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>be me, 13 in mid 90s
>grandma gets me this from a clearance bargin bin from some department store as Genesis is on its way out
>"Oh.. a McDonalds game. H-heh oh, t-thanks grandma... I love it."
>Toss it with my games and don't even open it
>older gaming cousin comes over a couple weeks later and sees it, starts layghing hysterically that grandma bought me a Ronald McDonald game
>decide to play it for a laugh
>sit and play it all weekend until we beat it

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>oh no its actually good
>the same team would later do dynamite headdy
i know, wtf right

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That game is actually very good. Also the most clean and vibrant visuals produced by Treasure on a Sega Mega Drive.

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Dude I didn't know or care about that shit then, all I saw was it was a McDonalds game and licensed games were always lame

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Legend tells there is a secret code to play as King Diamond in the game. Although it's only a color palette swap I thought it would be cool. If real.