaimed.

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No, I don't think that a woman is inherently mentally ill if she's 40 and childless. I think a man is mentally ill if he raises another dude's kids with a 40 year old woman. We'll just have to agree to disagree.

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I think it'd have to depend on the circumstances of why she's a single mother in the first place. If you're just some 40 year old dude that never cared for having kids, and happened to find a nearly perfect 40 year old woman with a couple of well-adjusted, great kids, where the father died in a traffic accident a few years back, are you telling me you'd fuck right off out of there?

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Inherently? No. Most likely? Yes, it's a very clear indication that something went wrong there, it's abnormal. If you think a 40-50 year old man with several of his own kids remarrying a 40-50 year old woman who also has her own kids is a mental illness then you are hopelessly detached from reality. Consume less memes, mate.

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I wouldn't seek out such a relationship in the first place. I'm 28 and I've been with the same woman for 8 years and we have two kids, so I'm not in that position to begin with, but my brother is an autistic 39 year old man and is married to a 26 year old chinese girl. You have no fucking clue how easy it is to find women if you aren't a pathetic retard with low self confidence. If I was 40 I'd find a 26 year old pussy too because they're fucking everywhere and plenty of women want older, more experienced and protective men. By the way, here's a fun fact: when you impregnate a woman, part of the child's DNA (including your DNA) is stored in her brain forever, which some believe is the basis for a "mother's instincts" -- I'm not joking, look it up. This means that if you shack up with a used woman, she's not just toting another dude's kids around, she literally has that dude inside her forever. There is no possible situation under which marrying a previously-impregnated woman is anything but absolute cuckoldry.

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As people said last time you made this thread, they married in middle age when both had already been married and divorced. If you're middle aged and you date people your age, it would be a red flag if they DIDN'T have kids, either someone who never stopped partying or someone with serious issues that no one wanted to marry. Grow up.

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t. Dude who married a woman with another guy's DNA inside her

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Frankly yes but for a different reason. If you grow attached to the kids but then break up then there's this really fucked up situation where you have a one way emotional bond with kids who will then just move on to whoever else shows up. I honestly don't want to take that risk.

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>just get a daughter-wife with daddy issues
You could have just led off with that and saved everyone a lot of time.
>By the way, here's a fun fact: when you impregnate a woman, part of the child's DNA (including your DNA) is stored in her brain forever
Microchimerism doesn't require pregnancy.

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If you legitimately have two kids of your own I guarantee you're fucking them up.

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Fair point, but that seems just as likely to happen with children of your own these days.

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At least if they're your kids you can fight for some rights in the matter. You at least have a basis for pursuing a continuing father role.

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I'd need one of our resident eurofags to clear things up from their perspective, but in the US, the court system is so heavily stacked against the father that the mother wins custody 83% of the time, and especially if they're younger children, good luck stopping her from turning them against you with your weekend visits.

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No I am married with two kids that are from my DNA but I am realistic and have friends who are still dating around. I'm in my mid-late 30s. I know if I date women my age, most will have kids. That's just how it is.

Honestly you guys who obsess over this shit and view everything through your cuck meme lens clearly don't even have a mate and may never. The man who raised me was my step dad. My mom got pregnant at 18 from her shitty high school boyfriend. Dude was never in my life, never once even asked to see me. She put herself through nursing school and married a man she met at her job who was a respiratory therapist. He stepped up and raised me and I had a great childhood and officially adopted me so I have his last name. If he thought the way you guys meme I'd have been doomed to being a latchkey kid with a single mom eating ramen noodles while I waited for her to get off work. Would've had no father figure and probably turned out pretty shitty.

Call him/me a cuck, etc, whatever, fuck you nigger.

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>but my brother is an autistic 39 year old man and is married to a 26 year old chinese girl
That may be fine for a literal retard like your bro but marrying a naive desperate third worlder solely for validation ain't it champ

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fucking THIS. romero is based for being a femboy, notch is based for being a nazi and the earthworm jim guy for being a homophobe, and OP should choke on a hundred million dicks.

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Of all the divorces I know of where the dad is the one with visitation, the kids never turned against him. In fact "I want to live with dad" is a common refrain whenever their mom pisses them off.

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