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Was looking forward to this because I loved the newer games, but everything so far is so archaic. It's like they were still figuring out what they were trying to do. Should I play the gamecube remaster instead or did I shoot myself in the foot by playing the more modern games first?

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Gamecube remaster has first person mode for shooting, which makes it lot more manageable (ie easier). I recently played it and enjoyed it.

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Gamecube remaster is a classic example of clueless talantless sharts tarnishing a Japanese work of art.

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3/5's of the games are built around the classic overhead camera angle so what "newer" games are you talking about as having loved so much? Metal Gear Solid 4 and 5?

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You shot yourself in the foot by playing the newer games first
I'm playing the original version of MGS1 but I'm still having a blast. I agree, its clunky as fuck compared to MGS2/3 but man once you get used to the controls it's still a really good game.
>It's like they were still figuring out what they were trying to do
I mean, yeah, it was the first 3D Metal Gear Game after all

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MGS isn't that archaic, it's basically Pac Man with guns.

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I wouldn't call it archaic at all. However, gameplay-wise, it makes more sense to think of MGS1 as Metal Gear 2 but in 3D rather than the first game in the Metal Gear Solid series.

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this is low effort bait but yes you should play twin snakes. There's a ton of more quality of life changes even though it breaks half the game and the new cutscenes are cringe as fuck but other than that it's the best way to experience MGS1 in current year.

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plotwise too.
it's basically the exact same shit as MG2 only in alaska against liquid instead of big boss

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Both the PS1 version and GC verison are abject dogshit. They're both full of unfair and inconsistent bullshit. If you MUST play them for muh story then at least make it easier on yourself and use save states. When a game is this full of bullshit you needn't feel bad about bullshitting it back.

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>Should I play the gamecube remaster
Maybe. You've already proven that you have bad taste

The best in the series are MGS1 and MGS2

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>quality of life
This term when talking about video games is estrogen personified
>it breaks half the game and the new cutscenes are cringe as fuck
Yeah, it's a bad remake
>other than that it's the best way to experience MGS1
Your brain work smart good
>current year.
What an absolute faggot

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>use save states
You're a grotesque embarrassment. I'd tell you to kill yourself but you'd probably fumble the gun, get frustrated, blame Smith & Wesson and give up

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MGS3: Subsistence doesn't have a top-down perspective as well.

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Cope. It's a poorly designed game that people only liked because it was the premier movie game at a time when moviegames were first becoming a thing. The gameplay is shit and was never the appeal in the first place. You lose nothing meaningful from the experience by using save states because the gameplay itself was never fun.

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Holy shit, his post assblasted you.

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I enjoyed the VR Missions standalone game. No story, just interesting gameplay scenarios with more than manageable controls. MGS is usually good at not forgetting it's a video game outside of cutscenes.

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You really mean to tell me you think manually switching to your keycard every time you want to open a door is something the player is REALLY missing out on?
MGS is basically one giant cutscene hunter chore. The amount of backtracking required in the game is absurd and this was even before taking into account how you'd have to swap discs any time you wanted to go from one half of shadow moses to the other.

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Metal Gear Solid Subsistence has a 3rd person camera set as default but was originally designed with a top down camera in mind and can be seamlessly switched to with the press of R3 which is actually beneficial at times for certain areas.

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>You lose nothing meaningful from the experience by using save states
You wouldn't know

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>use save states
This game isn’t even hard, it’s not like castlevania or something where you need skill to beat it. If you suck at sneaking you can always just shoot the guards

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>You really mean to tell me you think manually switching to your keycard every time you want to open a door is something the player is REALLY missing out on?
No opinion. It's so irrelevant that I don't even remember whether you need to do this, and it's only been a couple of years since I played it. But for pedantic zoomer nerds minutiae like that and like this:
>swap discs
are defining features of a game. You've missed your calling; you should have been a modern youtube video game critic

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You never have to go back to disc 1 tho

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You'd sound less like a retard if you didn't pick what was generally considered to be a very easy game for the time it came out and making it out like some grueling battle because it came out before you were born.

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Games not unfair... I've seen enough big boss through's to say that the game is atleast consistent.

It really doesn't though I used save states for mgs3. not cus its too hard but because i prefer to try beat the game without blowing every1 away.

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The GameCube version isn't a remaster, it's a remake.
Also, judging from the screenshot, I guess you're playing the PC port or the PS1 version on an unofficial emulator.

The best way to play MGS1 is the PS1 version on an actual PS1, PS2 or even PS3.
The PSone Classic version on PSN is a close one.

I also had a similarly hard time getting into the MSX2 games because I played MGS1, MGS2 and MGS3 first.
That and I already had a terrible experience with the NES Metal Gear games. Though I did enjoy Ghost Babel which was heavily based on MG2.
It's an acquired taste and I really enjoyed them both.

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MGS1 was Kojima's definitive vision.
The Twin Snakes is a good game but it's not really a faithful recreation of Kojima's intent, even if Kojima was a producer in the remake.

And now Konami is rumoured to be doing a remake of MGS1 for the PS5 and PC without Kojima's involvement, while they will also do PS5 and PC remasters of MGS2, MGS3, MGS4 and maybe even Peace Walker. Hell maybe even games not directed by Kojima like Portable Ops and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.
I just hope that a remaster of the original MGS1 will also happen, either as a part of this rumoured new HD Collection or as a bonus in the rumoured remake.

Bluepoint was stupid not to include it in the HD Collection because they thought it was too outdated.
In my opinion, it aged really well and even just giving the original version widescreen support and a higher resolution would've made for a great remaster.

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Hi Icycalm. I love Orgy of the Will.

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What's the deal with this? I agree the VR missions are fun, but why doesn't this translate to the main game? Or should the VR missions be considered the main game game, since they're more fun & don't have the cutscenes?

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agreed. it's all there. and dont overlook the color pallette—which is consist down to the disc case. this is lost in twin snakes. after playing both, i find the ps1 version more fun—though yes the keycard thing is annoying, but overall the lack of the first person is a bonus. also no backflips.

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I think mgs1 is better but somehow you're still dumb as fuck

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Seethe harder, I'm older than you.
I never called MGS a hard game, I called it a chore.
You sure you don't have to go back to the arms building on disc 1 at some point? Been a couple of years since I played, you could be right.

Oh and the stackable keycards were a huge upgrade from MG2 where you had to remember which door required which key and equip accordingly.
I get that it's part of Kojima's dedication to immersion but it really slows the experience down.
I'm no stranger to swapping discs. I was swapping discs while you were popping zits off your face and jerking off to the sears catalog, kid.

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>And now Konami is rumoured to be doing a remake of MGS1
This will be the literal 3rd time they've made this game and the figurative 5th when you consider MGS is basically a remake of MG2 and MGS2 is supposed to be a simulation of MGS1.
Oh and not to mention the shoehorned return to shadow moses island section of MGS4.

Can't we just let this one go? There's a lot of soul in the original game and I really don't like how many people won't go near it because graphics bad and mechanics old.
Weird to think such a beloved and acclaimed game could filter someone but I guess that's what we're up to.

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>not cus its too hard
If you're imposing a limit on yourself like not killing people and using save states to get around it then you're doing it because it's too hard.

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It aged perfectly, considering its the exact same game from 22 years ago. Kill yourself.

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MGS is a good example of a game that "aged", in the sense that people were so enamored with the game's presentation 20 years ago that they didn't realise it always was kinda garbage.
The cinematic experience doesn't work with such low-poly models, and the gameplay wasn't significantly developed from the MSX games to take advantage of 3D. And even that core gameplay has some real low moments, like the ambush in the second tower.
MGS2 is when the game actually became optimized for 3D and when the cinematic vision could be realized. So MGS1 didn't age, but people got over the initial honeymoon love of the game and its pretty hard to go back to now.

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>getting filtered by graphics

grow the fuck up

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>Metal Gear Solid 4 and 5?
Yes. Wished I saved 5 for last honestly. I find it impossible to want to play the prior ones.

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3 is the best by far

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Twin Snakes was a flat-out remake, not a remaster. It came out before "remaster" entered popular lexicon.

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The constant codec calls and shitty cutscenes are ridiculous. Just let me play the game already jeez

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MGS1 is easy as shit, you just legit suck at video games
>Should I play the gamecube remaster instead
If you like worse games sure
>did I shoot myself in the foot by playing the more modern games first?
You shot yourself in the foot by being a retard who sucks at video games.
Are you too stupid to skip them son?
>You really mean to tell me you think manually switching to your keycard every time you want to open a door is something the player is REALLY missing out on?
Is sifting through a toggle menu for 5 seconds that hard for you?

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why would i skip on first playthrough

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wrong texture filtering, makes it look ugly.

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5 does have good mechanics and control scheme, but honestly the scenarios of 1-3 are better than 5 since almost none of the levels in 5 are finished and MGS 1-3 all have better boss battles and a plot that doesn't suck. MGS 1-3 are more replayable if you get over the anachronistic control schemes.

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>twin snakes
zoomers were a mistake

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try playing a stealth game that's not shit

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Welcome to Kojimaland, Anon.

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hi beepzorz

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>thief 1
>great ai
somebody post the webm

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>people were so enamored with the game's presentation 20 years ago that they didn't realise it always was kinda garbage.
>MGS2 is when [...] the cinematic vision could be realized

Agree on the gameplay, full disagree on the presentation. It's the best realisation of Yoji's style and one of the GOAT examples of that old type of "cinematic" game where they needed to tie various different styles of presentation - in this case the 3D cutscenes, handdrawn codecs and briefings, live-action stock footage, etc - into one whole. Hasn't aged a fucking day, thanks to bold art direction. OK, it did suffer a bit back then due to the PSX 3D wobble, but if you're talking about how it comes off when played today, that's easily remedied with emulation.

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Because you aren't interested in the story, plus you can always call up the colonel in case you're lost.

Moreover MGS1's cutscene's aren't as bloated as later games.

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MGS3 is fine

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Low IQs love MGS3.

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lol le mgs2 is deep crowd arrived

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MGS3 is only liked by retards who never played Splinter Cell or Hitman.

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that's applicable to the whole mgs series though

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based mgs living in thief, hitman and splinter cucks heads rent free

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>this entire thread

The state of this board since the /v2k/ incident

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cringe mgs fagola immediately cope posting about thief lmao

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seething wrpg cuck redditor

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more like based thief, hitman and splinter cell living rent free in Cuckjima's head once he had to compete with those games on consoles.
Nope. It's been dogshit before this.

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yup he seething alright

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If 5 is the one you liked the most you shouldn't even play the other ones. MGSV is a good action sandbox but a fucking terrible Metal Gear--totally fails to represent the series. It has very little in common with what people liked so much about the previous entries.

If you like V a lot, go play Just Cause 3 and 4 or something.

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wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that looked like fucking dogshit

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>MGStard fights enemies instead of actual stealth
Cringe and Cucjkimapilled.

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not an argument

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I played MGS1 for the first time after having played every other game in the series except 4 and I still had a great time and thought it held up pretty well.

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also not an argument

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>Oh and the stackable keycards were a huge upgrade
Huge exaggeration

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Thief's combat is awful, and while the goal is to avoid combat entirely, that doesn't excuse how mechanically poor the combat is. It really wouldn't take much to fix it.
>blackjack no longer hitstuns enemies in combat
>each combat alert provides a negative multiplier on the gold that gets carried over to the next mission for restocking supplies
>each mission has a handful of allowed kills based on difficulty, scaling down to 0 on expert
>swordplay is lethal both ways
>arrows are lethal at close range
>starting equipment is greatly reduced, relying heavily on prior mission performance to get a good loadout

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Don't forget about Tenchu pls.

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Tenchu 1 is a shitty stealth game. Tenchu 2 is so much better.

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cope faggot

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Thief's combat is basically a fail state though so it doesn't really harm the focus of the game much.

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I just wish there were more locations to sneak around.

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>can just run away
>fail state

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For me, unless you have a flash bomb handy, most runs cascaded out of control to the point of game over once a guarded spots you and then escapes to alert others. Especially on the highest difficulties, there was rarely a reason to continue when everyone has been alerted to where you are.

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[ ! ]

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Sure, but having difficulty picking up the pieces when you fuck up is very different from a fail state where you're forced to restart the mission.

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I meant that it was very difficult to continue the objective without dying or get any significant amount of Gold for the next mission.

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Was perfectly fine when I played it back in 2014. Maybe you just suck.

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The story line and gameplay aged well but the graphics....yeeesh. Th twin snakes is a better version.

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looks ok to me

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Age hasn't slowed this game down one bit.

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While I agree with you for the most part, does having to sift through a menu to hunt for keycards really do anything to enhance your experience? It's an easily overlooked flaw, if that's what you're saying, but it is a flaw and I can't really find a worthwhile reason to defend it.

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It's just a movie, man.