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The hit detection of the sword is really shoddy and moving around itself I find pretty unrensponsive. The graphics are mundane and so is the "story".

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Plus you're a fag.

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I agree that ALTTP is overrated

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It's probably the worst entry in the series

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But the most overrated retro game has to be this piece of garbage. Most "overrated" games are decent or mediocre, but this one is straight-up bad. Like, if I didn't know it had an actual fanbase and someone recommended it to me, I'd honestly think they were kidding.

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Notice how you didn't deny being a cocksucker.

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Yeah its clunky as fuck and really not good.
Fuck off nigger

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Wow, homosexual and racist. You really are one of lifes winners.

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Seethe harder faggot Zelda is shit

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I never said it wasn't, just that you smoke pole.

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You're offended because I called Zelda overrated because you're a Nintenonce.

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Zelda II also stole stuff from Wing of Madoola.

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>homosexual and racist.

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I like the sequel Wing of Madoola Oblongata

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That fly and that spider look awful familiar, don't they.

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Actually, I saw a grown ass man crying about video games and decided to amuse myself. Zelda games are for turd burglars, case in point - You.

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>Wow, homosexual and racist

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You are very preoccupied with men fucking.

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Some people like playing games, some people like making furniture. My hobby is bashing fags. You're a fag.

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>The hit detection of the sword is really shoddy
What the hell are you talking about? Hit detection is perfectly accurate: It even shoots enemies in slightly different directions based on which part of the swing strikes it.
> and moving around itself I find pretty unrensponsive.
Are you playing on some laggy piece of shit LCD or knockoff console? Movement is sub-pixel perfect and responds the frame after the direction is pressed.
If this is a dumb troll congrats i'm triggered and baited, but how dare you spread such slander and baseless lies on such a wonderful game engine. Good day sir.

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he's probably used to the retardedly massive sword sprite in muh hidden gemerino link's awakening

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Sound like a closet case to me
The combat feels lame and repetitive compared to Zelda II, as it really put reflexes and skill to beat the common foe in Zelda II. Its coded shoddy as fuck compared to Zelda II. The dungeons are boring and dull. The enemies are way too easy. It's shit to be honest.

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why are you bitching about fat-ass lttp sword hitboxes while randomly defending the tiny dagger zelda 2 gives link

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And oh, I've played it on real hardware with a CRT back in the day, played it on PC on emulators, it will always be shit

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Are you an expert on closet cases?

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Zelda II serves a purpose, to make the game challenging. Zelda 3 is just shit code.

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Symphony of the Night is a game that really didn't live up to the hype for me. It was very good, I score it a 8/10, but I didn't see the masterpiece everyone else did

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No but I bet you are you fucking freak

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> Its coded shoddy as fuck compared to Zelda II.
Bullshit. Do you consider jumping and using your pathetic little stab on the downward momentum for every soldier "riveting game design?". It's definitely easier than the NES zeldas, but, i would hardly call it an easy game.

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Its intential to make combat more dynamic. PROTIP: The jump stab/slash technique is there for low skilled players. You don't have to use it.

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Sounds like I touched a nerve there. It's 2020 bro, you don't have to be ashamed anymore.

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> The jump stab/slash technique is there for low skilled players. You don't have to use it.
How do you beat these assholes without jump slashing?

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Honestly, there's much better "Zelda games" on Genesis and SNES. Hell, even the 8-bit Zeldas made for the GB are better than ALttP.

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Star Fox 64 for me. I hate the controls and the Star Wolf 3D arena bosses where you can't shake them off you and you try to loopy loop back behind them but because of the camera you can't really see where they're at in relation to you and you both just end up going in circles. Terrible game, SNES original beats it by miles IMO.

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It has SOUL

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Literally the only enemy that you have no other option for and even then they can be defeated without it.

I plan on doing a no jump run sometime soon and posting it on YouTube. Jumps only where absolutely required to progress the level.

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>Literally the only enemy that you have no other option for and even then they can be defeated without it.

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> Literally the only enemy that you have no other option
I think you're wrong about that. The later levels you get the aerial downstab so you use that instead. I don't remember the blue knights being any easier.
...How would you do a no jump run there ProJN? It's required to move through the cave parts, even with severely glitching the game. How would you classify turning into a fairy, is that jumping? I'm almost 100% sure this is impossible.

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>Wow, homosexual and racist. You really are one of lifes winners.

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You're arguing with australia-kun, who is on a mission to try and convince people that Nintendo was in the wrong all along and we were all wrong for liking Nintendo games when we could be playing Spectrum or Amiga games instead, silly us!

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lmao at these fucking scrubs acting like they know a goddamn thing about ZII

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except it literally isn't. lttp has factually accurate sword hitboxes and if you didn't suck at the game you'd realize it gets longer as you upgrade it as well. even if you were correct i can just as much argue it was done for "challenge" as you do for zelda 2

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Just read the sentence I quoted.
>It is the only way you can bear this enemy except for the other ways

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the racist homosexual hive has clearly been stirred

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Yeah you just quoted what someone smarter than you said. Typical low self esteem pseud

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>Missing my point.
It better have been intentional

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For my nuts

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>Plus you're a fag.
>Notice how you didn't deny being a cocksucker.
OP totally btfo

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You think that until you defeat a metal slime at level one then just jump up by 7 levels, you fucking zoomer.

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>Its coded shoddy as fuck compared to Zelda II.
lmao dude is seething so hard at Zelda he can't find a proper critique so he's vaguely referring to the CODING, something he never even looked at or would understand

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>The enemies are way too easy.
it's a puzzle game not a combat game, the combat is just there to interfere and mess up your puzzle solving attempts

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I can code in 6502 and BASIC and C. I've seen the code. It's shit. That's why it plays so badly.

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Haha sound like a fucking scrub to me. Play Z2 like that and you'll get SMOKED. Save the babby puzzle games for Nigger Bobble

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There is no way to do that through skill. The only way to do that is through RNG manipulation or incredible luck. It's just gambling without the thrill of possibly winning money. And in any case, that wouldn't mitigate any of the severe issues the game has.

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damn, they did rip this off didn't they?

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Ever disassembled any NES game that was coded by Micronics? :^)

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Yes Kazzo Yagi was a hatchet man

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First time I played ALTTP was on gba, but i dont remember playing it at all so I probably didnt like it. Years later, I played it again and I hated it and never beat it. Then I tried playing it years later, meh, still didnt beat it.... but then I played it again last year, and holy shit, it clicked so hard. I fucking loved it, but I never beat it cause college started. Nintendo made games from the nes and snes are super weird for me. A lot of times it takes years for me to get into the game, but when it clicks for me, it clicks so fucking hard. The same exact thing happened to me with DKC and yoshi's island, except when I played it them the first few time, I HATED them. I hated the controls, I hated the look of DKC, and I hated the level design. But now they are some of my fav games on the snes. I wonder if the same thing would happen to you guys. Maybe give it another try in a couple years

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You're in the wrong place

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I agree 100%, these games may have made the tropes, but it doesnt mean that it actually makes the game enjoyable. Its literally RPG trope, the game, aged like absolute ass IMO

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For one thing the game always take so fucking long to load a new graphics page. Like 3-4 seconds of blank screen because their coding was so shit.

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imagine playing a zelda game for the story, lmao. Video games should be about the gameplay first, unlike sony games where they put story first gameplay second (other than crash, which sucks, and spyro, good but not very deep gameplay wise)

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Yeah but it INVENTED the tropes. Know your roots zoomer.

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Actually talking about sony and overrated retro games, crash 1 is extremely overrated and 2 is ok I guess, 3 is where naughty dog really got good. Spyro 1 is meh, 2 is good, 3 depends on who you ask

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Micronics also did Athena. This is surprisingly pretty good but maybe Yugi didn't actually code it himself and it was some other guy. Also it was pretty bold of them to do a US release considering conventional wisdom back then was that you couldn't sell a game with a girl protagonist to Americans (thus why they changed City Connection's character to some dude with a cigarette).

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I literally said that you fucking brainlet. My point is that although it made them, doesnt make the story any less unenjoyable, generic, and tropey trash. May have been amazing back then, but now its just another generic jrpg

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fpbp, pack it in boys. This thread is done.

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They also did Super Pitfall which is an absolute abomination

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I'm an hour late to this, but I just want you to know that you were so triggered by his post but refused him to give him a (you) makes you just as much of a limpwristed bitch boy as the thing you mock.
You're a getting a (you) from me because your dumbass passive aggressive post disgusts me enough I feel like you earned it.

Feelsposters are the worst lot here.

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play with mouse and keyboard, fixes it

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>shitty FPS that PC gamers of the day would've laughed at
>*sell 1000000000 copies GOTY all years

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That one was probably Yugi's coding and I'm sure Ikari Warriors was too. Athena seems too good and untypical of their games so I have to suppose the programmer was someone else.

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> I've seen the code. It's shit. That's why it plays so badly.
LOL no you haven't. Neither game has even been disassembled; barely any games have. $x2 yourself

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The C64 port is about 80% there but the controls are ass and the monochrome sprites look like they belong in a BASIC game.

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SMB does some insane stunts to be able to fit everything in 40k of ROM and that's partially why it's so buggy.

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Xenogears a shit

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way too easy and the story doesnt hold up.

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Encountering them is more persistence and knowing hot spots then luck. There is a small forest patch to the east of the castle that you start in where there is a much higher chance of encountering them. They're hard to defeat, but you'll face enough to make it worth it.

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except for the sprite issue this is one of the most creditable attempts at making a console-style platformer on the C64 I've seen

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Guess you missed the leaks eh faggot? Full ALTTP source code.

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Doom and Thief

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too bad C64 game always feel like wading through tar compared with NES

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The NES has a higher clock speed than the C64 but a lot of emulator footage was also made with VICE or whatever in PAL mode and NTSC C64 is quite a bit faster than PAL.

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>I'm an hour late to this, but I just want you to know that you were so triggered by his post but refused him to give him a (you) makes you just as much of a limpwristed bitch boy as the thing you mock.
>You're a getting a (you) from me because your dumbass passive aggressive post disgusts me enough I feel like you earned it.
>Feelsposters are the worst lot here.

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What RPGs came out on NES prior to this that were better?

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Spectrum and Amiga both sucked ass. OP is a shitfunnel.

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I think you're missing the point. When Dragon Quest came out it was a breath of fresh air. In fact many developers copied the Dragon Quest style of gameplay and story like Final Fantasy and Earthbound because it was so good. Since so many developers looked to Dragon Quest when making RPGs, good and bad, when we look at it from a modern perspective the game appears to be nothing but a bundle of RPG tropes that we're all too familiar with.

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Splinter Cell did everything better.

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>Gallant Hedgehog

A what?

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Zelda #2 is fitting because that game was a turd. Pic related is more overrated slop.

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The gauntlet games are awful. Just generic, superficial and boring

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>moving around itself I find pretty unrensponsive
Emulation + digital display faggot identified

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>It's just gambling without the thrill of possibly winning money.
And the director was a notorious gambler.

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links awakening was the best 2d zelda

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Sotn, OoT and Yoshi's Island are the trifecta of shitty games that low iq normies worship.

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Why does this board have to be full of underage subhuman trannies who watch anime all day with shit taste

Anyone who hates on Alttp really needs to dilate

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Don't peg ALttP hate on people who like anime, I like both.

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If games can't age, they also can't be overrated. It's either good or bad.

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anything on the negrostation

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>great music
>great gameplay
>great graphics
>difficulty is literally zero, feel like a 2yo baby can beat it blindfolded
Don't forget Super Castlevania IV, it is THE greatest example of a piece of crap that every normie in the world loves to death

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most of the 8bit sonic games are hot garbage

>> No.6945490

Anime trannies have the worst fucking taste in anything especially video games just look at this retard >>6945325 calling great games "low iq normie" this board is just full of subhumans who got no taste whatsoever and just play cancerous anime mmorpgs

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Silent Hill
Metal Gear Solid
Any Mega Man game after X3

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Probably the greatest (and only good) Zelda game ever made, based on the strength of the first half of the game alone. All the content in the shadow world (or whatever it was called) sucked badly though.

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Nice try faggot, I play on original hardware/CRT and PC emulators, both have the the shitty hit detection and movement

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How so? The only thing that got on my nerves was that they used the same damn dungeon theme for EIGHT FUCKING DUNGEONS.

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Yep, what a piece of shit

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kys australia

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lay off the sóy

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A dignified hedgehog that doesn't mix himself with dirty plebs.

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amiga sucks

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A competent but overrated game

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>lines and lines of 65816 asm and all comments are in Japanese
That would be a pita.

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A Link to the Past is the best 2D Zelda game ever released.

Take that as you will.

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i dont even care about lttp much but the grapics are amazing

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Thanks 4chan, for roping in the worst generation of gaming as “retro” so now we get endless zoomer posts like this. RIP this board.

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There's literally no difference between /vr/ now and before. /v/ was already shitting this board with console wars and other useless discussion before the jannies allowed 6th gen games.

>> No.6946312

Every """""Retro"""""" game that came out after 2000

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Ohh the irony.

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Goldeneye slaps

>> No.6946609

It gets longer for each upgrade, or just the beginner's sword to the master sword?

>> No.6946630

I do enjoy the story still, but fuck is the game far too easy. I did a playthrough with as little grinding as possible, just moving place to place, and I could just hold A and win every battle.

>> No.6946647

it really does famalam, it's quite lit, a sure banger *dabs*
Kill yourself asap

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KeK you made my day.

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I definitely prefer the various ARPGs that were on snes over ALTTP.

>> No.6946967

I drink Huel - does that make me wrong on some level?

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>The hit detection of the sword is really shoddy and moving around itself I find pretty unrensponsive.
bullshit. technicially speaking lttp is perfectly fine. the only problem is its linear as fuck for half the game.

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nintenonce. kek thats a new one. you might be kind of a fag op but im keeping that one.

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